Illicit Relationship - Chapter 1597 I Challenge You To Duel With Me

Chapter 1597 I Challenge You To Duel With Me

Chapter 1597 I Challenge You To Duel With Me

Qiao Luli was still fighting against Gaozhi. If previously he had the upper hand in the fight, now the tables had turned.

Now Gaozhi always failed to land an attack on her body. Not only that, but he was getting beaten up by her too.

His body was filled with injuries, and blood could be seen on the corners of her lips.

It even could no longer be called a fight because Gaozhi was getting beaten up without being able to put up a fight.

One-sided fight!

Yes, these words were the right words to describe what was happening right now.

Goazhi was beaten up by Qiao Luli without being able to put up a fight.


He even could not protect himself, causing him to get beaten up by his opponent continuously.

'How? How could she suddenly become so strong like this?'

He still found it hard to believe what was going on.

He was the strongest martial artist in the Sanlow village's younger generation.

When he fought against Huang Hu, the strongest martial artist in the Solaris village's younger generation, something like this had never happened.

But when he fought against Qiao Luli, he was humiliated by her. And what hurt his pride most was that she was three years younger than him.

He could not accept it.

He did not want to accept it.

Something like this should not have happened because his opponent was not Huang Hu, but Qiao Luli.

This was the reason why he could not believe what was going on.

Even though Qiao Luli had the upper hand in the fight, the people from Solaris village wore worried faces, especially Wu Lei.

They would not be worried if Qiao Luli was in her normal state, but her current state was not normal.

They were afraid that something bad might happen to her later. That was why they were not happy even though Qiao Luli almost won the fight.

"Gaozhi, what the h.e.l.l are you doing?" Fu Lim was enraged because Gaozhi was getting beaten up by Qiao Luli.

He thought Gaozhi was playing around with her. That was why he was furious because it could ruin their plan.

"Stop playing around and beat her!" Fu Lim still believed Gaozhi could defeat Qiao Luli.

"Village head, something is wrong with her!" Gaozhi responded as he avoided Qiao Luli's attacks.

"What do you mean by that?" Fu Lim shouted back. "Stop playing around or I will punish you later."

"Grrr" Qiao Luli looked at Gaozhi as if he was her prey.

She was completely behaving like a wild beast and could no longer think straight.


She even did not know what was going on.

At that time, what she had in mind was she had to beat Gaozhi. This was the reason why the serum suddenly kicked in because her mind was filled with how to beat Gaozhi.




Gaozhi was sent flying by Qiao Luli's kick.

Not only that, but she immediately attacked him again.

Yes, she showed no mercy!

Gaozhi's face was filled with blood, and he could not see clearly because he felt dizzy from losing too much blood.

'I can't endure this anymore.'

He only lay on the ground, letting Qiao Luli attack him continuously.

Qiao Luli kept clawing on his face, causing her fingers to be filled with his blood. She was under the influence of the serum, so she did not know how to stop.

She kept attacking Gaozhi as if she wanted to kill him and tear his body apart.

"Gaozhi, stand up now!" Fu Lim shouted. "Fight back!"

Actually, he still found it hard to believe what was going on because Gaozhi was the strongest person in the younger generation.

Previously, he thought Gaozhi only played around with Qiao Luli, but now he knew his guess was wrong.

'How? Something like this should not have happened because she just broke through to the mid-level master.'

Countless questions appeared in his mind.

"Luli, stop! You have won the fight." Wu Lei did not want his granddaughter to kill Gaozhi because Fu Lim could use this as an excuse to break his promise later.

They already had the upper hand in the duel, and he wanted to end the long war, so he did not want Qiao Luli to kill Gaozhi.

"I can't stand it anymore!" a red-haired man, around thirty-four years old, rushed toward Qiao Luli and kicked her waist, causing her to be thrown three meters to the left.

He was Xiong, a martial artist at the high-level master stage. He could not stand to see Qiao Luli beat up Gaozhi, so he decided to attack her.

"You!" the people from Solaris village were furious when Xiong suddenly attacked Qiao Luli.

"You have crossed the line!" Xiong rushed toward Qiao Luli again, intending to beat her to death.

Xiao Tian instantly used the Dragon Move technique to help Qiao Luli. Even though she was powerful, but she was still a martial artist at the mid-level master stage.

"So fast!" Fu Lim and the others were shocked when they saw Xiao Tian's footwork technique.

Before Xiong could punch Qiao Luli's face, Xiao Tian caught Xiong's right fist. "Stop!"

Xiong was unhappy with Xiao Tian's actions and gritted his teeth. "She has crossed the line, so I have to punish her!"

"What do you mean by that? There are only two rules and I'm sure you still remember it. Instead, you are the one who have crossed the line. Why did you attack her when the fight is not over yet?" Xiao Tian's eyes gleamed with terrifying light as he stared at Xiong.

Gaozhi did not surrender, and Fu Lim did not try to stop the fight, so the fight was still not over. That was why Xiong should not attack Qiao Luli because it had crossed the line.

"Luli!" Wu Lei rushed toward his granddaughter.

However, she did not recognize him. That was why she attacked him when he approached her because she thought he was enemy.

Wu Lei had no choice but to knock her out because he was afraid that it would make her condition worse.

Xiong instantly took one long step back after freeing himself from Xiao Tian's grasp. "You!"

Xiao Tian ignored Xiong and turned his head to look at Qiao Luli.

'I will ask Jingxian to check her body after this.'

He hoped that nothing bad would happen to her.

Xiong gritted his teeth when Xiao Tian did not pay attention to him because the meaning of his behavior was clear.

Xiao Tian did not put him in his eyes!

Both of them were on the same level, so it hurt his pride when Xiao Tian underestimated him.

'I want to beat him to death!'

Even though Xiao Tian managed to stop him from beating Qiao Luli, he still believed he would not lose against Xiao Tian.

'Yes. I can challenge him to duel!'

He suddenly wanted to challenge Xiao Tian because he dared to interfere earlier.

Xiong walked toward Fu Lim and told Fu Lim that he wanted to fight Xiao Tian. Fu Lim agreed instantly because he also hated Xiao Tian.

Xiong stepped forward and pointed his right index finger at Xiao Tian. "You! I challenge you to duel with me now!"