I Am Loaded With Passive Skills - Chapter 1615 - 1615 Go, From White Cave to Abyss Island! (3)

Chapter 1615 - 1615 Go, From White Cave to Abyss Island! (3)

Chapter 1615 - 1615 Go, From White Cave to Abyss Island! (3)

1615 Go, From White Cave to Abyss Island! (3)

Or Bazhunan. There was no need to explain. The name stood for everything.

At this moment, after Gu Qingyis casual conversation, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly understood the elites of the Saint Servant Uh, Bazhunans arrangement!

Starting from Dongtianw.a.n.g City, the night battle in the imperial city, his request for help from Bazhunan and the arrival of the Abyss Island for the first time-even if he didnt ask for help. Now that he thought about it, the Abyss Island would definitely have descended!

After that, the trials in the Yunlun Mountain Range followed closely behind, and the various phenomena in the sky continued.

First, the Nine Heavens Treasure attracted the attention of the people from the five regions. It attracted the attention of countless Cutting Path higher void Saints. Therefore, countless people rushed to the Abyss Island to get a piece of the cake.

Then, he killed YiKilling Yi wasnt part of the plan. It was an accidental incident.

In the end, Lei Shuangxings arrival meant that Bazhunan had also taken note of this matter, and he could actually make use of it!

Thus, the Three Incenses placed the Black Gold Bounty on the Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou. He became a popular target, and the killers from the five regions also came.

Everyones attention s.h.i.+fted from the unrealistic Abyss Island to a very realistic point-how to enter the Abyss Island? How to go from unrealistic to make it a dream come true?

Bazhunan only took a small step.

The Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou followed the power of guidance the Holy Power Treasure and arrived at the Lone Cliff in a daze.

Thus, everyone from the Holy Divine Palace, the killers, and countless people focused on the Lone Cliff.

At that time, there was probably already someone on the Lone Cliff. His name was Water Ghost. He silently put down the big urn and the entire fis.h.i.+ng net was completely cast!

The fish that coveted the foundational roots of Saint Ascension scrambled to swim into the sea. These were the Cutting Path faction and higher void level from the five domains of the continent. They had all become the spiritual source to open the void gate through the deep sea water balls draining power.

The Three Incenses killers and the red-and-white-clothed people represented by Rao Yaoyao from the Holy Divine Palace had also followed the Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou to the Lone Cliff for various reasons.

They became the second-hand supply of spiritual source, like moths attracted to the flame. They illuminated the candles that were casually lit, by Bazhunan and the influence of the light continued to grow.

At the same time, Bazhunan entered the Abyss Island?

If Water Ghost had a mission, then only he had the time to enter the island.

Bazhunan or perhaps Bazhunan had sent someone to capture Yu Lingdi and used this Water-type Upanishad genius to establish a connection with Water Ghost who had also mastered the Water-type Upanishad.

These two parallel imports had successfully opened up the spatial pa.s.sageway and the Abyss Island had descended into the world.

Everyone had been transported from the deep sea at the extreme end of the earth to the Abyss Island at the peak of the sky?

They should have seen through Bazhunans plan at this moment, but the situation had already been decided and there was nothing they could do?

At the thought of this, Xu Xiaoshous back was already covered in a layer of cold sweat.

This was too sinister!

How long had this been planned?

Bazhunan had thrown him to Dongtianw.a.n.g City as a chess piece, and this had caused a chaotic phenomenon that had led to all of this?

Was this really controllable?

It really seemed possible!

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly thought of the only mystery he had yet to solve in the White Cave.

There, he obtained the Flame Python and saw a wretched Saint. He speculated that it might be the Great Infernal Ancestor of the Holy Emperor of the Inner Island of the Abyss Island.

Therefore, there could be a connection between the White Cave and the Abyss Island.

It was also in the White Cave that he had obtained the light bead that belonged to the wretched saint, after he obtained the Flame Python. There was a complete map of the White Cave inside.

At the end of the map were some extradimensional cracks that he had yet to figure out. It would call out to him at fixed intervals.

After he obtained the Fourth Sword in Lijian Gra.s.sland, he followed the Fourth Sword and headed to that strange, unknown, and mysterious extradimensional cracks.

In the end, when he arrived at that place, he didnt see the crack. Instead, he met Bazhunan and the others and became a Saint Servant there.

Why was Bazhunan there?

At that time, he couldnt figure it out and he didnt give it too much thought.

Now, it seemed that he was there not because of the Fourth Sword, but for something more important!

What could be more important?

Could it be that Bazhunan had entered the Abyss Island through the extradimensional cracks. Or perhaps they had entered a certain middle area and contacted the wretched saints Great Infernal Ancestor, who was connected to him through the Flame Python and had left his will in the middle area. The two of them had discussed the arrival of the Abyss Island in the Dongtianw.a.n.g City? They intended to cooperate internally?


Xu Xiaoshous entire body turned cold at this thought.

How could he be involved?

It seemed to be quite a possibility?

Then when did the game start?

Ever since he entered the Tiansang Spirit Palace and was chosen by Elder Sang?

Or was it because the Flame Python was hidden in the White Cave many years ago?

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly felt that his plan to set up Demi-Saint Jiang Buyi was merely a childs play when compared to Bazhunans plan!

His mind raced as he put himself Bazhunans shoes. As a chess player, he thought about everything that would happen next.

Bazhunan had planned this for so long, from the White Cave to the Lone Cliff, just to send everyone to the Abyss Island. What was his intention?

He was the Master of the black and white veins. If he wanted to start a war with the Holy Divine Palace, it would not be enough to rely on this Saint Servant alone. He needed to borrow the power of the Inner Islands Ghost Beast, so he could release the combat strength here