I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop - Chapter 703: Operation Alarm

Chapter 703: Operation Alarm

Chapter 703: Operation Alarm

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After more than an hours journey, Qin Yuan drove to the gate of the military headquarters.

At this moment, the sky had already turned bright.

Qin Yuan and Long Xiaoyun walked in and headed to the office.

Chief of Staff Shen of the military had heard from Qin Yuan on the phone yesterday that he had something very important to tell him today.

He woke up early in the morning and waited quietly in the office.

As soon as Qin Yuan opened the door and walked in, Chief of Staff Shen scolded him angrily.

You brat, cant you understand an old man like me?

You got me up early in the morning to wait for you here.

If the matter youre talking about isnt anything important, I definitely wont let you off!

Long Xiaoyun was also furious.

Seeing that Chief of Staff Shen was on the same side as him, he was also dissatisfied with Qin Yuan. echoed.

Thats right, thats right!

We cant compare to you. Youre like a strong cow. You dont need to rest!

Qin Yuan and Chief of Staff Shens relations.h.i.+p had always been that of a teacher and a friend since the exercise.

Qin Yuan was not angry after being scolded by him.

She walked to his side and placed her hands on his shoulders as she said with a smile.

Old Shen, dont you know my personality?

Do I look like the kind of person who finds trouble for nothing? Something that can trouble you to personally do it must be very important.

If it were those trivial matters, I wouldnt have looked for you.

Wouldnt that be like killing a chicken with a butchers knife?

Dont you think so?

Staff Officer Shen was so angry that he laughed and slapped his hand away.

Pay attention to your image!

Cant you see that Captain Long is still here?

So youve explained so much here, but in the end, you still dont forget to insult an old man like me, right?

Qin Yuan chuckled. How would I dare!

Im just praising you!

Long Xiaoyun, who was standing at the side, could not help but roll her eyes at him.

Lets get down to business!

I wanted to come earlier so that I could go back and sleep early!

Chief of Staff Shen also knew that Long Xiaoyun and he were working hard, so he thought the same.

Thats right!

Hurry up and get down to business!

Qin Yuan immediately stopped smiling and said seriously.

Chief of Staff Shen, I think there are some things that should attract our attention.

What are you referring to?

Recently, the inspection team of the Military Committee came to our theater of operations and found some problems in the army of our theater of operations.

The most prominent thing is the lack of security awareness.

Especially in the daily management of the garrison. There are huge loopholes.

We have to take this seriously!

Chief of Staff Shen thought about it. It seemed that there were frequent incidents of outsiders illegally invading the small islands at the border of the country.

So he nodded and said.

It seems that there is indeed such a thing. Do you have any good suggestions? Qin Yuan nodded.

I came here today for this matter.

Can you ask our Mountain Leopard Brigade to launch a warning operation for the troops in our military region and give these units a warning?

Operation Alarm Bell? Yes! Its called Operation Alarm.

Qin Yuan explained.

Ever since our Mountain Leopard Brigade was founded, we have always appeared as a foreign army.

This time, I plan to use this ident.i.ty to suddenly attack the important positions of these units and cause some damage to them.

Of course, these damages are not irreparable. I just want them to know that there will be darkness under the peaceful sun. Staff Officer Shen understood what he meant.

From the perspective of being close to actual combat, it should be done.

Its often impossible for you to attract their attention just by sending out the next notice.

When Qin Yuan saw Chief of Staff Shen nod, he immediately felt that there was hope in this matter and said with a smile.

So you agree?

If you agree, can you help us back up with Captain Long?

Otherwise, when we take action, they will treat us as real foreign troops.

If we were to get hit by real artillery fire, our Mountain Leopard Brigade would be the unlucky ones.

What do you think?

Chief of Staff Shen knew that Qin Yuan would not come to visit him for no reason.

Nothing good could come from him.

You mean you want me to clean up your mess? Qin Yuan retorted.

Look at you, why are you making it sound so ugly! What do you mean by wiping your a.s.s! Youre contributing to our countrys security.

What about our Mountain Leopard Brigade? Its Li Hongzhang who would rather bear the infamy for this contribution.

Staff Officer Shen pretended to be angry.


It would be strange if there was such a good thing.

Do you think I dont know you?

Maybe theres a trap waiting for me to jump into!

Qin Yuan saw that the soft approach did not work, so he planned to use force.

Alright then!

Since youre unwilling, I think we should just forget about this matter. Then, he put on a pained expression.

I was born in Huaxia, but I couldnt shed my blood for it when I was in danger.

I have nowhere to use my courage.

Although Im a red rabbit, I havent seen Beautiful Beard Duke.

Although he is a thousand-li horse, he has never seen a Bole.

This world is really

Chief of Staff Shen saw that the more he spoke, the more unpleasant it became.

He hurriedly interrupted.

Alright, alright!