I Regained My Memories and Became Rich After Getting Divorced - Chapter 565: He Won't Save You

Chapter 565: He Won't Save You

Chapter 565: He Wont Save You

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Meng Si breathed a sigh of relief, Since thats the case, Ill leave Daidai in your care.

Rest a.s.sured, big brother, Su Ting responded.

After Meng Si reiterated his admonition to Gu Dai to take good care of herself, he ended the call.

Holding the phone, Gu Dais grip tightened, and she spoke in a m.u.f.fled voice, If big brother hadnt taken our parents away, then they might have

Seeing Gu Dais frail figure, Su Ting extended his hand and gently embraced her, softly saying, Daidai, such a scenario didnt happen.

Regaining her composure, Gu Dai nodded lightly, Youre right, such a scenario wont occur. I shouldnt waste time here dwelling on what-ifs. What I should do is ensure that it never happens in the future.

Su Ci watched the interaction between Su Ting and Gu Dai, feeling a bittersweet sensation but eventually settling into a relieved smile.

He turned to Gu Dai and softly said, Daidai, tomorrow is the day Ive agreed to meet him. Ill call you then so you can listen to our conversation.

Gu Dai pressed her lips together and finally responded softly, Okay.

In the dungeon.

Aad, with a smile plastered on her face, stared at w.a.n.g Sui, You probably never thought youd end up locked up when you framed me before.

w.a.n.g Sui had calmed down by now, her gaze coldly fixed on Aad as she spoke lightly, I will be rescued.

Aads smile widened, Are you referring to that man you hold dear? He will come save you?

w.a.n.g Sui didnt speak but lifted her chin defiantly, clearly referring to him.

You might as well give up; he wont save you, Aad said flatly.

Before w.a.n.g Sui could retort, Aad continued, When you were brought here, he was busy calling his son.

w.a.n.g Suis eyes sparkled with curiosity, eagerly asking, What did he say?

Aad tapped her chin thoughtfully before replying, I forgot the exact words, but I distinctly remember he didnt mention you at all! Tsk, its quite a failure, to be so devoted to someone who doesnt care about you in the slightest.

w.a.n.g Suis expression darkened, Shut up!

Aad, seizing the opportunity to taunt w.a.n.g Sui, wouldnt let it go so easily,

Tsk tsk, so fragile to the truth, huh?

Lin Chen walked in, his gaze falling on w.a.n.g Sui. Seeing her dazed expression, anger rose within him, but he couldnt help defending her, Aad, youre being too harsh. Even if Suisui is at fault, you shouldnt mock her at this time.

Aad rolled her eyes at Lin Chen, remembering how w.a.n.g Sui had used Lin Chens feelings to swindle royal benefits for her lover.

Upon seeing Aads eye roll, Lin Chens expression cooled, Youve grown bold, daring to roll your eyes at me. Do you no longer respect me as your father? Aad replied flatly, Dad, have you figured out how to explain the loss of several billion in business to the n.o.ble families?

Lin Chen, reminded of the recent financial losses, fell silent and followed Aad out of the cell.

After walking a bit, Aads eyes lit up upon seeing Gu Dai, and she approached her cheerfully, Thank you for helping me catch w.a.n.g Suis weakness. Otherwise, she would have continued to bully me.

Before Gu Dai could respond, Aad curiously asked, How come there were cameras in the secret room? When did you install them?

Gu Dai smiled and answered, Right when we entered the secret room together.

Aad paused, then nodded in understanding, So that was the time.

She had been preoccupied with thoughts of someone else, not noticing what Gu Dai and Su Ting were doing.

Gu Dai nodded and then said, Were here to see the king for something.

Hearing him being addressed, Lin Chen quickly stepped forward to ask, What do you need?

Su Ci spoke, Your Majesty, I would like to ask you to lock down the airport tomorrow, preventing others from entering.

Lin Chen frowned, Why?

Aad, already considering Gu Dai and her companions as benefactors, quickly interjected, Dont worry, my dad agreed to ensure not even a fly can enter tomorrow.

Lin Chen protested, I havent agreed yet!

Aad shot Lin Chen a glare, We only reviewed part of the contracts earlier; theres still more to go through. You need to let me find all discrepancies in the contracts and then report them to.