I Regained My Memories and Became Rich After Getting Divorced - Chapter 518: Clarification from the Person Involved

Chapter 518: Clarification from the Person Involved

Chapter 518: Clarification from the Person Involved

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Su Ting affectionately pinched Gu Dais cheeks, gazing at the blush on her face with a smile. Daidai, youve seen my entire body before, why are you still shy?

Gu Dai coughed lightly, whispering, But its been a long time since Ive seen it, and I feel somewhat unfamiliar with it now.

Understanding dawned on Su Ting as he nodded, his eyes sparkling while looking at Gu Dai. Daidai, are you saying

Gu Dai quickly covered Su Tings mouth with her hand, her voice laced with panic. I didnt mean that, I wasnt implying anything, dont make wild guesses, do you hear me?

Feeling the palm on his lips, Su Ting nodded repeatedly.

Only then did Gu Dai sigh in relief and remove her hand, but as she did, she felt the softness of his lips. Instantly, she froze as if struck by lightning, hastily changing the subject. You should show me your self-defense skills!

She resolved in her heart that if Su Tings demonstrated abilities were lacking, she would arrange for him to have more bodyguards.

Unaware of Gu Dais thoughts, Su Ting was fully focused on preparing to demonstrate his skills.

Watching Su Ting display his self-defense techniques, a smile involuntarily spread across Gu Dais face, her joy apparent.

She suddenly realized that Su Tings talents extended beyond the business realm and couldnt help but suggest, Lets spar and see.


Meanwhile, Song Ling sat on the hospital bed, fixated on his phone, and asked Zhao Xuan, Has Su Corporation issued a clarification yet?

Zhao Xuan, without even checking, responded wearily, No.

Song Yu couldnt help but interject, Brother, you just asked that a second ago. How could Su Corporation have issued a statement in such a short time? Besides, arent you monitoring the trending searches yourself?

Ignoring Song Yu, Song Lings gaze remained glued to his phone.

Seeing Song Lings obsession, Song Yu whispered to w.a.n.g Lan, Mom, brother is so concerned about his rival. I think hes one step closer to winning over Sister Gu Dai.

Upon hearing Song Yus words, w.a.n.g Lan wanted to tell her that Song Ling had no chance of being with Gu Dai again.

Yet, facing Song Yus bright eyes, she found herself unable to voice that thought.

With a resigned sigh, w.a.n.g Lan responded, You might be right.

Song Yus smile grew even brighter, her laughter bubbling forth.

Continuously scrolling through his phone and seeing no clarification from Su Corporation, Song Ling felt oddly satisfied.

He remembered Gu Dais serious expression during their restaurant meeting and wondered if there had been a misunderstanding. However, the lack of a response from Su Corporation suggested they couldnt refute the claims.

Zhao Xuan, noticing the smile on Song Lings face, s.h.i.+vered, sensing his unpredictable nature.

Song Ling opened his chat with Gu Dai and sent a message.

Song Ling: Its now a fact that Su Ting is responsible for someones death. Its not too late to break up with him. Once youre with me, Ill use the Song familys influence to ensure your company remains unaffected.

After sending the message, he looked at it again, satisfied. However, Zhao Xuans urgent voice soon reached his ears.

Zhao Xuan: President Song, Su Corporation hasnt issued any statement, but the person rumored to have died due to overwork at Su Tings company has come forward.

Upon hearing Zhao Xuans words, Song Lings expression darkened. He quickly retracted the message he had sent to Gu Dai and began reading the statement released by the alleged victim, w.a.n.g Hong, his expression growing increasingly grim.

In a clarifying video, w.a.n.g Hong, looking healthy and lying in a hospital bed, explained his medical condition and the circ.u.mstances surrounding the photographed incident. He also shared how the company had taken care of him and covered his medical expenses.

After watching the video, Zhao Xuan couldnt help but remark, So it was all a misunderstanding, and Su Corporation really treats its employees well.

As he finished speaking, he felt a chill surrounding him and knew without looking what was happening.

Sure enough, Song Lings icy voice followed immediately.

Song Ling said, If you think so highly of Su Tings company, then resign and go work there.

Zhao Xuan hurriedly responded, President Song, I didnt mean that at all.

Without sparing Zhao Xuan a glance, Song Ling commanded, Get out.

Zhao Xuan didnt hesitate and quickly left the room.

Seeing this, Song Yu wanted to speak up in an attempt to mediate, Brother.