I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head - Chapter 2342: Defeating the Demon Army

Chapter 2342: Defeating the Demon Army

Chapter 2342: Defeating the Demon Army

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The Giant Demon King died just like that?

The higher-ups of the Flying Celestials still couldnt accept the fact that the Giant Demon King, who had given them a headache, had died so easily at Chu Yunfans hands.

This made them feel like it was unreal. It simply subverted their worldview.

It made them feel as if the Giant Demon King was nothing more than this.

Of course, they all knew that this feeling was just an illusion. If it was really just that, how could he have singlehandedly suppressed the Flying Celestials so much that they did not dare to attack?

There was only one possibility, and that was that Chu Yunfan was too strong. He was so strong that he could easily beat and kill the Giant Demon King. This was the only possible truth.

Kill our way out and defeat the demon army in one fell swoop! Situ Xuan immediately seized this opportunity.

The Flying Celestials foundation could not be underestimated. If it wasnt for the fear of the Giant Demon King, they would have long organized an army to kill their way out.

Now that the Giant Demon King had been killed by Chu Yunfan, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Soon, the elite army of the Flying Celestials came out one after another and began to attack the demon army.

After Chu Yunfan killed all the Domainians in the demon army, the remaining demon army was completely vulnerable.

Huangfu Longhao, Situ Xuan, and the others had been holding it in for a long time. At this point, they finally could not hold it in anymore and led their troops out.

The demon army was defeated in an instant. In less than two hours, the entire demon army had been forced back and suffered heavy losses. They were chased by the Flying Celestial army and suffered heavy losses.

Apart from chasing after the army surrounding the Flying Celestials, the elite army of the Flying Celestials also went to various places to clean up the places that had been invaded by the demon army.

At the same time, the Grand Elders came out of seclusion one after another. They held their magic tools and went to various places to clean up the places contaminated by the demons.

The first thing they did after the invasion of the demon army was to transform the world into an environment suitable for the demons to live in.

Now, these Grand Elders of the Flying Celestials wanted to restore the places that had been contaminated by demonic energy.

For a time, the entire Flying Celestials was mobilized to restore the places that had been contaminated by the demons.

At the same time, Situ Xuan and the others, who were the real higher-ups of the Flying Celestials, were waiting for Chu Yunfans return.

This time, the crisis of the Flying Celestials was resolved largely because of Chu Yunfans strength.

Chu Yunfans move made everyone understand how important a top-notch expert was to a sect.

When Chu Yunfan wasnt around, the Giant Demon King had suppressed the Flying Celestials single-handedly. Situ Xuan even had to be careful when sending out support troops.

They could only watch the demons wreak havoc. The only way was to wait for Huangfu Longhao and the others to advance further and reach the half-step King Stage before they could chase the demons out.

Now that Chu Yunfan had returned, he had easily broken through their predicament.

When Chu Yunfan returned to the Flying Celestials after he had finished hunting down the demon army, he found Situ Xuan and the others waiting for him.

Greetings, Sect Master! Chu Yunfan said as he cupped his hands. Beside him, Tang Siyu also bowed.

No need to be so polite! Situ Xuan quickly said. If he could suppress Chu Yunfan with his cultivation and status previously, it was completely impossible now.

Junior Chu, I didnt expect that not only did your strength increase greatly in the past three years, but even the half-step King Giant Demon King was not your match. Your strength has increased too quickly! Huangfu Longhao said.

He was feeling a little helpless. With the full support of the Flying Celestials resources and foundation, his cultivation base had increased by leaps and bounds. However, he had only condensed 5,000 laws and reached the peak Domain Stage.

This cultivation was already considered fast enough. In order to support the rapid growth of these Supreme Youths, the foundation of the Flying Celestials was being consumed at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed.

This was the foundation that the Flying Celestials had acc.u.mulated for countless years, and it would be used up in this life.

Even so, it was still far from Chu Yunfans progress.

Not to mention compared to Chu Yunfan, even compared to Tang Siyu, he seemed to be a lot weaker.

It was unknown what kind of fortuitous encounter Chu Yunfan had obtained outside that could be compared to the foundation that the Flying Celestials had acc.u.mulated over the years.

However, he didnt know that Chu Yunfan had overturned countless demon camps along the way. He had swept through and plundered along the way. The foundation that the demons had acc.u.mulated over the years was naturally much greater than that of the Flying Celestials.

Its nothing. Its just a Giant Demon King. Just now, I just killed a Demon Dragon King, who was also at the half-King Stage! Chu Yunfan said indifferently as he waved.

Everyone was shocked. From Chu Yunfans words, it was as if a half-step King was like an ordinary Domainian. He could kill them as he wished.

Killing two was only because there were only two in front of him. If there were more, he would kill more.

Brother Fan, how did you escape? Chu Hongcai asked.

Only then did Chu Yunfan tell him everything that had happened in the past few years. Other than a portion that he couldnt say, he didnt hide most of it.

Everyone cried out in surprise. They didnt expect Chu Yunfan and the others to kill their way back here. Along the way, they overturned countless demon camps and looted their treasuries. They became stronger and stronger along the way, even alarming the higher-ups of the demons.

In the end, they even sent a top expert like the Demon Dragon King to stop him.

However, the higher-ups of the demons probably did not expect Chu Yunfans strength to grow so quickly. He had already surpa.s.sed the half-King Stage with lightning speed.

Unless a true king was sent out, they were no match for Chu Yunfan.

At this time, it was too late even if they sent out their true Kings. Chu Yunfan had returned.

Brother Fan, youre really amazing! Hahahaha! All the demons must be fuming with anger! Chu Hongcai danced and laughed.

However, you must have also entered the sights of the higher-ups of the demons. Once theres a chance, Im afraid that a King will come out to deal with you. Its possible! Situ Xuan said worriedly.

In this chaotic world, all the original rules had been broken. Chu Yunfans display of power was not necessarily a good thing.

This was because such a person would probably arouse the fear of many. Even the internal forces of the humans would be wary when they saw him.

No one knew what the Destiny Sect, which had a deep hatred for Chu Yunfan, would do after learning that Chu Yunfan was still alive.