I Have A City In An Alternate World - Chapter 3438: Withdrawing from the forbidden ocean (1)

Chapter 3438: Withdrawing from the forbidden ocean (1)

Chapter 3438: Withdrawing from the forbidden ocean (1)


Just when all the cultivators thought that fatty, who had ignited his bloodline, would definitely die, only Tang Zhen knew that this was not the case.

That pile of burning charcoal was just a useless sh.e.l.l, a restraint on the outside of the true body.

Fatty, who was being burned by the flame of the lamp oil, had really been reborn and had undergone an incredible change.

His bloodline, which was originally extremely thin, had been forcibly extracted. Although it was only a tiny trace, it still originated from a powerful ancient creature.

That kind of n.o.bility and power was not something that ordinary living beings could compare to. It was like comparing mortals to G.o.ds.

A special aura erupted. Fatty, who had activated his ancient bloodline, was destined to be completely different from the past.

Although he had gained some benefits, he had also suffered some pain.

The burning of the lamp oil was equivalent to the spiritual attack of the ancient creatures. Otherwise, it would not have been able to intimidate other ancient creatures.

The pain that fatty had suffered was far greater than he had imagined. Of course, the opportunities he had obtained were also far beyond his imagination.

If it wasnt for Tang Zhens help, fatty wouldnt have been able to activate his innate ability no matter how hard he tried.

He didnt even know what kind of talent and potential he had.

Horses that traveled a thousand li were common, but Bo Le was not often there. This was the truth.

Fatty should be well aware of this. Compared to the benefits he would get, the pain was nothing.

The grat.i.tude he felt for Tang Zhen in his heart was similarly difficult to express in words. He didnt even know how he should repay this grat.i.tude.

However, how would he know that Tang Zhen did not care about his return at all and had only helped him by chance.

Tang Zhen would never mistreat his own people. Since fatty had followed him all the way, he more or less had to give him some care.

Now that he had awakened his innate magical power, as long as fatty was willing, he could definitely become a cultivator of the loucheng.

Even if they didnt want to be restricted and returned to their own tribes, there was a great chance of becoming a super expert.

With a m.u.f.fled sound, the huge pile of ashes burst open, revealing a strong figure sitting cross-legged inside.

This was clearly a shrunken version of fatty. He had shed off his bloated outer sh.e.l.l, but he gave people a feeling of incomparable Valiance.

When they saw this figure, for some reason, the cultivators felt a sense of fear in their hearts.

It was as if the gaze from ancient times had fallen on him. Although it was not dangerous, he felt fl.u.s.tered.

Looking at Fattys appearance, his mouth had turned into a Whirlpool, constantly swallowing the surrounding World Energy.

Compared to his previous speed, it was actually several times faster.

Under the Fattys crazy devouring, the surrounding energy was completely consumed, and cultivator Lou Cheng didnt gain anything at all.

They were angry and anxious, but there was nothing they could do.

Anyone could tell that Fattys current state was very strange. It was very likely that he had just experienced Nirvana rebirth.

This was a great opportunity, a great fortune that could be encountered but not sought.

The surrounding immortal generals had also noticed Fattys abnormal behavior.

this lucky guy didnt die. He activated his innate divine ability!

try to sense it again. Is there anything different?

If my guess is correct, this fellows ancestor should be the descendant of some ancient creature.

The innate divine ability that was activated by accident also came from the inheritance in his bloodline. It should be a special devouring ability.

The stronger the cultivation, the stronger the innate divine ability. Its indeed a rather impressive method.

Ive taken a good look at this kid. Im going to take him in as a divine servant. Dont fight with me over this.

I was thinking the same thing. Why dont you give me the chance?

A high-level divine general interrupted the divine generals discussion.

Ive just investigated and this kid isnt a cultivator of loucheng yet. Im not sure if hes willing to join.

With his talent alone, as long as he was given the right opportunity to help, it should not be a problem for him to become a G.o.d.

If you become a divine servant, it would be a waste, and it would be the same for both you and him.

The divine generals who had been fighting for the sword all nodded at the same time, acknowledging the truth.

Fattys innate divine power was not bad. If he successfully joined Lou Cheng, he should also walk on his own path.

Only by doing so would he not waste his innate magical power and also give the other cultivators in loucheng a chance.

At this moment, fatty didnt know that a group of divine generals were discussing him and had already arranged his future path.

As long as he was willing to join Lou Cheng, he would receive special attention and be nurtured as a seed to become a G.o.d.

It could be said that from now on, fatty had flown up to the top of the branch, from a chicken to a Phoenix.

The gazes of the surrounding people were placed on fatty. However, they did not know that the source of all this was actually Tang Zhen who was beside him.

The scene in front of them was very similar to Tang Zhens previous actions. No one realized that the truth was right in front of them.

What happened to fatty was only a small interlude and didnt attract the attention of many cultivators in Lou city.

The world of loucheng had never lacked geniuses. Geniuses more monstrous than fatty could be found everywhere. It was only because of the special occasion that he received extra attention.

If it was at the genius gathering in the world of loucheng, Fattys performance would only be considered average.

As time pa.s.sed, the energy acc.u.mulated near the camp was gradually absorbed by the cultivators of Lou Cheng.

Many of the weaker cultivators had already stopped absorbing because they couldnt compete for it.

Those powerful cultivators also couldnt hold on for long and withdrew from their cultivation state.

The slowly rotating runic magic circle also crumbled and dissipated at this moment, no more energy gathering.

A high-level divine general had given the order that the hunting camp would be officially closed, and no one could be sure when it would be reopened.

Although they were already prepared, the cultivators in loucheng were still filled with emotion when they heard the order.

No one would have thought that this hunting camp, which had been in operation for many years, would actually encounter such a miserable ending.

However, the following order surprised the cultivators in loucheng.

The cultivators in loucheng thought that they would return to the city and wait for new missions.

However, he was told that he wouldnt return to loucheng, but would head to another place.

It turned out that there were secret resource points in other places, but they had not been developed yet.

Perhaps it was because of the long journey, or the harsh environment, or even the hunting camps that could not produce as much as the islands.

Now that the hunting camp had been destroyed, Lou Cheng could only settle for the second best option and use the resource points he had developed.

The cultivators of loucheng city in the hunting camp would be the explorers and explorers, ready to embark on a new journey.

This was actually a good thing. New missions meant new gains, and the cultivators in loucheng would have more opportunities to earn battle merits.

Obtaining resources through battles had always been the cultivation method pursued by the cultivators in loucheng. They would definitely welcome this challenging pioneering task warmly.

There was no need to worry about safety for such a mission. Lou Cheng would definitely send high-end combat forces to follow them.

In fact, for a very long time, they would send their top experts to guard the place to prevent any accidents from happening.

After receiving the order, the cultivators of loucheng quickly started to pack up all the items in the camp.

Every item used here was carefully crafted. An ordinary-looking item could very well be a magical item.

No one had the right to throw away such a precious item at will, and it was even more impossible to seal it with the camp.

After the camp was cleaned up, the peak-stage G.o.d-level general finally appeared in front of the cultivators.

Turn off the engine!

With an order, the nine magical lighthouses that had been burning in the hunting camp for many years simultaneously extinguished their blazing flames.

The moment the flame was extinguished, an indescribable terrifying aura descended on the cultivators on the floor.

The aura carried the desolation of hundreds of millions of years and an undisguisable brutal force, as if it was going to tear all the cultivators in the building into pieces.