I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week - Chapter 1753: Despicable Methods

Chapter 1753: Despicable Methods

Chapter 1753: Despicable Methods

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If you hadnt said anything, I really wouldnt have thought of that. Zhou Liang said.

Im also a little curious. What does Sister-in-law look like?

Its not that Im flattering Brother Lin, but I feel that no woman in this world is worthy of him. Hes too good-looking, Luo Qi said.

Thats why Im curious. How good-looking must a woman be to make Brother Lin fall head over heels for her?


Qin Han, who was sitting at the side, couldnt help but laugh.

If Lin Yi was so loyal, wouldnt he be considered a peerless man?

Brother Qin, what are you laughing at? Did I say something wrong?

No, no, no. Qin Han suppressed his laughter and said,

Youll know what your sister-in-law looks like later.

Just then, the door to the private room was pushed open and Ji Qingyan walked in.

Ji Qingyans attire was breathtaking enough.

She wore a black and gray color-blocked tailcoat dress paired with a white three-quarter sleeve blouse. Her cascading long hair was styled up, revealing her sleek, jade neck adorned with a diamond necklace. This combination made her glow as if radiating light.

It highlighted her beauty and elegance vividly.

Xiao Bing, Yu Siying, and the others were stunned.

Astonished by Ji Qingyans beauty and figure, even women like them felt a little ashamed.

She was like a perfect work of art without any flaws.

h.e.l.lo, Sister-in-law.

Xiao Bing and the others stood up to greet her.

Facing such a lineup, Ji Qingyan was a little uncomfortable.

She would often be called sister-in-law when she returned to the orphanage.

However, most of the people who called her that were children.

Meanwhile, this was a group of youth, so it took some getting used to.

Theres no need to stand on ceremony, everyone. Quick, take a seat. Ji Qingyan hurriedly greeted them, afraid that she would not be able to treat them appropriately.

Everyone took their seats, and Ji Qingyan sat next to Lin Yi.

Qin Han smiled at Xiao Bing and the others. Now that youve seen her in person, how do you feel?

I feel that my Brother Lin is not worthy of Sister-in-law.

Hey, hey, hey. You were just saying that she wasnt worthy of me, but you actually betrayed me so quickly.

Dont try to frame me. I didnt say anything like that, Xiao Bing said.

With Sister-in-laws looks and figure, she easily satisfies your requirements.

Ji Qingyan had a smile on her face, and there was a hint of smugness on her face.

Every time she heard others say this, she was very happy.

Alright, alright. Lets not talk about this anymore. You must be hungry. Hurry up and order. Ill arrange a good meal for you today.

Dont worry, I wont stand on ceremony with you.

Xiao Bing and the others didnt hold back on Lin Yi. They all picked the expensive dishes without any hesitation.

Because there were no outsiders amongst them, the atmosphere at the banquet was very cheerful.

Although they were all drunk, Xiao Bing and the others were still lucid. They didnt say anything about their ident.i.ties.

As for Sui Qiang and the others, they simply called him Boss. It would have been too distant to call him Team Leader.

At around 11 p.m., after going through three rounds of drinks and five different dishes, everyone had their fill. The next stop would be the old reliable.


Although Ji Qingyan disliked Lin Yi visiting places like this, she did not say anything because her friends were around. However, she did not play with them.

Lin Yi sent her to her parents house, then returned to Metropolis to have a party.

The few of them were all rich children and were very open-minded.

It was not until four in the morning that they felt a little tired and returned to the hotel to rest.

They would probably spend the day sleeping. If they wanted to go out and continue having fun, it would probably be in the next afternoon.

Ring ring ring!

At eight in the morning, Lin Yi was woken up by the ringing of his phone.

He initially thought that it was a call from Ji Qingyan, but after taking a look, he realized that it was an unknown number.


Officer Lin, this is Yang Bing.

Hearing Yang Bings voice, Lin Yi sobered up quickly. He didnt expect her to call him at this time.

Can I help you?

Someone called me yesterday and tried to threaten me into dropping the lawsuit. Yang Bing cried.

He also told me that if I didnt withdraw the lawsuit, my life would be thrust into chaos.

Did that really happen?

Its true. Yang Bing said.

I didnt think much of it at first, but this morning, when I was planning to go to the shop, I realized that someone had splashed red paint on my front door. Im afraid to go out now, so I called you.

Dont panic yet. Tell me your home address and Ill go look for you.

Shengs.h.i.+ Resting Stage Two, Block 16, Unit 3,1701.

Wait for me at home. Dont open the door for anyone but me.

Okay, I got it.

After hanging up, Lin Yi washed up and drove towards Yang Bings house.

In less than an hour, Lin Yi drove over and found the exact address.

Lin Yi was in no hurry to call Yang Bing. He stood at the door and investigated.

The security door and the shoe rack at the door were splashed with red paint, giving them a b.l.o.o.d.y look.

Even a man might be afraid of such a scene, let alone a woman like her.

It didnt take a genius to figure out that Tesla had hired someone to do this.

Based on the current situation, Tesla had no way out.

Yang Bing was their only option.

If she decided to drop the case and put in a few good words, they would have some room to maneuver, and they could cut their losses in time.

Their approach was indeed a little despicable, but it was undoubtedly very effective.

Lin Yi took his phone and called Yang Bing.

Open the door. Im right outside.

Okay, okay, okay. Ill open the door for you now.

Footsteps came from inside the house, and the door was quickly opened.

Lin Yi saw that Yang Bing was already dressed.

She was wearing a pair of black one-piece wide-legged pants. Her hair was tied up, displaying the elegance of a young woman.

However, her eyes were a little red, ruining her beauty.

After welcoming Lin Yi in, Yang Bing couldnt help but hug him and cry.

If you hadnt come, I wouldnt have known what to do.

Dont be like this. Men and women shouldnt touch each other. Lin Yi raised his arm. Yang Bings a.s.sets werent small and they were soft, but Lin Yi wasnt in the mood to enjoy it.

Yang Bing was a little embarra.s.sed. Her face was a little red as she distanced herself from Lin Yi.

Im really sorry. I was too excited just now.

Yang Bing brought Lin Yi a pair of slippers.

Officer Lin, come in.

Lin Yi looked around and saw that Yang Bings house wasnt small. It measured at least 150 square meters.

Having a house like this in Zhonghai put her above 90% of people.

Lin Yi sat on the sofa as Yang Bing poured him a gla.s.s of water.

You dont have to be so polite. Tell me what happened.

Yesterday, someone suddenly called me and asked me to withdraw the lawsuit. He also said that if he didnt receive any news of the lawsuit being withdrawn at ten oclock today, he would come looking for me.