I Am the Fated Villain - Chapter 412-2: The Gate of Death finally emerges, Hand over the key or I'll kill her (2)

Chapter 412-2: The Gate of Death finally emerges, Hand over the key or I'll kill her (2)

Chapter 412-2: The Gate of Death finally emerges, Hand over the key or Ill kill her (2)

"This is the chance Xiao Fan you are looking for, is it behind this portal?" Jun Yao asked, very nervous, holding the protective artifact Gu Changge gave her in her hand.

Jun Fan couldn't help but smile, there was nothing to hide at this time.

He nodded and said, "Behind this door, there is a secret of the chaos that happened in the Demon World 6,000 years ago. As long as I walk in, everything will be known."

He believed that as long as the Xuan Yang Demon Emperor was found, the current situation in the Demon World would be reversed in an instant.

The situation of Empress Xi Yao's unification of the Nine Regions would soon be broken, and all problems would be solved.

"There is also a line of small characters here, which seems to say that only those who have the key can pa.s.s through this door and enter the large formation It turned out that inside the portal, it turned out to be a large formation. Who set this up?"

Song Youwei approached, frowning tightly, staring at a line of small characters next to the portal, carefully identifying them, and recognizing them.

After that, she looked at Jun Fan, and judging from his expression, he obviously knew about it. Therefore, Jun Fan actually had the key to enter this portal.

"You have the key in your hand, right?" Song Youwei asked.

"This is the key"

Jun Fan heard the words, but there was nothing to hide. There were no outsiders present.

After he finished speaking, brilliance flashed in his palm, and a scale-like thing emerged with brilliant radiance, with some strange lines on it, which looked like the scales of some kind of monster.

If it wasn't for Jun Ruoxi's reminder, he wouldn't even know that the scale that was thrown in the corner of his sea of consciousness s.p.a.ce at that time would actually be a key.

"I will enter it for a while, you can leave, or you can wait for me here, but I feel that after entering, I may not necessarily come out from here."

Jun Fan then said again, looking at the portal, intending to use the key to walk in.


But at this moment, a terrifying murderous aura suddenly attacked from behind him, making him s.h.i.+ver all over, and his whole soul seemed to be frozen.

With that a blue short knife pa.s.sed through the void, killing intent submering all directions, and the s.p.a.ce seemed to be stagnant.

"Be careful, Young Master."

At a critical moment, a powerhouse behind Jun Fan roared, urging the whole body's aura, muscles, and blood vessels, bursting out the most powerful force in this body, pus.h.i.+ng Jun Fan away.

And he himself was pierced by this short knife between his eyebrows, and he died instantly, both physically and mentally.


A cloud of deep black mist appeared in the distance, and Bai Lian'er appeared, holding a short knife in his hand, looking a little regretful.

"Unfortunately, if the reaction was a little slower, you would have died just now. But your luck is really good to avoid."

"It's you!"

Jun Fan's soul was scared. He didn't expect that he almost died because of carelessness just now. He stared at Bai Lian'er with a gloomy face, extremely angry and cold.

The many powerhouses behind him were also vigilant at this moment, offering all kinds of divine weapons, and staring at Bai Lian'er, in case she continued to attack.

"What is happening?"

Song Youwei and Jun Yao were also startled by the sudden scene just now, and they broke out in a cold sweat.

Although Bai Lian'er was the daughter of the Demon Master Bai Kun, after six thousand years, there were not many people who could recognize her at a glance.

They didn't recognize her at the moment.

"Hand over the key obediently, otherwise no one will be able to save you today. Everyone around you will die with you."

Bai Lian'er looked at him lightly, her voice did not fluctuate, and she seemed extremely indifferent.

Jun Fan said with a gloomy face, "You followed me all the way?"

"It doesn't matter, what matters is that if you don't hand over the keys, you will die today."

Bai Lian'er didn't answer, just stared at the scale in Jun Fan's hand.

"If you want the key, you can try to take it."

Jun Fan did not hesitate and took out a golden decree from his storage ring. After the aura was activated, it began to expand in the wind, covering the sky.

There were many star-like divine inscriptions circulating on it, which were majestic and heavy, like heaven, and could be pressed down at any time.

Moreover, each divine script was like a star, where the strongest sword energy evolved, so sharp that even the sky trembled.

This was one of his trump cards, which could explode with unparalleled power after being activated. He was confident that he could stop Bai Lian'er.


One after another dazzling sword lights descended, drowning the place, strong and terrifying, like thousands of divine swords slashed.

"Wouldn't cry without seeing the coffin, I think you are going to court for death."

Seeing this, Bai Lian'er's expression was indifferent, and her expression did not change in the slightest because of Jun Fan's methods. At the same time, her figure turned into a mist and disappeared, as if she had merged into the void.

The world-shattering murderous aura filled the air, and everyone felt a chill all over their bodies, a tingling sensation in their souls and even their eyebrows seemed to be split open.

This was monstrous killing intent.

Bai Lian'er was worthy of being the descendant of the Killing Emperor. As soon as she displayed her absolute power, everyone shuddered, as if they had been dragged into the Underworld, and would sink forever.


However, the golden decree was not simple. With the recovery, it began to attack with many divine swords, making a loud noise, making the invisible Bai Lian'er unable to approach Jun Fan and being forced out from the void.

She frowned, looked up at the golden decree, and revealed her figure.

"How long do you think this decree can protect you?"

Bai Lian'er said lightly, not choosing to continue attacking, but standing in place.

Jun Fan thought she was afraid, he breathed a sigh of relief, and sneered, "I don't need it to protect me for a long time, as long as I enter the portal, this time is enough."

"So it seems that you are going to give up on everyone here, regardless of their life or death?" Bai Lian'er couldn't help but mock.

Hearing this, Song Youwei and the others' faces changed slightly. They naturally knew Bai Lian'er's terrifying methods. If Jun Fan didn't care about their lives, then they would definitely not be Bai Lian'er's opponents.

"Are you threatening me?" Jun Fan looked ugly, holding the scale tightly in his hand. He was very unwilling, the portal behind him was clearly not far from him.

But if he entered, Jun Yao, Song Youwei, and others here would all die without a place to be buried. It was impossible for Bai Lian'er to let them go.

"Hand over the key and I can let them die. If the people behind me arrive, it will not be that easy to solve this."

With a pity-like mockery, Bai Lian'er stood on the spot and gently wiped the short blade in her hand.

"Don't even think about it, I won't give you the key. If you dare to hurt them, no matter where you run away in the future, I will have the means to kill you. Bai Lian'er was not like this at the beginning, Now she actually helped others, I wonder how Uncle Bai Kun will feel when he finds out?"

Jun Fan sneered as if he had seized Bai Lian'er's weakness. He believed that as long as he entered the portal and found his father, what fear would Bai Lian'er have?

"Shut up, my father just listened to your father's words, that was why he ended up in such a land and caused my mother to die young. Now that you say this, you are courting death."

Hearing this, Bai Lian'er's expression suddenly turned gloomy and murderous. If it wasn't for this golden decree protecting Jun Fan, she would definitely smash him into pieces.

"What's the use of talking so much? It doesn't change the fact that you violated Uncle Bai's words and betrayed me."

Jun Fan calmed down, there was another thing in his hand, and he began to calculate the timing, ready to sacrifice it later, landing a fatal blow on Bai Lian'er.

"I almost fell for your trick, I don't need to be angry because of you."

But at this time, Bai Lian'er seemed to have reacted, her emotions returned to calm, and her eyes went cold.


At this time, above the sky, violent fluctuations emerged followed by a golden Dao with many figures standing on it.

The man heading them was dressed in a mysterious robe, his hair was crystal clear, shrouded in multi-colored divine brilliance, and his expression was flat, displaying the intention of overlooking.

In the next moment, a giant palm that lifted the sky fell, with unparalleled power, covering the world, and suddenly tore away the golden decree in the front.

"Gu Changge" Seeing this scene, Jun Fan's complexion changed drastically, and he was extremely horrified.


Suddenly, hundreds of millions of golden lights erupted there, terrifying fluctuations, surging like a tide.

The golden decree tried to fight against it, but the giant palm in the sky was extremely powerful. It arrived from there and was wrapped in a chaotic aura. It was not a simple illusion, but the physical manifestation of powerful energy.


The golden decree cracked open, and many terrifying sword lights were quelled by this palm.

"Give me the keys. Or I'll kill her."

Gu Changge fell from the sky, his expression did not waver, he was holding a figure in his palm, and he could kill her at any time.