I Am Loaded With Passive Skills - Chapter 2420: The Holy Emperor Closes the Door (1)

Chapter 2420: The Holy Emperor Closes the Door (1)

Chapter 2420: The Holy Emperor Closes the Door (1)

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Friend, youre very anxious.

He held the Time Ancestor Shadow Staff and stepped on the Time Dao Discs.

He used the power of the Dragon Ancestor to stimulate the Time Ancestor Shadow Staff, and swallowed the power of the Time Ancestor that came out.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou felt like he had become the Time Ancestor again, the Ruler of time.

The power that could erupt in that instant moved the world.

Almost all of the time in the Four Symbols Secret Realm had been stopped by him. Even Bei Huais thought incarnation was no exception.

Yes, Xu Xiaoshou was late.

He had never expected that the target of the two soul body hands that Bei Huai had used to imprison the Apricot Realm was not Greedy the Cat Spirit, but himself!

After he sent Greedy the Cat Spirit out of the Apricot Realm, he was about to leave as well.

The soul hand in the Apricot realm suddenly turned into soul chains that sealed off the entrance to the Four Symbols Secret Realm from the Apricot Realm.

Xu Xiaoshou tried to use the will of the Lord of the Apricot Realm to force his way out.

However, the power of a Holy Emperor was just too strong. He could only teleport his physical body out at most. His soul body would be imprisoned in the Apricot Realm as if it had been banished.

But now that he had mastered the Spirit Dao Disc, Xu Xiaoshou didnt give up his struggle.

He recalled Bei Huais nonsense and how he tracked the Apricot Realms location in the s.p.a.cetime debris through the fluctuations of his soul body.

According to the realization quality of the soul body under the integration of the Unity of Man and the Heavens, Xu Xiaoshou copied his action.

He activated his Moment of Enlightenment and his Perception was magnified infinitely.

However, he no longer tried to go to the Four Symbols Secret Realm through the Apricot Realm. Instead, he extended his thoughts into the s.p.a.cetime fragment.

This was a bold attempt!

It was a copy of the Holy Emperor Bei Huais supreme realm spiritual technique!

However, Xu Xiaoshou did not know the exact process. He could only rely on the realization quality of the soul body under the integration of the Unity of Man and the Heavens to explore.

Amidst the chaotic s.p.a.cetime debris, Xu Xiaoshou first used the coordinates of the Apricot Realm as the base point and then tried to extend his Perception in all directions. He looked for the familiar spiritual fluctuations of Greedy the Cat Spirits soul body that would definitely boil under Bei Huais pressure.

The s.p.a.cetime fragments coordinates could connect to the five regions. It was random and disorderly.

If he could find it, he could rush to the rescue in time and not let Greedy the Cat Spirit suffer alone.

If he couldnt find it, it meant that the only way to break out of this situation was not feasible. Perhaps by the time he arrived, Greedy the Cat Spirit would either be in a helpless state or already captured.

The Moment of Enlightenment was indeed powerful. Within a few breaths, Xu Xiaoshou sensed the familiar and boiling spiritual fluctuations.

However, that fluctuations did not come from Greedy the Cat Spirit

It came from Yu Zhiwen!

Her emotions boiled and were like a volcano that erupted.

Among the dark and dim soul bodies, it was the brightest star in the night sky-the guiding light!

Xu Xiaoshou finally understood why Bei Huai could find the Apricot Realm so easily. The unconcealed fluctuations of his soul body were too obvious.

He used this method to lock onto the location of the Four Symbols Secret Realm through Yu Zhiwen.

But the distance was too far!

The s.p.a.ce nodes of the Four Symbols Secret Realm in the fragmented flow of time and s.p.a.ce were also disordered and scattered. It was not randomly near the Apricot Realm.

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt wait anymore.

He broke out of the Apricot Realm and went to the Shengshen Continent through the s.p.a.ce-time debris in a roundabout way. His landing point was a deserted wasteland.

He succeeded and used the spatial teleportation crazily.

After a few turns, he finally flashed back to the location of the Four Symbols Secret Realm at Gong Yang Mountain.

As soon as he entered, he saw Yu Zhiwen being sent flying by Bei Huais soul body hand.

The reason was still unknown

Xu Xiaoshou immediately activated the Independence ability to isolate himself and flashed to Xiaoyus side. He wanted to help and devour the remnants of the power of the soul body.

However, he realized that he was redundant.

The Life Guard Emblem appeared and protected Yu Zhiwens last breath.

And there were others in the sky who did the same thing as him.

Before the demi-saints thought incarnation could form, it was shattered by Bei Huais words.

Kun Pengs fin had struck the person, but Bei Huai had cut off the connection between his soul body.

In just one exchange, Bei Huais Holy Emperor thought Incarnation had blocked two demi-saints!

Moreover, the situation at the scene was that the people from the Holy Divine Palace were fighting against the people of the Holy Divine Palace?

Xu Xiaoshou didnt know what to think.

His intuition told him that the reason for all of this was due to Yu Zhiwens boiling soul fluctuations.

It was Dao Xuanji who wanted to conjure up the thought incarnation of a demi-saint in the form of the Divine Secret.

Kun Pengs fin was undoubtedly Yun Kunpeng

He was here to protect Yu Zhiwen.

Bei Huai was a Holy Emperor. He would not attack a junior without a reason.

Yu Zhiwen must have done something!

Xu Xiaoshou did not make any guesses. Instead, he randomly picked a lucky member of the red-clothed people in the arena and used his Soul Reading.

After he watched all the scenes where he wasnt present, he fell silent.

Greedy the Cat Spirits enemy was Bei Huai.

Yu Zhiwen was Greedy the Cat Spirits savior!

Where did her courage come from? She might not even be able to defeat an ordinary Sovereign Dao Realm expert in a head-on battle, yet she actually dared to choose to fight against the Holy Emperor Bei Huai?

Xu Xiaoshou was so angry that he almost pulled Xiaoyu into the Apricot Realm.

He endured it.

It was not the right time now or today.

Xu Xiaoshou knew that the best way to deal with the Ten High n.o.bles, the Holy Emperor Bei Huai, was not to fight him.

However, Yu Zhiwens three soul questions still echoed in his mind. How could anyone hold back?

There had to be someone who dared to reverse the heavens to carve out a new path in this rotten world order!

Xu Xiaoshou banished his Independence and stepped on the Time Dao Discs and stimulated the Time Ancestor Shadow Staff again.