How to Live as the Vampire Lord - Chapter 293

Chapter 293

Mount Felipoa was a place of numerous legends and mysteries even before the appearance of the evil lands. The path of light began from the top of the mountain, and it was clearly visible to Edmund and the cavalry as well. Shortly after the wailing sound of a gust echoed down the mountain, the thick mist covering the hillside was split like a wave as the light descended. Everyone knew that the light was simply the visualization of the sun’s rays as the clouds parted. Moreover, everyone knew that only a single person was responsible for creating the path of light. However, was it truly appropriate to address someone capable of performing such a miraculous feat as a person?

The cavalry stared with blank gazes as the distant path of light and the true figure of the mountain made their appearances. Suddenly, they saw a crimson energy stretching in all directions from the top of the brilliant path of light. Like the wings of a giant bird, the crimson energy embraced a portion of the mountain’s top and began to descend through the path of light at an incredible pace.

Numerous monsters began to crawl out of their hiding place and began to flee from the crimson energy, which continued to spread fiercely like a tsunami. A portion of the monsters chose to...