Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband - Chapter 1933 - 1933 Just To Meet You

Chapter 1933 - 1933 Just To Meet You

Chapter 1933 - 1933 Just To Meet You

1933 Just To Meet You

Brother Yong had walked around the recording team and heard many people praising her. He knew that she might have done something amazing again.

Why did this woman have so many talents?

I didnt do much.

Ning Nuo felt that she had already done very well.

It was precisely because she held herself back that she completed the construction of the snake nest only a few minutes before Cheng Kangs group.

After that, she went out to catch a few mice that the production team had prepared in advance.

If she really wanted to perform, it definitely wouldnt have been like that.

Then why did you carry the golden python? Do you know how disgusting that thing is? How dare you carry it?

Ning Nuo had nothing to say.

Remember, you have to hold yourself back in the second episode, Brother Yong warned again. Otherwise, think about what will happen when Yao Yao comes back in the future. If she cant do it well, will you replace her?

That was true.

Ning Nuo did not want to live under her name. She had long wanted to return to Africa, okay!

Alright, I wont do anything next time.

Brother Yong couldnt bear to see her like this, but he was Ning Luyaos manager. He still had to think about Ning Luyaos career in the future.

Initially, he thought that Ning Nuo could do whatever she wanted. With her ability, it would only strengthen Ning Luyaos pretentious persona. Who knew that Ning Nuo was actually so skilled?

She could only blame herself for being too powerful.

When youre done recording the show, Ill treat you to hotpot! Brother Yong comforted her.

However, Ning Nuo was no longer in the mood. Is there any news about Ning Luyao?

She hasnt woken up yet. Brother Yong went to the hospital a few times, but he didnt manage to see Ning Luyao. Perhaps the Ning family was afraid that something would go wrong and didnt want him to see her.

After the first episode was recorded, the preview for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was released.

In the preview, everyones screen time was about the same.

When it was Duan Xiuwens segment, the production team focused on his charm and handsome looks. The viewers all gushed over how handsome he was.

When Cheng Kang was mentioned, he showed all kinds of emoji-like expressions, making everyone laugh.

As soon as Ouyang Lujia appeared, he made his fans cry and shout baby.

As for Zhou Waner, the production team emphasized that she was Lin Yus sister and used this to attract fans.

Although Lin Yus fans were quite unhappy, they thought that since she was just his sister, it was not that big of a problem.

However, the most eye-catching person was still Ning Nuo.

As soon as she arrived, she chose Ouyang Lujia to be her partner.

After that, she did not allow Ouyang Lujia to partic.i.p.ate in the mission.

Then, during dinner, she grabbed a snake and made Cheng Kang vomit!

As expected from a fake woman who was also a handful.

Ouyang Lujias fans were super powerful.

Seeing that the idol they had carefully protected was being used by Ning Nuo like this, everyone could not sit still anymore!

[How can there be such a disgusting woman? Didnt she ask Jia Jia to be her partner just to gain more screen time? But why did she abandon him after pairing up with him?]

[Oh my G.o.d, I used to think that this woman was pretentious. Now, I know that shes not only pretentious but also very scheming!]

[Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d company is this b*tch from? How can she be so pretentious?]

[Jia Jia is really pitiful!]

[Boycott Ning Luyao! I hope the entire internet will ban her!]

[Thats right. d.a.m.n woman, get out of the entertainment industry!]

As for Cheng Kang, he had always been a comedian, but because every one of his works was national-level, he was very popular with the general public even if he did not have many die-hard fans. When they saw him being frightened by Ning Luyao, they could not help but feel sorry for him.

[Does everyone think that Cheng Kang doesnt have fans? Lets seek an explanation for Cheng Kang!]

[Thats right. Does Ning Luyao think hes a pushover? Isnt she just bullying Cheng Kang? Lets drive this woman away!]

[Looking at how scheming this woman is, I feel disgusted! Shes really vicious!]


With the production teams editing, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them became popular before the show was even broadcasted, attracting the curiosity and attention of many people.

Everyone was waiting for the first episode to come out. When the time came, they would scold Ning Luyao to death.

Lin Yu had also finished watching the preview. He frowned and said, Sister Ai, contact the production team and ask whats going on.

Sister Ai returned quickly. President Lin, they said that its just a way to attract popularity. They wont edit it like this when it comes to the first episode. Theyre just trying to promote the show.

Thatd better be the case. Otherwise, theres no need for such a show to exist.

Sister Ai said in a low voice, But Ning Luyaos personality is indeed like that

Sensing Lin Yus cold gaze, Sister Ai stopped talking.

At the same time, Cheng Kang had already posted on Weibo: [Everyone, dont misunderstand Yao Yao. Yao Yao didnt scare me. It was a pleasure working with her.]

Ouyang Lujia also posted on Weibo at the first moment. [Sister is a very good person. I gained a lot from this recording. Please show mercy.]

Duan Xiuwen also explained: [Yao Yao gets along very well with everyone. The filming this time was very comfortable and smooth. Im looking forward to filming the second episode.]

Song Xianxian also stood up and said: [Dear friend, lets march forth together. You dont have to care about the comments from the outside world!]

For a moment, everyone was confused. What right did Ning Luyao have to make so many people speak up for her?

[The sugar daddy behind her must have said something to get so many people to speak up for her.]

[As expected of a b*tch. I dont believe theres nothing fishy behind this.]

[Thats right. Anyway, once the episode is out, Im going to scold her to death! Just you wait! What a scheming b*tch!]

Zhou Waner was the only one who didnt speak up for Ning Nuo. Thus, she was praised. Her fans praised her for being ambitious and not bowing down to power.

[Good job, Waner. You shouldnt spoil such b*tches!]

[Waner, dont collude with b*tches! Live your life!]

[Well always support you, Waner! All the best!]

[As expected of Lin Yus sister. Well done!]

Ning Nuo also received a WeChat message from Cheng Kang and the others comforting her. [Yao Yao, dont take it to heart. The production teams casual editing is too despicable. Well communicate with them properly during the next filming.]

Ning Nuo did not take the criticisms from the outside world to heart, but seeing everyones comfort, her heart was still quite warm.

After replying, she saw a WeChat message from Lin Yu. [Hows the filming going?]