Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband - Chapter 1692 - 1692 Warning Him With His Eyes

Chapter 1692 - 1692 Warning Him With His Eyes

Chapter 1692 - 1692 Warning Him With His Eyes

1692 Warning Him With His Eyes

After all, they were already halfway through filming b.l.o.o.d.y World. She had spent a lot of manpower and resources on the entire TV show. She had also spent a lot of effort. Up to this point, she had already spent hundreds of millions of yuan on the project.

If they gave up just like that, all these things would go down the drain.

She could not tolerate failure.

It was absolutely impossible for her to give up on her last chance.

Hence, she would not admit to this verdict. The lawsuit would continue, and the filming would continue.

Seeing Fu Yujia and Liang Hushengs att.i.tudes, some people really believed them.

Now that the news was released, the entire internet was in a heated discussion about what was going on. However, there were already many people standing on Liang Yous side.

After all, he did not have the ability to predict the future. How could he have written all those things during his time in prison if it wasnt his own work?

Su Bei and Yue Ze walked out with Liang You.

Fu Yujia and Liang Husheng were being interviewed.

Su Bei said indifferently, Miss Fu, Mr. Liang.

Seeing that Su Bei had taken the initiative to look for Sheng Tang Entertainment, the reporters quickly came forward and pointed their microphones at Su Bei, waiting for her to speak.

This is Liang Yous indictment against Liang Husheng for another matter. Mr. Liang, please respond! Su Bei calmly handed over a doc.u.ment.

Fu Yujia and Liang Husheng did not take it.

However, Liang Hushengs expression changed slightly.

Yue Ze smiled. Since you dont wish to take it, Ill put it simply. Three years ago, a driver drove his car on the road after drinking. In the end, he ran a red light and knocked down a pedestrian, causing that person to be injured. This driver was sentenced to a full three years of punishment. However, the driver and the person who went to jail for the crime arent the same person at all. This is because the person who went to jail had only gone to suffer in the real perpetrators place!

When the reporters heard this, they quickly asked, Mr. Yue, the person who went to jail for the crime is Liang You. Then who was the driver responsible?

Could there be more to this matter?

Then why didnt Liang You file the lawsuit years ago? Why is he only doing it now?

Liang Husheng couldnt take it anymore. He looked at Liang You angrily as if warning him not to speak nonsense!

But now, Liang You had the courage and self-awareness to tell the truth.

He wasnt afraid of Liang Hushengs gaze at all and said, Yes, the driver at that time was my uncle, Liang Husheng! He was drinking with a friend when he received an invitation to go to another place, so he drove while drunk. After knocking down a pedestrian, he immediately called me and convinced me to take the blame for him by guilt-tripping me. He even said that once I came out of prison, he would recommend my script to a famous director and wouldnt treat me unfairly.

Driven by kindness and benefits, I couldnt resist the temptation and agreed to his request. After drinking half a bottle of strong wine, I went to the scene and pretended to be the drunk driver during the chaos. I was taken away by the police. Then, I tried my best to cover for him and served three years in jail.

However, what awaited me three years later? I gave him my script in hopes of getting his recommendation, but he took it for himself.

He was the one who slandered me for having a mental issue! He kept slandering me and attacking me, saying that I was an ingrate who repaid kindness with ingrat.i.tude!

He even instructed the security guards to injure me! If it werent for the kind-hearted person who called the ambulance to send me to the hospital, Im afraid no one would have stood up and accused him of all the evil deeds hes done!

Liang You spoke in tears. The reporters were in an uproar as they frantically recorded the scene in front of them!

Youre lying! Dont believe it! Everything Liang You said is a lie! Liang Husheng said loudly.

His usually smiling face was filled with anxiety. He was no longer his usual calm self.

Liang You said, It was my mistake to take the blame for the drunk driver. Actually, in the past three years when I was in prison, I was always reflecting on what I did. It was all the things Liang Husheng did to me that made me gather my courage and stand up to expose his crimes.

If you say that Im lying, I wont argue with you. But at that time, I took all kinds of photos of the scene and even recorded a video. Moreover, I also took a taxi from my home to the crime scene. That can be used as evidence too.

Previously, I tried my best to cover up for you, Liang Husheng. But now that Ive decided to pursue the matter, a lot of evidence can be revealed.

Im willing to take responsibility for the mistakes I made. I also hope you can take responsibility for yours, my dear uncle.

Liang Husheng was instantly speechless.

He really did not expect that this honest nephew of his was not as cowardly and stupid as he had imagined. It turned out that his nephew had recorded what he did in the past.

If this matter was exposed, it would be far more serious than the issue of him stealing the script.

With the combination of these two factors, his career would be ruined.

Su Bei said lightly, What Liang You is saying now cant convict you of anything. However, Mr. Liang, when the trial begins, I hope you can arrive early so that everyone wont be waiting for you alone.

With that, Su Bei, Yue Ze, and Liang You got into the car under the protection of the bodyguards.

Liang Husheng was stunned on the spot.

Fu Yujia clenched her fists tightly, and her heart skipped a beat.

She had high hopes for Liang Husheng. It was supposed to be her turn to make a comeback.

However she was ruthlessly defeated by Liang Husheng, who dragged her down.

She put on her oversized sungla.s.ses to hide her disappointment.

Liang Husheng knew that he was doomed. Everything was over. If not for the drunk-driving incident, Fu Yujia would still try her best to avenge him for her own benefit.

However, with these two incidents together, Fu Yujia would not dare to use her reputation to entertain him anymore.

The reporters gathered around and pointed their microphones at Fu Yujia. Miss Fu, what do you think about this?

Did you know about Liang Husheng hurting someone while drunk?

Will you still work with Liang Husheng after this?

However, these reporters were all blocked by her bodyguards.

Her footsteps were hurried, and her body was shrouded in a layer of gloom.

After getting into the car, she received a call from Old Master Fu. I heard about what happened today. Jiajia, this is your last chance. Dont forget.

Fu Yujia said in a deep voice, I know, Grandpa.

After hanging up the call, she threw it to the ground!

She could no longer turn the tables!

On the internet, everyone finally believed Liang You.

[I really didnt expect Liang Husheng to be such a person. I liked watching the TV shows he wrote before.]

[Im really disappointed that the writer for such good TV shows is so dishonorable!]