Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband - Chapter 1687 - 1687 Do You Think You Can Be Where You Are Today?

Chapter 1687 - 1687 Do You Think You Can Be Where You Are Today?

Chapter 1687 - 1687 Do You Think You Can Be Where You Are Today?

1687 Do You Think You Can Be Where You Are Today?

Su Bei took a look. Liang Yous handwriting was very delicate. The words were easy to read. It was obvious that he had put in a lot of effort.

She had only read a few pages. Although it was indeed very attractive, she said, Mr. Liang, without the contents of the first half, I cant decide if I want to invest in it.

President Su, give me a chance. Im already rewriting the first half. Although the first half of the ma.n.u.script was indeed lost, I still remember the contents. Ill make up for it as soon as possible.

Then give me a timeline.

A month, no, 20 days. Ill give you the first half in 20 days at most, Liang You said anxiously.

Su Bei nodded. Okay, lets meet in 20 days. Ill get someone to print a copy of your ma.n.u.script. Keep the original copy for yourself.

Su Bei made a photocopy and sent him out.

After sending Liang You off, Su Bei read the second half seriously.

Although there was no first half, she could imagine the first half of the story with the outline.

It was indeed very exciting and attractive.

With her years of experience reading scripts, Su Bei was very optimistic about this script.

It revolved around a group of people. Every character was vivid and lifelike. No ones existence was in the service of others.

They all had their own lives and souls. Together, they produced exceptionally powerful vitality and chemistry.

If they could find a suitable team and actors, the final product would be enough to stun everyone. This work would be an unforgettable masterpiece for all the actors involved.

She seriously considered the feasibility of this project.

Brother Yue Ze, please come in. Su Bei called Yue Ze in.

After Yue Ze finished reading the script, he exclaimed, Its such a good script. Which genius screenwriter wrote it?

Hes not a popular screenwriter. Hes just an unknown screenwriter. But I think we can keep our eye out for suitable actors first. Ill leave this matter to you.

Thats right. I already have preliminary candidates in mind. When the time comes, I must get the most suitable actors to act in these roles.

When she got home that night, Su Bei told Lu Heting about Liang You.

So he doesnt mean any harm? Lu Heting asked.

I dont think so. Ive also taken a look at the information you asked Lu Hang to give me last time. There werent any other problems with his imprisonment. It was solely because of drunk driving.

Lu Heting had heard about the script from Su Bei and knew that she valued talents very much. If she really found such a treasure, she would definitely spare no effort to support it.

He had no problem with that. The only thing he said was, No matter what you do, dont put yourself in danger.

With you protecting me, theres no risk at all. Su Bei raised her eyebrows and smiled.

Nirvana Entertainment.

Su Bei was reading a doc.u.ment.

Yue Ze knocked on the door and walked in.

He looked a little angry and depressed. Su Bei, Liang You isnt a good person.

What happened?

Sheng Tang Entertainment has officially announced that theyre filming a big production called b.l.o.o.d.y World. The director and crew are very good. The plot they announced is very similar to the script Liang You gave us!

Su Bei flipped open the news and saw that Yue Ze was right.

Yue Ze handed his phone to Su Bei. Ive asked my friend about it. Look, this is the script that my friend got his hands on. Is it the same as Liang Yous?

Su Bei frowned at the photo. It was true.

Moreover, the screenwriter of b.l.o.o.d.y World is Liang Husheng, who has been famous for a long time! He has many representative works and is a very popular screenwriter! Liang You is really unethical!

Su Bei was indeed a little angry. Since Sheng Tang Entertainment had announced it now, it meant that they must have been preparing for it for a long time. It was not a last-minute idea, and they must have gotten the script a long time before her.

She was almost deceived by Liang You.

Forget it, then. You dont have to worry about this matter, Su Bei said. Fortunately, no actual losses were caused.

The next time I see Liang You, I wont let him off easily! Yue Ze said ruthlessly.

When he saw the news, Liang You was also stunned.

He quickly went to look for Liang Husheng and questioned him, Uncle, why is my script in your hands? And why does it have nothing to do with me now?

Of course, its because I wrote it. What else could it be? Liang Hu was almost 50 years old. He was very popular in the circle.

But you know that I wrote it myself! Liang You said angrily. When I showed it to you, you said that you would definitely recommend it to others so that my life would get back on the right track!

Liang Husheng pulled a long face. Liang You, your parents died early. If I hadnt given you food to eat, you would have starved to death long ago. After that, I was the one who raised and educated you. Otherwise, do you think you would be where you are today? Let me tell you, whats yours is yours, but whats mine is mine! If you dare to say a word outside, I wont be polite!

Ive already used those three years to pay back what I owe you. Liang You clenched his fists angrily.

Hearing this, Liang Husheng smiled again and patted him on the shoulder. Liang You, people have to learn to be flexible. Theres no market for a script like yours, and no one will dare to use it. But its different for me. You know my reputation. How about this

He took out a stack of money and said, Take this money and spend it first. Dont look for me again next time.

Liang Husheng threw down the money and left.

Liang You stood rooted to the ground, not knowing what to say.

After Sheng Tang Entertainment invested in it, the production team officially started filming.

Liang Husheng was busy and had to personally go to the set to watch over the progress, so he naturally had no mood to care about Liang You.

Liang You did not give up and ran to the set.

When he saw Fu Yujia, he rushed over. Miss Fu!

Fu Yujia was walking over under the protection of everyone. She was wearing a well-tailored ladys suit jacket, a dress of the same color, and high heels, showing off her aura and arrogance.

Liang You felt a little ashamed in front of her.

Fu Yujia glanced at him and did not take him seriously at all.

The bodyguard at the side pushed Liang You aside. Go away, dont block the way here!

Miss Fu, I wrote the script for b.l.o.o.d.y World. It wasnt written by my uncle at all! Liang You mustered up his courage and shouted.

Liang Husheng walked quickly to Fu Yujia.

Fu Yujia naturally could not be bothered by strangers and got into the car with Liang Husheng.

However, out of caution, she still asked, Screenwriter Liang, whats up with that person outside?