Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband - Chapter 2740: Twins

Chapter 2740: Twins

Chapter 2740: Twins

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But Young Madam, dont worry. Mr. and Madam have long cut ties with the Zheng family. Whatever they do has nothing to do with us.

Qiao Weiyang nodded. So that was how it was. The few senior executives who greeted her the most just now were the ones who partic.i.p.ated in the red diamond acquisition with her last time.

It seemed that they had finally acknowledged this matter.

Qiao Weiyang was also a national medical researcher.

It had been a long time since Qiao Weiyang stepped into this place.

When she stood here again, her heart was still calm.

When she appeared, the security officers stared at her as usual and strictly checked the items she carried with her.

Qiao Weiyang approached the instrument, and her number and various ident.i.ties immediately appeared on it.

The security officers eyes widened. He no longer checked her things and immediately said, Miss Qiao, please come in! Professor Tang has been waiting for you for a long time!

Thank you. Qiao Weiyang nodded, took her things, and walked toward the elevator.

For a moment, the few people in the hall looked in her direction.

He entered the elevator, swiped his fingerprint, and pressed the b.u.t.ton to go to the top floor.

Soon, the elevator brought her to the top floor.

There were complete facial recognition facilities everywhere. Qiao Weiyang walked all the way without any obstructions.

Finally, they reached the door. It opened automatically.

Qiao Weiyang walked in. Professor Tang, whose hair was white, immediately stood up. Weiyang, you really came back!

Of course! Every time theres a new medicine, Ill surely hand it to you.

Haha, take a seat. Professor Tang hugged her and pressed her into a chair. The medicine for blood therapy is already on the market. The response is very good. Its also very beneficial to doctors doing this kind of surgery. This medicine has solved the blood problem that has been around for many years. It has really amazed the entire international community. Last time, I even personally went to receive an award on your behalf. Look, your trophies are all over my office. When are you going to take them back?

Well see. Qiao Weiyang glanced at the trophies and didnt care much about them. Im here today to take a look at my other medicine.

Are you talking about the medicine to prevent neonatal abnormalities? It has already received the approval and is preparing to be released to the market. This time, the country handed this approval and the production of the medicine to you for you to personally handle. This is also a little repayment for so many years of your service.

Qiao Weiyang smiled. Then its impolite of me to refuse.

You deserve it. Professor Tang chuckled and said, Ill discuss it with you in detail when the time comes. By the way, do you know about the variety show Doctors Benevolence?

Yes, Ive heard of it. Its a very powerful national variety show that specializes in recording the att.i.tudes and responses of doctors and patients families when facing difficult illnesses. Its already in the fourth season.

Yes. Previously, this variety show recorded the lives of real doctors. This time, a student of mine asked me for a favor. He says he knows a few promising doctors. If theyre suitable, they can be recruited into the National Medical Research Inst.i.tute. I want you to go over and record the show. Firstly, help me inspect those doctors. Secondly, give them some pointers. What do you think?

Qiao Weiyang thought for a while. I dont have anything going on recently, so I can go over.

Then, Ill leave it to you. Stay for lunch, okay? The canteen aunt has been asking about when youd be back.

Qiao Weiyang smiled. Okay, lets eat in the canteen. I miss the taste of the food there too.

Professor Tang brought Qiao Weiyang into the canteen.

Although it was called a canteen, everyone could order freely. They were not stingy with their food at all.

As soon as the aunt in charge of the canteen saw Qiao Weiyang, she immediately said, Dr. Qiao, youre finally back! Ill prepare some food for you! Your taste hasnt changed, right? Can you still eat spicy food?

It hasnt changed. I still like the same dishes as before. Professor Tang, has your taste changed?

It hasnt. Its still the same. Professor Tang chuckled.

The canteen aunt immediately stir-fried the dishes and quickly served them on the table. There was enough food, and everything looked, smelled, and smelled good. She wished she could feed Qiao Weiyang until she was fat. The portion was almost enough for five or six people.

Eat more, the aunt reminded her enthusiastically.

Qiao Weiyang nodded. Thank you, Aunt.

Youre welcome. If it werent for you, my brat wouldnt have been able to keep his leg back then. Now that hes in university, he can jump around. He even joined the basketball team. Tell me whatever you want to eat. Dont stand on ceremony.


Qiao Weiyang picked up her chopsticks.

Professor Tang said, How is it? Its still the same, right?

Its delicious. Qiao Weiyang smiled until her eyes narrowed.

Back then, your grandfather liked to eat the stir-fried duck intestines here. So many years have pa.s.sed, and you like them just as much as he did.

Qiao Weiyang didnt say much. Actually, she hadnt spent much time with her grandfather. Otherwise, she wouldnt have suffered so much in the Qiao family.

Professor Tang said emotionally, Speaking of which, youve only studied with the old man for a few years, but youre already at this level. If you study for a few more years, youll be even more stunning. By the way, youve always refused to accept the bodyguards the country arranged for you. Now that youre a big star, dont you want them? A talent like you is a precious a.s.set of the country. You cant be careless.

In the past, Qiao Weiyang wanted privacy, so she didnt want any bodyguards at all.

Especially during those years when she was in a bad mood, she didnt care about anything and didnt take the matter to heart.

Now, she changed her mind. Professor Tang, can you still give me the bodyguards?

Of course! Dont worry, they definitely wont invade your privacy. Theyre just there to protect you! And theres definitely no problem with their professionalism.

Alright, give me two groups. I want them to help protect my children, Jingyun and Xiao Bao.

The incident with Liang Meng last time made Qiao Weiyang tremble with fear. She definitely did not want such a thing to happen again.

Professor Tang slapped his head. Sure! No problem at all! Speaking of which, when are you going to bring them over to see me? Ive waited long enough!

Ill bring them along the next time I come over. Qiao Weiyang smiled.

Then Ill wait! Professor Tang looked expectant.

After returning to Zhuojing Villa, Qiao Weiyang handed the contract and prescription to Su Zhuoqian.

A medicine that can greatly improve a babys malformation in the mothers womb? Its indeed very good. Su Zhuoqian nodded in appreciation.

The research inst.i.tution said that they plan to let me produce and sell it myself. Im not familiar with these things. Can you help me? Qiao Weiyang looked up at him.