Hello Mr. King - 1043 Chapter 1043

1043 Chapter 1043

I definitely didnt inform Young Master!Yun Xiangxiang hung up the phone and song Qian immediately expressed her stance.

I believe in You, and I believe in him.Yun Xiangxiang didnt suspect anything at all, You wont go past me to tell him about me, and he wont go past me to ask you about me. Your Young Master is one of the few extremely intelligent people in this world.

There were many things that he didnt need to say. He only needed to know a little bit of information and he would be able to grasp the situation of the entire gra.s.sland.

Then... are we still going according to the original plan?Song Qian asked hesitantly.

Why not? Ive arranged it to this stage. How can I give up Halfway?Yun Xiangxiang slowly stood up and walked into the room. Follow my instructions. Dont worry, I wont put myself in danger.

Zhou Xifu and Milai were not qualified to let her use her as bait.

Yun Xiangxiang said this, so song Qian did not disturb Yun Xiangxiang anymore and went to arrange the things that she should arrange.

The next day, Yun Xiangxiang held Su Xiulings hand excitedly. Mom, lets go out for a walk?

Su xiuling and Yun Ting had been here for so long, but she had not accompanied them to go shopping alone.


Why do you suddenly want to go shopping?Su Xiuling was a little curious. It would take an hour to drive from here to the city center.

There were shopping malls here, but there was not much traffic. The malls were expensive, even more expensive than large malls. Su Xiuling had visited once and asked Yun Xiangxiang. Yun Xiangxiang said that she did not want to go to the malls here.

Im going to the company to take a look. You and Little Ting are here every day. No matter how big the courtyard is or how wide the activity area is, it will be Tiantian,Yun Xiangxiang paused and said, Ah Mian has been gone for a long time. Before he left, he arranged a doctor for me. He told me to visit him regularly if its not too much trouble.

Mom, its stuffy. Lets Go Shopping!Yun Ting tugged at the corner of Su Xiulings clothes, trying to act coquettishly.

Her son and daughter both wanted to go out, and her daughter had business to attend to. Su xiuling naturally compromised.

Yun Xiangxiang went to personally greet song chi, then brought her mother and younger brother out.

It was December, and the weather was cold. Yun Xiangxiang was wrapped up tightly. She was only a little over four months pregnant, and under the cover of her thick clothes, no changes could be seen at all. Her limbs were still slender, and her face was still natural and beautiful.

In addition, she had debuted early, and her image as a student was deeply rooted. Everyday, she was secretly photographed in flat shoes, so after the media found out that she was secretly photographed, no media suspected that she was pregnant.

The media followed along, but Yun Xiangxiang did not have much to offer even if she brought her mother and brother to the mall to buy some new year presents for her family.

However, Yun Xiangxiang had not appeared in public for too long. Huan Yu Century Entertainments explanation for Yun Xiangxiang not partic.i.p.ating in the second part of Flying Skywas that Yun Xiangxiangs body did not allow it, everyone only thought that Yun Xiangxiang was sick and needed to recuperate. There were also a few speculations about whether Yun Xiangxiang was pregnant, but such comments did not attract much agreement.

Therefore, even though it was normal, the media still followed. Along the way, they took some photos and prepared to post a small section tomorrow. After all, Yun Xiangxiang had not had news for many days, so Yun Xiangxiangs fans were still very substantial.

These media did not come forward to disturb her, so Yun Xiangxiang pretended not to know. After shopping, it was probably lunchtime. Yun Xiangxiang brought her mother and brother to a restaurant that she had booked and invited Yang Qi, Xu Mo, and the rest for dinner.

G.o.ddess, that guy hired a good player. If Xu Mo and I didnt go through training, we wouldnt be his match at all!Yang Qi was still a little excited about the last fight, Do you need us to go again? Xu Mo and I have discussed for a long time. We feel that if we do it again, we have the confidence to decode his system.

No need. At the earliest today, at the latest tomorrow, he will come to us. You guys need to cheer up. Dont Cry When you lose.Yun Xiangxiang took a sip of warm water to remind them.

Boss, are you saying that he will hire people to deal with our company?Xu Mo reacted quickly.

Yun Xiangxiang nodded. Lets test if you guys are the ones who attacked him that night.

Xu Mo and Yang Qi looked at each other. Then what should we do?

Let him confirm that you guys are the ones, but dont let him know too easily. Just dont appear too deliberate.Yun Xiangxiang told them the purpose of this meal, Hurry up and eat. After youre done, Ill go to the company with you guys. Ive prepared year-end benefits for you guys.

When they heard the year-end benefits, everyone was filled with antic.i.p.ation and happiness. When the burly man started to dig his rice, it was like a whirlwind.

When Yun Xiangxiang returned to the company with them, there were a few large trucks parked at the entrance of the company. The employees in the company were helping to unload the boxes one by one. Xu Mo and the others rolled up their sleeves and went to help.

This was the year-end gift that Yun Xiangxiang prepared for them. Most of them were brand products that she herself endorsed. She specially asked someone to design a gift box. The basic employees, both men and women, had a set of skincare products with her signature on it.

The middle-level management had an extra phone. Yun Xiangxiang was even more generous. She had a complete set of the best computer equipment.

This year is the first year of our companys establishment. Logically speaking, I should be attending your annual meeting. However, my body is not convenient. Im sure you have heard about it, so you can only come in advance to personally deliver the new year gifts. I hope that everyone will have a good new year. At the same time, we will continue to work hard in the coming year. We will create glory together.

Yun Xiangxiangs words were short and deep in the hearts of the people. In order to express our apology for missing the annual meeting, everyone will receive a year-end bonus this year, 5% of the annual salary.

Yun Xiangxiangs words received unanimous cheers from everyone. Yun Xiangxiangs salary was not low to begin with. 5% of the annual salary was almost half a months salary.

Seeing that everyone was happy, the corners of Yun Xiangxiangs lips curled up. In addition, I know that the spring festival travel is very urgent. Our employees are sure that they want to go home. You can go to the finance department to register. The company will solve your worries about going home.

This made them even more excited. Many of them were studying in local universities, but they were not locals. Although they had decided on a holiday date, many tickets had not been sold yet. The tickets were too expensive, they were not very willing to part with them.

Yun Xiangxiangs meaning was that the company would provide them with free tickets to go home. As for coming back, it would not be the peak period.

It could be said that this ticket to go home was even more enthusiastic than the year-end bonus.

This wasnt the end. Yun Xiangxiang continued, Everyone knows that my film will be released during the Spring Festival. The day before your holiday, I will ask the finance department to send you a movie ticket. Here, I wish everyone a happy new year in advance.

I will definitely watch it on the first day of the New Year. I will bring my whole family to watch it!

We must support our boss and our G.o.ddess!