Green Skin - Chapter 92

Chapter 92

When we went outside, everyone’s faces were visible, the Goblins who were guarding the entrance of my tent had certainly conveyed my will to everyone. The Goblins,Orcs, Mev, Hayeon and the other executives all stood before me.

All of their expressions were a mixture of expectation, concern and anxiety, which was natural with how Hark along with Gark returned back in a semi-corpse state, who could be stated to be the pillars of the clan.

Feeling a gaze from a distance, I looked over to see who it was and saw a heartbreaking scene. When I was about to tell the guys in front to clear a path, it was then. They slowly began to make way like sheep.

It was not a path for me. s.h.i.+fting my view, I saw Gark who had lost one arm coming forward, a face so pale. Despite knowing that he should rest, he had somehow heard of the gathering and came out on his own will. With their personalities and mentality, I had suspected that they would come out, but I didn’t imagine they would actually do so. Not able to see Hark, I surmised that he was in a more dire state. Seeing him drag his wounded body towards the front irritated me more than anything else.

It wasn’t to purport that I hated him, but rather the opposite.

The surrounding Goblins and Orcs were looking at Gark with a vague look. His achievements were real, but it was also a felony to ignore the commands of the Chief. There were guys who sent him looks of admiration, while there were others that sent him looks of contempt.

Gark fell to his knees in the eyes of all the clansmen.

“The sin against disobeying your commands is death!”

His large voice echoed through the village.

There was no way I could kill him. These guys had saved my life. But, discipline was important. Punishment was inevitable. After biting my lips tightly once, I spoke.

“I think you know your sins, Gark. You probably also know why, I have asked the clan to gather.”

Gark looked at me with burning eyes speechlessly. He had determined that this loyal Orc, will choose to die in my hands. He did not make any excuses, not even the fact that he had done this to save my life.

He had dragged his exhausted body over and waited for his throat to be cut.

“It is a great sin to betray the Chief’s command.”

The clansmen began to nod.

“But all of this happened, because of the shortcomings of a Chief. This is not a place where Gark will die. The offense in disobeying the Command, will be replaced by the arm that you have lost. Once your wound has recovered, you will immediately fast for 50 days, and shall not eat. That is also the same for Hark.”

Of course, it was a foolish choice to execute them here. They may not be smart, but they were one of the pillars dedicated to this clan. I had no thought of listening to their wants whatsoever.

“Also, I will strip away the names of Hark and Gark. Gark will be called ‘Half Blade’ and Hark ‘Mirror Blade’. It will be a long time before you retrieve your lost honor and names.”

For a while, the Orcs and Goblins were busily chattering amongst one another. There were many astonished reactions to the cruelty in stripping one’s name, but Gark nodded immediately.

It meant that he was willing to acknowledge his sin, and will pay for them.

“I will surely repay for this irreparable sin.”

Then, he slammed his head onto the ground.

“For Blood Dagger.”

Instead I clenched my teeth tightly preventing me from responding to his declaration. It was hard to see his face any longer so I gestured lightly. Then, with his paled face, Half Blade disappeared shortly with the support of the Three Goblin sisters.

I have pa.s.sed judgement on Hark and Gark. What remains is the treatment of Mev and the dead Goblins. I started to look over at Mev slowly. It was uncomfortable to see her s.h.i.+vering, but a mistake is a mistake.

Mev as the Prime Executive should have stopped Gark and Hark while safely returning to the village. Though I was thankful for her consideration of me, but that was different.

“It is not only Gark and Hark that have sinned. Mev, as the Prime Executive, should have prevented them, and insisted on returning to the village. Not stopping them is clearly a sin on your part.”

Mev carefully nodded her head. I had slowly thought about her. She was definitely competent, one who was doing well in leading the female clansmen. But she was too soft. If I were to leave today’s mistake be, she will truly bring a true poison to the clan one day. After biting my lip tightly, I declared my final verdict.

“Mev will fast for 50 days along with the other two, and shall not eat food. In addition, your t.i.tle as Prime Executive will also be stripped away.”

“I will follow your command.”

As expected, she accepted the punishment silently. She didn’t have an expression of bitterness, but rather a sign of relief that I’d still returned alive. Of course, I was thankful towards her. Ignoring her words, I continued.

“A new Prime Executive will need to be appointed.”

I had already thought about who would be best suitable in taking the position of Prime Executive. Although the Three Goblin Sisters have long been devoted, but they are also clearly lacking. They have depended on Mev too much over the years, and since they were hard to control, it was best to keep them in their current positions.

As for Hayeon, she might be even more serious than Mev. She sticks onto me wholeheartedly, totally infatuated. If it was Hayeon and not Mev that was in charge, she would definitely have led all of the troops to save me, so she was exempted.

Hakajin was already buried in a lot of heavy administration work. I felt that he was competent enough to embrace the female clansmen, but the notion of increasing his burden outweighed the positives.

Then the remaining candidate was one.

It was a person who knew how to distinguish a suitable distance.

“The position of the new Prime Executive will be given to Ragia.”

My voice echoed, and she soon nodded.

“I will follow your command.”

She nodded and showed her respect. Just like how she had done well so far, I thought that she would continue to fare well. Ragia was intelligent, one that could distinguish what was right and what was wrong. She was much more suitable for this kind of position unlike Mev who was much more susceptible to her feelings. But it didn’t wipe away the risk factor. Though she was obedient and did not reveal that side of hers in the past, but just in case she had other thoughts, I spoke to her.

“Remember that day well.”

“How could I possibly forget?”

After my speech, everyone nodded and unlike Hark and Gark, I decided to punish Mev immediately. Realizing my intention, she moved away as well.

Soon, Mev disappeared from my sight and the atmosphere was slowly settling down to some extent. Though I wasn’t satisfied from a personal standpoint, the rest of the clan members were in consent. In Gark and Hark’s case, there was some complaints, but in comparison, it felt that Mev’s punishment tethered on the side of being a tad bit weak.

The remaining ones were Kurajin, Gaon, and Najin.

I reflexively turned to look for that one goblin. It was the mother holding a baby Goblin, who was staring over here.

There was no mistake that she was the widow, the mother of Nicole. Though I have not fully understood the concept of family life within Green Skins, it was no different that a father and mother here are responsible for their children. From the widowed mother goblin’s point of view, she lost her husband, and in the perspective of Nicole, she had lost her father.

“Najin, Gaon, Kurajin.”

When I called their names with a pensive sadness, I could feel everyone flinched a bit, especially the widowed Goblin whose complexion was becoming slightly pale. They truly loved and cherished one another. Just the reaction of how they looked at Mev was enough to speak on that. It was important for the mother and her child to live on in her husband’s honor.

I spoke their names once more.

“Najin, Gaon, Kurajin.”

“These are Goblins who also disobeyed my orders, and died without honor.”


“They are already dead. Their honor now sullied the ground, but I have no intention of picking it up. That is how important it is to listen to my words as Chief of Blood Dagger Clan.”

Everyone nodded, including Ragia and Hakajin. The commands of the Chief was definitely important, as no one did not know of this truth. The widowed mother Goblin was also hugging Nicole tightly as she was looking over this way. There was no grudge in her eyes as she also accepted this fate.

Looking at the widowed mother goblin’s eyes, I bit my lip.

‘But I will remember their names.’

Was what I was about to say, but my voice did not come out well. This was enough. In truth, only I had to know that they had died more honorably than ever. But it was natural that I did not feel so well. In the end, I continued to mutter their names. Looking straight into the eyes of the widowed mother Goblin, I muttered their names clearly so that everyone can hear my voice.

“Najin, Gaon, Kurajin.”

Since they were quick-witted, they would know why I was muttering their names. I wanted them to engrave these into their hearts. The widowed mother Goblin was looking at me initially with a pale complexion, but after I continued to mutter their names, her expression began to change. Within moments, her eyes reddened as she was trying to hold in her tears. She was biting her molar tightly.

‘The message has been sent.’

There were no need for words. My will was delivered. Her expression was not one of disdain for her beloved, nor the expression of one who had lost her pride due to her husband, but one of dignity. The belief that he had died honorably despite not being honored. The pride of having a child of that man in her embrace. The glory that her beloved husband had saved Blood Dagger’s life and died.

Eventually, tears began falling down from the widowed mother Goblin’s face as I closed my eyes.

“Prime Executive Ragia will guide the clansmen and organize the funerals.”

“I understand.”

While I was trying to re-enter my tent, their voices began to proclaim.

“For Blood Dagger!”

Normally, I would brush it of casually. But today, those voices weighed very heavy to my ears.

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