Green Skin - Chapter 81 - Righteous Knight (2)

Chapter 81 - Righteous Knight (2)

Seeing Euichang’s happy expression, she lightly smiled. Although she preferred to see his face covered in despair more so than anything else, she must endure. The commands from the Savior were absolute. She must acc.u.mulate as much amiability as possible with this guy in front of her, and proceed cautiously.

Soon after the meal, she began to eat together with Euichang, as the chilly atmosphere changed to a cosy one.

After every meal, he would request her for an after-meal event, but she would always decline, stating that she has to go do something. Ahyeon would decline his invitation, and after deciding that they would meet the day after, they would part ways.

The moment Ahyeon entered the room, she joyfully and hurriedly sent the message over.

[Savior-nim… Savior-nim…]

[Baek Ahyeon.]

From that familiar voice, Ahyeon’s hips trembled once again. Just his voice alone caused her to feel as if she was wet.

[Is there any progress?]

[Yes…Yes! There is, Savior-nim. I’m not sure of the exact date, but soon, the Holy Order within Legius will leave for an expedition.]


[Yes…Yes! To be honest, the Holy Order has been investigating a clan of murderers over here in Aia, and have finally reached here in the end. It seems that Jung Euichang has been a.s.signed the mission of finding and eliminating the murderer clan.]


[Yes… and I’m not too sure…but…I think I can accompany them in the expedition too. Savior-nim…]


From the speechless answer on the other side, she suddenly bit her lips. She was worried if she had crossed the line and interfered with the plan. However, fortunately, that was not the case. After a brief silence, the Savior’s voice began pouring down once more.

[Well done. When we meet next time, I will give you a reward. Tell me what you want.]

It was totally eye-opening news. Subconsciously, she became so excited that she jumped up from her seat. But Ahyeon calmed down her excited self, and sat down. It wasn’t even proper to ask the Savior for something when she was saved by him. In the end, despite knowing that she would regret this, she teared up, as she held her inner desires within herself.

[I…don’t need a reward. It’s not proper. For… an award. As long as…you treat me like this, I will be sufficiently thankful.]

[You are truly a loyal follower. How could I not cherish you. I am always thankful to you.]

[Thank you very much! Thank you very much!]

It felt as if all the emptiness in her heart from this entire day had been filled up in one go. Ahyeon shook her hips once again from the pleasure.

[It would be good if you can acquaint yourself with him more closely. Don’t worry, my young follower. I will not ask of you for anything else. Your body is wholly yours, always remember this fact.]

[Yes! Yes! Savior-nim. Every single hair on my body is all yours, Savior-nim. All of me is yours, Savior-nim.]

Her whole heart was filled with joy. It truly felt as if the heavens were opening up as this moment was the most happiest after arriving to the Continent. For some reason, she thought she wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight, so she held her reddened cheeks with her trembling hands.

That recent dialogue continued to resonate inside her head.

Thus, Ahyeon blissfully smiled.

And a few days later, Ahyeon began to aggressively meet with Euichang. Thanks to that, Euichang misunderstood the situation himself by thinking that he was dating her, but it wasn’t a great deal of a problem. Of course, all of this was to use him as a sacrifice, in Ahyeon’s perspective. As such, Ahyeon did not really say much to the tone of voice that Euichang spoke to her with.

“Ahyeon, is it alright if we can hang out together today?”

“Ah, I’m sorry. I have another matter I must attend to today.”

As time pa.s.sed, Jung Euichang became bolder. No matter how much these actions were done for the Savior, she was extremely displeased. Even now, it was the same. Whenever he extended his hand to touch her, she hurriedly pushed it away.

After being reborn, every single hair on her body was Savior’s possession. As such, she could not let a man touch her, ever. Seeing Euichang’s expression, that looked like he thought that he had committed a grave mistake, Ahyeon slowly spoke.

“I’m sorry. Truthfully…I’m still a bit uncomfortable.”

“No. I…I understand. I was too rash. I’m sorry.”

Interestingly, this had made Euichang cherish her even more as a result. At this time, Ahyeon thought that she would never forget his expression.

The plan was also proceeding slowly. The archers were slowly catching onto to the hidden location of the clan of murderers, and all that remained was when they would leave for the expedition. Ahyeon returned to her room and communicated this with Savior once more.


I began to plan slowly and accordingly with Hakajin. Ahyeon was working hard, far more than I had ever imagined. To be honest, I wanted to get rid of her due to the possibility of her Unique Ability and the ticking bomb, but I decided to monitor her for now.

But later, I decided that there was no need to be cautious. The first reason was because her mind was extremely broken. Second of all, she would blindly follow me, who had rescued her from the depths of h.e.l.l. As such, there was no need for this side to worry. But, if a seed she planted were to explode, it would be an utterly ridiculous event in itself.

What she needed was not uncertainty, but trust. Interestingly, this unexpected plan, that wasn’t even devised properly, was proceeding well beyond my expectations.

[Your body is yours.]

From that simple remark, she was extremely ecstatic. In the beginning, her cla.s.s was a Pagan. It was because she believed in me that she attained her special cla.s.s. Knowing that there was no way that she would betray me, the current results that she was producing were beyond my imagination. For instance, if I told her to commit suicide, I bet that she would commit suicide.

She may be blind, but she’s competent. So much so that I began to pity the guy named Jung Euichang. At this time, I received a signal from Ahyeon, so I injected mana into the ring and connected.


[My apostle.]

[Yes. I am Savior’s apostle. I am Savior’s possession.]


[Yes. Although I cannot determine the exact date, it seems that the Holy Order has succeeded in tailing the murderer clan. In case the clan of murderers might take notice of this and escape, the security is currently on high alert. Forgive me for not providing more details than this.]

[It’s alright. You did very well. Don’t show impatience, and do your best, taking care of your body along the way. I do not want you to become hurt.]

[Yes…. sniff. Thank you. Yes! My body is solely Savior’s. I will never allow myself to be hurt. Savior-nim.]

After that last sentence, I disconnected the line. It was a bit emotional, hearing Ahyeon be so teary like that. She is the perfect example of someone who has truly lived a h.e.l.lish life. I was the only pillar that she could lean on, and seeing her work her hardest for me made me reconsider wanting to have her by my side.

However, she is much more useful being among the humans. From what I’ve recently heard, her followers have increased their members to 40, and some of them have even received the cla.s.s of, ‘Martyrs.’ In other words, these guys were long-term pieces I could utilize whenever. I thought that it could be useful for them to partic.i.p.ate in this operation if needed.

It wasn’t like the Holy Order and the Sky Dragon Guild did not train Porters. Even if they may not be Porters, there’ll always be a need for someone weak who could do labor for the strong.

I nodded my head, as I turned around. My subordinates had surrounded me awaiting my attention once I disconnected with Ahyeon. All of my executives, including Gark, Hark, the Three Goblin Sisters, Hakajin, Hayeon, Mev, and even Ragia, as well as all of the clan officials, were antic.i.p.ating the upcoming battle.

Of course, in the situation regarding the Five Siblings, this kind of meeting did not help them at all. But, it was still experience. Just like how your strength improved with training, it was the same with this scenario. They may be pure, but since they’re not stupid, there will come a time when I’ll need to hear their opinions. I began to relay the conversation I had with Ahyeon, and soon their faces beamed with delight. Hakajin spoke first.

“But we cannot deduce where the battle will be held, this fact is somewhat quite troublesome.”

“It can’t be helped,as they emphasize security over anything else at this moment.”

“But, locating where two human groups are fighting and struggling like this, it feels like the position where it’ll occur should be quite limited. Especially with how one side is hiding, it should be moreso. It should be limited to either a forest, or cave, or even a cleared dungeon. As such, if it were me, I would consider the few possibilities available and head into action.”

“That is probably likely.”

As the meeting began to slowly proceed, Ragia began to look towards us and speak.

“But. Is there really a need for them to wait…”

It was an extremely cautious tone. But, I think I knew what Ragia was referring to. Mev, realizing what she was implying, quickly spoke before Ragia could continue.

“Don’t you think we can find the location of the murderer clan ourselves, Captain?”

Normally, Ragia would be the one landing a blow at Mev, but it felt like she was done in this time. From Mev’s suggestion, the Three Goblin Sisters were staring at her surprised.


“Mev’s brain is strange!”

Looking over at Ragia, it seems that she wasn’t too concerned with this as I saw her smiling from the reactions.

“Can you find it?”

“If the humans have found it, then there’s no reason why we can’t either. Since our base is in the forest, we’ll surely be able to discover it.”

That confident tone of Mev’s was quite cute. Truly if Mev could discover where the murderer clan was located, then it would increase our options. Hakajin nodded at Mev’s plan, and the heavy-lipped Hayeon spoke after being silent for a long while.

“I will start setting up roots in the vicinity. Since it could be some help in investigating.”

I nodded. It may not be as talented as the Holy Order, but our tribe was competent. Soon, we decided to investigate the areas that Hakajin had narrowed down for us. Usually, it should have been Ragia who was advising me, but seeing Mev aggressively come forth and take the credit, Ragia had no choice but to step back. As such, Mev’s pride went up by another level.

After the meeting had concluded, everyone left the tent for their own individual responsibilities. Mev and Hayeon quickly departed from the tent, while the Loyal Five Siblings and Hakajin bowed to me extensively with their hands on their chests before leaving as well.

“For Blood Dagger.”

“For Blood Dagger.”

If there was one aspect which was strange, it was why Ragia hadn’t left, as she was staring at me. Looking at her curiously, she began to slowly display her snake tongue and spoke.

“Since our Prime Executive is so pa.s.sionately working, I have nothing to do…. I was asking if it would be alright to spend some time together for a while.”

Seeing Ragia slowly approach me, I belatedly realized that it, in fact, somewhat dealt a blow to Mev, and not the other way around.

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