Green Skin - Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Although there hasn’t been anything that has been discovered yet about a monster’s unique abilities, if I recall from my past life, whether it was the ogre with his flame-attribute attacks . . . or the goblin with sword aura, it was highly probable that monsters had unique abilities as well.

No, it was almost certain. Since the way unique abilities are awakened are different from person to person. And the most convincing amongst them is when they are expressed in the form that the users want.

If I remember the ‘ HP Increase ‘ I got from the past, it seems about right. Since I was undecided on how I should advance, I was still thinking about it back then. . .

Depending on which unique ability you attained, the direction at which you grow differed as well. In other words, the ability that I got from my previous life was pretty compatible to ‘ best swordsman ‘. Anyways, I think I’ll need to think some more about unique abilities.

As such thoughts roamed around my head, the Blood Dagger clan started to move back to the place we originally started at.

” S . . . save me ! S . . . Save me ! We . . . side. . . we’re on the same side! ”

The first person to enter my sight was Jung Hayeon. Since Mev had relayed the message to Goff, it seems that Jung Hayeon was in a fine state. If there was a problem, it was that the goblins were surrounding Jung Hayeon throwing small stones at her jokingly.

” Ggireuk . . . Ggireuk ! Ggireuk ! ! ”

And beside her were some goblins that were eating the corpses already, so in Jung Hayeon’s view, it would be sufficiently horrifying.

” Sob . . . Sob . . . . ”

As if afraid, the smell of urine on her caused the goblins to jump around more excitedly. Among the goblins, those with ‘ special taste ‘ panted and gasped like wicked people, so no wonder she was fully drenched in fear.

I requested Mev and the other goblins to escort Jung Hayeon over.

” Mev. Can you bring that woman over here? ”

” Ggireuk . . . ”

Unlike how a goblin’s greatest beauty was supposed to ask, she was extremely vigilant around Jung Hayeon. However, an order was an order. In the end, Mev slowly walked over bringing over Jung Hayeon by her side. With Mev walking by, the troublesome goblins quickly started making way.

Seeing that the goblin subordinates had stopped bothering her, Jung Hayeon raised her body as I started to loosen her ropes. As I unfastened her, sad and emotionally stressful, her tears started to pour down. I opened my mouth to Jung Hayeon.

” sob . . . . Sob . . . . ”

” Don’t cry. ”

With one sentence, Jung Hayeon stopped her tears. Seeing me, she was in a quite shocked state. My whole body and appearance had changed, so it was understandable I thought. But, sensible, she didn’t say much about it.

After entrusting Jung Hayeon to my clan, I slowly walked to where the other goblins were. Goff was also there as he had evolved from this fight. ‘ Hobgoblin Warrior ‘ was what he had chosen. I was concerned that he might’ve chosen goblin intermediate warrior due to greed, but it seems that was for naught.

Seeing how large he was as a hobgoblin, I started to wonder if he just liked to be larger in general. For monsters usually, it was a simple cause.

Approaching, Goff including the other goblins thanked me with an appreciative grat.i.tude.

” Thank you. To allow us to fight, I thank the Blood Dagger Clan. ”

” Well, with just this . . . . there’s no need to be thankful. Aren’t we the same green skin? ”

I had somewhat already grasped his personality. He was one that loved bravery and burning friends.h.i.+p. As if what I roughly said was correct, his eyes started to s.h.i.+ne.

If I were to roughly guess, it’d be something like.

‘ What a trustworthy comrade, you’re a good fella, friend ‘

There was no mistake that it would be something like this. It wasn’t like I was needlessly being nice to him. He was somewhat ambitious and smarter than you think. His battle sense was above the top. Although he wasn’t someone under me, if I were to sufficiently raise Goff, then the chances of him being a disaster is high from the standpoint of humans.

In the end, Goff slowly brought his arm to his chest and waited. Though I didn’t know before, that motion was respect, and also recognition.

” I will definitely repay you. Ggireuk ”

Seeing that, I couldn’t help but laugh. Since those words came from his mouth, he will definitely keep that promise. As I thought, monsters were more human than monsters.

As such, some time pa.s.sed. Unfortunately, the second tutorial quest was the last. Afterwards, like before, there wasn’t anything that directly pointed the way.

But, I didn’t mind. To be precise, the quests were merely goal statements. There is no level-up system, but it does tell you when you can evolve to the next stage once you acc.u.mulated enough experience.

Dungeon raids, battle, and even manufacturing gave experience. Although you couldn’t see the experience bar acc.u.mulate like you could in a game, but you could somewhat feel it.

Thanks to it, naturally I had fought quite a lot of battles in the tutorial. With this established goblin tribe, I could aim to wait and survive, but there was no time to waste. I needed to become stronger as fast as possible

That was why I used Jung Hayeon. The method, like before, was similar. In the wide forest, there was no better method to attracted the separated humans than to employ a beautiful woman’s cry for help. Of course, other goblins could awkwardly be caught in the trap, but in that scenario, we would resolve it by conversation or promise them some humans to make them quiet.

Though I had roamed around this forest for 100 days, that didn’t mean that I had fully explored this large place. Jung Hayeon’s role was larger than I thought since I had to figure out the human’s ‘ Point ‘ from my memory.

At first, whether it was due to guilt, she was greatly pa.s.sive. But recently, her acting skills had greatly increased. It seemed that when the battles were tensely flowing, the humans had some hope of overcoming these goblins, however the strengths and proficiencies of Goff Clan and Blood Dagger Clan was too powerful. If our camp from the past had come here, we would’ve been instantaneously swept aside. Anew, that was how powerful we had become.

Like usual, I hid in the bushes while monitoring Jung Hayeon.

” Save me ! ! ! Save me ! ”

“Please . . . Save me ! ”

Her acting was quite nice. Her acting power was good, but the real difference was that she started to catch on how to survive. When I first saw that appearance, I was wholly surprised.

If there were humans nearby, the humans that would hear her scream would react in two ways. The first response was those that would bring their confident party members and come to rescue her. The stupid fools that had died in the beginning could be placed in the same category with these guys. The second response was the side that carefully monitored the situation.

Of course, the moment they heard Jung Hayeon’s voice, it was no different from them already stepping into the trap. Even if they had discovered something strange and tried to escape, the result would be likewise. Even though weren’t deep inside, there were goblins in the vicinity that would throw their daggers and capture them.

However, this time, there was need to go for such lengths. The reason was that this group was the confident part of the response.

The number was quite high in number, and I could identify a couple of evolved ones from their equipment.

” S . . . Save me. Please . . . this . .those . . . green monsters . . . ”

Seeing Jung Hayeon open her mouth, the evolved large pig started inspecting her.

” Today’s harvest is quite fine . . . ”

Those stupid fools would always show such a reaction. Since realizing that they could die at any time, they became a bit more faithful to their true selves. Even if they were to have survived the tutorial out of luck, those types of guys would die 100 out of 100 in the continent.

These guys were definitely the simple-headed group. Soon, the large-framed pig opened his mouth.

” Hey bring that girl over here. ”

” Yes! ”

It seems that he sent a lot of subordinates to cautiously rescue Jung Hayeon. However, in a split second, two arrows pierced through two of their members.

” AHHHHHHK ! ! ! ”

” KYAAAAAAAAK ! ! ! ! ! ”

‘ Mev ‘

I stared at Mev who was secretly lowering her bow besides me. Due to the plethora of fights she and I had endured, she had become a Hobgoblin Archer. One arrow had pierced directly onto a guy’s forehead, while the other pierced another’s neck. The guy with the arrow in his neck was still alive as he was holding his throat gurgling.

Those rapid two arrows. Very nice. Recently, her outstanding performances has been on the rise, and will soon reach the next evolution that I was aiming for together.

” Good Job. ”

” Okay! Ggireuk! ”


” Charge ! ! ! Brave Goff Clan ! ! It’s War ! War ! ! ! ”

Our tribe’s charging commander collided with those guys.

” Fu . . . . f.u.c.k . . . These dog-like b.a.s.t.a.r.ds . . . this dog-like b.i.t.c.h ! ”

The humans that had fallen into the trap all had the same response. The pig that was holding the sword and s.h.i.+eld started to scream, as the rest of the humans were clumsily holding up their s.h.i.+elds against Goff Clan. But, they were no match. The already Hobgoblin Goff was like a tank as he rammed into them.

Seeing his figure, I turned my head and returned to my spot to start.

As Goff clan were entrusted with the vanguard, our jobs became easier to infiltrate the rest of the members. Roughly seeing, the one that was holding a staff ‘ magician ‘ was the first priority. But, we didn’t recklessly run in. Since a magician had enough time to cast a spell against a dagger.

” The captain is going ! ! The Captain is going ! ! Make way ! Ggireuk ! ! ”

” Ggireuk ! ! ! Ggireuk ! ! ! ! ! ”

Raising my sword, I quickly sprinted to the magician paralyzed from shock and fear.

Seeing her face, she was a young woman who looked to be a university student. At this time, it seemed that she had somehow finished her first quest by working herself under that pig, but she was awkward. In this crisis, a magician that couldn’t let out a voice wasn’t needed in the party. All of a sudden, the old man that s.h.i.+n Duk-ho had caused the death of appeared in my mind.

Rather than raising such a girl, it would be more useful raising another in terms of survival. It looked like she was greatly foolish as I glanced at Jung Hayeon.

It was the same appearance. Not sure when she got up, but she was plunging a dagger into the guy who had this throat pierced with an arrow.

” I’m sorry ! I’m sorry ! ! I’m sorry ! ! ! We’re . . . we’re on the same side right ? ! ”

Seeing her like that, I couldn’t help but chuckle as I swung the sword at the magician.

In one slice, the girl’s throat and head detached.

” The Captain has slain the Magician ! ! ” ” Blood Dagger Clan has slain the Magician ! ! ! ! ”

” AHHHHHHHHHH ! ! ! ” witnessing such a scene, the rest tried to run away, however, the vicinity was full of goblins. There was no means of escape.

” The battle has ended. ”

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