Green Skin - Chapter 78

Chapter 78

Hayeon slowly opened her eyes. The place where she woke up was not her own tent, but Blood Dagger’s. Waking up, she came into the sight of an Orc that was still sleeping. Those robust arms that looked like they were about to burst, that extremely attractive molar, she wasn’t sure why the Orc that looked so scary in the beginning seemed so lovely now.

Recollecting back to last night, her face reddened automatically.

As previously mentioned, Hayeon was the oldest of a normal family. After her father had pa.s.sed away, all she had was her mother and her two little sisters. Since their financial situation wasn’t so well off, she had adjusted into society much faster than others. She didn’t have any special qualities, as she worked in the factory without even dreaming of being in a relations.h.i.+p at all.


She began to subconsciously stroke the lovely Orc in front of her. The person who took everything from her. He was scary at times, but he was extremely loving, someone who she did not even want to be taken away from her.

‘Is this what you call a boyfriend?’

A little excessive on the thought. However, she knew somewhat, she was currently in a relations.h.i.+p similar to dating in her opinion. Hayeon began to slowly change clothes. She couldn’t adjust to the plant-like lower body of hers at first, but with how much he loved the honey down there, she thought that she made the right choice of becoming an Alraune.

Of course, she knew that she was becoming extremely brutal and heartless after evolving, but after carefully considering, she couldn’t remember whether she had become cold before or after becoming a monster. During her human days, she had continued to scream and scream b.l.o.o.d.y murder in order to live, but it felt like she had enjoyed that time as well.

I am above you. I will survive.

With these light-hearted thoughts continuing to circulate in her mind, she felt pleasure. She, of course, knew of this fact. If her lovely sisters were to see her now, they would be extremely shocked.

‘Unni is too kind.’

Remembering those voices, Hayeon began to subconsciously laugh. It was because she was far from being a kind person.

Anyhow, after roughly was.h.i.+ng up, she walked out. The next location everyone was gathering was in the second largest tent next to Blood Daggers, Chief Executive Mev’s tent. Of course, Hayeon knew her well. Since the beginning days, she was the goblin that moved together with Blood Dagger. Of course, she was a fairy now, but she was the Green Skin who was currently the Mistress of the Clan.

The reason why they were gathering at Mev’s tent was to partic.i.p.ate in the, ‘Women Only Meeting.’ The women of the Blood Dagger Clan had regular meetings. Of course, the subjects and topics of the meetings weren’t much. In her eyes, she was looking at some childish talk, but they were somewhat serious.

Despite that, the reason why she was partic.i.p.ating is because it was one of the clan’s rules, and it is also to forget her past completely while adapting into this group. There were already a few gathered when she opened the tent, and she heard a few voices leak out.

“It’s a meeting for females only!”

“Ggirik! A meeting for women only!”

Hayeon slowly entered the tent, as countless female subordinates were already sitting tightly between one another, while also taking note of the human bones hanging from the roof, making it hard to consider this was actually a woman’s room.

“The Plant has come!”

“It’s the Plant! She came from the Chief’s tent today!”

Of course she was currently being treated as a wife of Blood Dagger like Mev. She had never been recognized, but it was still a feel-good moment as she lightly greeted the goblins, before heading to her seat.

Soon, the clan’s true Mistress entered as all of the noisy goblins became quiet. Escorted by the Three Goblin Sisters, she looked dignified. As if she looked a little cute, Hayeon subconsciously smiled.

“It’s the Chief Executive!”

“Mev has come! Let’s start the meeting!”

Mev began to sit gracefully on the chair prepared for her. Normally, it would’ve been easier if she was sitting in the chair before, she couldn’t understand why Mev had to enter in front of everyone, but it did have some effect. Despite it looking meaningless, it had its own impact.


After looking around, Mev had a stern look.

“One person is missing.”

From Mev’s words, the Three Goblin Sisters began to become enraged. Soon, the tent was under chaos.

“That snake b.i.t.c.h!”

“I don’t see Ragia! She challenges the Chief Executive’s order.”

“We have to punish her.”

At this moment, the tent opened as Ragia entered. Even in Hayeon’s eyes, her face was extremely beautiful. It was an appearance so beautiful, that even her pride deflated, as she was forced to admit how Ragia was prettier than her. She was worried about seeing her with Blood Dagger more often recently. But, it wasn’t to a point where she had to be wary, because she was still lacking in being a person to be cautious with.

“Oh my. I’m sorry. I slept in a bit longer…”

There was a high chance that she was deliberately late. Since she was dealt quite harshly by Blood Dagger before, she was not trying to cause disorder in the clan, but it was routine to see her annoy Mev in this way. If Ragia were truly set on raising chaos through factions, then she wouldn’t have sent the females over to her in the first place.

Seeing the Green Skins of her group having arrived here already, she was relatively holding the line well.

“You are late today too! Snake!”

“Snake is always late! Mev must painfully punish her!”

“I can’t take it anymore!”

“Oh my… oh my… I was late for a mere 10 seconds, but isn’t that too harsh. I did not think that the grace of the clan’s Mistress was this narrow.”


“Didn’t you talk like this before!”

“You must punish her this time, Mev!”

From Ragia’s excuse which didn’t feel like one, the Three Goblin Sisters were even more agitated, but Mev didn’t show a reaction.

“I’m truly sorry. Please forgive.”

Ragia had even bent her body and lowered her head. Hayeon, seeing Ragia like this, knew that she was probably teasing Mev.

Mev was inwardly seething, but seeing Ragia like this, her current situation would condone her if she were to openly display her anger. If not for the many eyes, she might’ve said something, but with this many spectators, she had decided to endure.

Normally, she would have raised a ruckus, but seeing how quiet today was, it appears that something joyful had happened. Despite Ragia’s provocation, a smile entered her sight.

“I will forgive you. We will conduct the meeting a bit later from now on for you.”

“Thank you.”

Ragia was a little disappointed from that response. It was a scene that was unexpected for Hayeon as well. Thanks to that, Mev was once again praised by the surrounding goblins.

“Such a generous Chief Executive!”

“If Blood Dagger is a tough father, then Mev is a wise mother!”

“She has a heart as wide as the ocean!”

“Mev, Mev!”

With everyone chanting her name, Mev raised her hand. In that split moment, the crowd became quiet. Then Mev looked around and spoke.

“Yesterday, the Blood Dagger Clan’s first glorious child was born.”

“It’s Nicole!”


“We must show our appreciation, and respect to Nihab who has safely birthed the first child of the clan. I would also like to express my grat.i.tude to Nihab, who is partic.i.p.ating in this meeting despite having recently given birth.”

“Th…thank you.”

She was currently making this a place to praise hard work and effort. That was what Hayeon thought the atmosphere was s.h.i.+fting towards. But, it seems that the main point will be addressed separately. As if Mev wanted to say something, her mouth began to move.

“And…and there’s an important announcement.”

“I have…heard the voice of our G.o.d of the Battlefield!”

In fact, it was common to hear the voice of the G.o.d of the Battlefield. She shouldn’t be speaking with such seriousness like this. Hayeon and the other goblins all wondered the contents of the quest as they heard Mev speak powerfully.

“It was the voice to have a child with Blood Dagger!”


After a brief moment of silence, cheers began to spread throughout.

“Am…amazing! Truly Mev!”

“If you are the Mistress of the Clan, you must hear the voice of our G.o.d of the Battlefield. Ggirik Ggirik.”

“An heir for Blood Dagger!”

Despite it sounding as if some grand event had occurred, in truth, they had just heard the contents of the quest. Hayeon began to look at Mev with a subtle, gentle eye. The majority of the Green Skins may not know, but usually the quests are guided by one’s desires and wants.

It must be truly distressing for her so much so, that she had received a quest of becoming pregnant to Blood Dagger.

In truth, it was a strange catharsis. Although the others were cheering for Mev, in actuality, she thought that she was the true Mistress of the clan. The reason was not because she adored Mev and the Three Goblin Sisters. But because the only one that Blood Dagger had emotionally bonded with was a human, not a Green Skin like herself. All she knew was that, in Mev’s current state, Blood Dagger will never sleep with her.

The fact that inside Blood Dagger was a human, ‘like herself,’ was the first reason. With the thoughts and behavior of a human, he would never be attracted to a small child like Mev s.e.xually was the second reason.

She was a cute enough as a friend, but she was a bit delicate.

Hayeon smiled and laughed in the end. There was a time when Mev and her had talked about s.e.x in the past. It was truly interesting seeing her praise the greatness of Blood Dagger without having seen it before. She may have imagined it, but she hasn’t experience it physically. In short, Mev was an inexperienced novice like herself before.

Hayeon mused, as someone who would enjoy a great deal of intimacy with Blood Dagger every night, of course laughter would come out of her.

Smiling, Hayeon looked around only to briefly make eye contact with Ragia before turning away, but it felt as if Ragia knew everything. She had simply smiled back at her. If she were to ask anything, she decided to be ignorant as Hayeon looked back at Mev.

“Mev! Mev! Mev!”

“The voice of our G.o.d of the Battlefield!”

Mev was looking down at Ragia with her nose high. Ragia too sent back a look that signified she wouldn’t lose this fight either. To see them fight, not knowing that the true victor was herself, Hayeon began to quietly raise her voice.

“Mev. Mev.”

So the meeting of women concluded.

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