Green Skin - Chapter 65

Chapter 65

I was scratching my head seeing Mev pleasantly leaving the tent with a happy face. As someone that was like dead gra.s.s a while ago, it was hard for me to adapt to her elated face. Anyhow, I thought it was a relief that her mood was better as I recalled the conversation that I had shared earlier on with Black Spear.

” Not all, but most of them are Green Skins that had eloped the Warrior Exam. ”

Black spear spoke with a firm voice. Seeing how his expression wasn’t so great, it seemed that he didn’t really like them.

It was understandable. It was very disgraceful for one to flee from a regular battle. But for the Green Skins that decided to not undergo the Warrior Exam and instead escape, their view on them would be unfavorable, to say the least.

” Then… they… ”

” Although the Green Skins that refused to undergo the test of the Grand Patriarch have formed groups to some extent, they still do not have their own flags… ”

” Mmm… ”

” If they have even a speck of honor, they would not dare to set a flag. ”

It seemed that they knew that they had done something very disgraceful by prioritizing their lives over the exam.

” So, are they now reflecting and repenting on their actions, Black Spear? ”

” I have not had a conversation with them, so I do not know. However, if they do not regret their actions, they are not true Green Skins. Since they are already ones that have abandoned their honor. ”

” I see. ”

If you were to look at this in a Green Skin’s perspective, they would obviously not want to interact with those guys, but as a human, they weren’t as repugnant as they were made out to be. As someone that thought that fleeing was the best option if victory cannot be attained, they weren’t bad at all. Most likely, my subordinates that think like me would have similar opinions.

Of course if they really did not know honor, they should be excluded, but I was sure there were some that had given up the exam for the sake of their clan’s stability and survival. Just by that reason alone, it was enough to join our Blood Dagger Clan. After roughly summarizing my thoughts, I spoke to Black Spear.

” Is there a rule that does not allow one to accept those who had fled the Warrior Exam? ”

Black Spear was shocked from my words, but he soon roughly antic.i.p.ated what I was thinking.

” I’ve never heard of such a rule, but . . . Blood Dagger . . . are you willing to let them in? ”

” That is so, Black Spear. There are definitely those that were not able to complete the exam for some unavoidable reason. I would like to offer them one more opportunity. Just because one has lost one’s honor does not mean they are not Green Skins. ”

” Hmm . . . ”

” I too am a warrior that has lost honor, isn’t that so? ”

” I see . . . ”

There was no need for a prolonged explanation. With this much, he definitely knew what I was talking about. Fortunately, there was no rule that restricted the entry of subordinates to join a clan, so it was a tremendous benefit for us. Even if we were to succeed in bringing them in though, there might be some internal conflict between the existing tribesmen, as well as others that may not accept this, but the priority for now is to fill the current clan with new vigor and bodies.

” Your thoughts are quite deep . . . One opportunity . . . and another chance . . . ”

Black Spear continued to mutter ‘ chance ‘ as our conversation came to a close.

The conditions for recruiting clansmen, that I explained to Mev, were to target groups with a lot of females, groups that were repenting for their lost honor, and lastly, groups with a shaman. If there was anyone that was a shaman, they would be welcomed with open arms here.

These three were roughly the conditions that I asked for to Mev.

As such, I waited for a few days to hear the good news that Mev would bring. As I waited, I learned about the reproduction and breeding of Green Skins through Black Spear, and learned that the most interesting part was in fact related to the chief itself.

Green Skins can mate with each other even if their species are different, and pregnancy is of course possible as well. Of course, excluding the extreme cases such as ogres to goblins. The interesting part is that when a child is born, it follows the race of the mother. For example, if Mev and I were to mate and have a baby, that child would be a fairy, and an Alraune likewise if I were to have one with Hayeon.

From the moment they step into the world. That influence wasn’t really that important since they can evolve and chance species in their growth, but it was still a fairly interesting fact. I did not know exactly what the influence the male had with the child, but I had thought that maybe it would have some relation to the growth of the child.

Another interesting story was that the growth and maturity of Green Skins were extremely quick. Not as much as dogs, but in three years, they were competent warriors, and in about seven years, they would grow into a complete adult, causing me to think that in order to strengthen the clan, breeding was essential. For reference, the lifespan of Green Skins was quite long.

The last thing I learnt was the problem of possibility. If a goblin were to mate with another goblin, the success rate of impregnation will increase; however, if an orc and goblin were to do it, then pregnancy was relatively low. It was already interesting enough how they could have a child despite being different species, but anyhow, that’s how it is.

Perhaps that was the reason why Hayeon was pregnant at present, considering how the differences between an Ancient Orc and an Alraune species were quite significant. It may be because of the fact that she was originally a human, but it was good news for me that it was difficult for her to be impregnated.

As someone that’s focused on growing and become stronger, that was the reason why I did not want to have a child for now.

As I was summarizing, it was then.

” Captain! I’m coming in! ”

Mev who had received her task from me a few days ago entered the tent, and began to report. Seeing her confident expression, it seemed that she had brought some good results.

” How is it? ”

” There are about three large groups along this vicinity . . . is what I have discovered. Those without flags. ”

” Hmm. ”

” The three villages that I found all had a lot of women, and this one specific village was mostly consisting of women. ”

” One of them had a s.e.x ratio of roughly half-half, while the last one was about three females for every male?”

The results she brought forth were far more than what I had expected. As I thought, Mev is truly essential to this clan, as I spoke.

” There are quite a lot of places with an abundance of females. ”

” Of course that is so. Although females do roam around the battlefields, there are also possibilities that the males haven’t returned from their hunts . . . and although there weren’t too many humans around this area a month ago, now there are many competent humans that are roaming around the vicinity so… ”

Especially the situation of this forest, where Black Spear resided. It was not so great compared to a month ago now with the increasing influx of strong humans. So much so that Black Spear was in a crucial dilemma of deciding whether to gamble on joining me or not. With someone like Black Spear, who had a strong foundation in an area being like this, there was no question how the situation would be like for the other Green Skins without flags. A very difficult life was a certainty, and they were enduring hard lives like the humans similar to those under the lower stratum of the cities.

For now, meeting them one by one was a first. Although they do not have a flag to represent them, they are still one group. As such, there are definitely those that are tasked with leading and growing the size of their villages.

” We will depart immediately tomorrow. ”

” Okay. ”

I once again began to monitor Mev’s figure slowly. That ruffled hair that reached down to her boots came into my view, making me wonder just how much she had ran. Her whole body was soaked in sweat, making me a.s.sume that she had run here immediately following her investigation. I felt apologetic, so I stroked her hair as a smile appeared before my eyes, as if all of her exhaustion had disappeared in that instant.

” Thank you. ”

” No, it’s nothing. ”

Mev was smiling as she left the tent, and as such, the next morning arrived.

The morning was quite busy, as we were preparing ourselves following the advice from Gark and Mev that one needed to show dignity and grace when meeting other leaders.

Of course it wasn’t as formal as how humans wore suits for a meeting or conference.

We had to flaunt the power of our Blood Dagger Clan to some extent. In contrast to when we had met our brothers of the Green Goblin Clan, Black Spear Clan, and even the Goff Clan, their stances were more firm and confident than before. Especially seeing my subordinates swarm around the goblins with their black powder painted faces, and drawn dagger symbols on their bodies with even more pa.s.sion than when they leave for battle, I couldn’t help but laugh as well.

I too slowly walked towards him and asked like I did previous times.

” I ask for your service as well. ”

” It-it’s an honor! Ggireuk! ”

Somehow, this guy was quite talented in drawing. Not only did he draw for our clan members, but he had also newly painted our flag.

Thanks to the announcement that we were planning on meeting the other groups for a few days. His aesthetic sense was burning with pa.s.sion after a long time. Thanks to that, Hark and Gark stood by my side with a large flag of a blood-stained dagger. I’m not sure if it was because they could be the mentors and seniors of the new recruits, but I did not find anyone that was fooling or joking around.

Especially seeing the Three Goblin Sisters quiet like that, I knew. As such, it seemed that we were going to even bring Ibar along. Seeing Ibar after a long time, I stroked her fur. It has been quite a while since I last saw her. Stroking her apologetically for not bringing her out, she, who didn’t even glance at my way in the beginning, turned around and rubbed its face against mine.

” Kereeeeeeeeung. ”

After stroking and ma.s.saging its fur, it seemed that its anger had waned away. Seeing her, I couldn’t help but laugh, and soon when it was time to depart, I was able to ride on top of Ibar.

After going on top of her and looking back, it seemed that the clan was prepared.

Riding on top of the Giant Wolf, we slowly began moving with the flag with two orc warriors holding the large flag on their backs, one Fairy Archer, and an Alraune Magician. Following behind us as well were the orc warriors and Hobgoblin, all marching behind me. All of them had blood dagger symbols painted on their faces and bodies as they marched on.

Raising my hand, a deafening cry rang back.

” For Blood Dagger! ”

” For Blood Dagger! ”

I also prayed that things will go smoothly as I stroked Ibar’s back slowly.

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