Green Skin - Chapter 62

Chapter 62

We traveled slowly back to Black Spear’s village. Since I had nothing much else to do, I decided to learn a little bit more concerning the Covenant Ring.

The Covenant Ring wasn’t just a simple communication magic that allowed transmission from afar. For example, if Ahyeon were to inject mana into the ring, she is then able to continuously send messages over. In other words, the line will be turned on regardless of whether or not the receiving end replies or not. Whether I’ll listen to it or not is up to me, but even if the line is not connected, her voice will naturally be sent over to this side. Of course, if I did not want to listen to her, I could simply block her.

The amusing part about this Covenant Ring was that if she were to inject mana in, even if you did not meant to say this over the line, her voice will be heard regardless. In short, not only could I hear what she says in her mind, but I can also hear her actual conversations as well.

This ring was truly similar to that of an eavesdropping device. But sadly, all she could hear was my voice in return. It was a bit disappointing that she couldn’t hear the conversations around me, but at least I can find out about the situation of the city through her, and evaluate the current mood, so I thought that it was relieving in the end.

So, to conclude, she was being monitored by me, and not the other way around. Of course, she couldn’t confirm whether I was listening to her or not, but that aspect itself will be her ‘collar.’

She probably didn’t care whether she was given a collar or not. Rather, she might be pleased just listening to my voice.

As such, after we walked for quite some time, the road to Legius appeared, and soon it was time for Ahyeon to separate from us.

If there was a problem this, it lay with Ahyeon who was very sad about it.

” Sa . . . Savior . . .”

Despite having already explained in advance, it was not easy watching her reluctantly stand there for some time. With a bag behind her back, tears dribbling down her face, this reaffirmed how anxious and scared she was at parting ways. On the other hand, Hayeon smiled as she was truly happy with her departing to Legius.

I would have liked to stroke Ahyeon’s head, but deciding that it might cause her lingering feelings towards this side, I decided to send her off with an encouraging remark.

” Patience. Soon, we will be together.”

” I . . . I will wait. Until the time you call . . . I will be waiting. ”

As if touched from my words, she grabbed her Covenant Ring tightly, causing Hayeon who was smiling just a moment ago to now start frowning. Noting her reaction like this, I decided to give her a useful accessory the next time I obtain one.

” Make sure to wear the glove before entering the city. ”

” Yes, I understand. ”

Since there may be a problem with the ring being exposed. I told Ahyeon that it might be best to hide it from the view of others, in which case she agreed while nodding. Whether she was going to take it off temporarily or hide it with a bandage, the chose was up to her.

As such, while she was walking towards the city, she turned and looked back several times before finally disappearing into the horizon. It seems that she was really relying on me. So much so, that she had obtained a cla.s.s related to that matter. Since it might have made it harder for her to leave if I had said anything else, so I turned away and departed in that manner.

” Is it really alright to send that human woman alone. There are many precious weapons . . . the warriors of the village would have been thrilled . . . ”

After everything had finished, Black Spear broached the subject with a hint of uneasiness.

” That is so, Black Spear. In order to fatten the city, the weapons she brought alone is quite enough. Immediately following tomorrow, humans will begin to gather towards the city, since humans are weak to weapons as much as the Green Skins. ”

” Mmm . . . Blood Dagger. If you are so sure, then I will lay my trust in you. ”

” I will repay your trust. ”

Hearing my voice full of confidence, Black Spear nodded with a bright head. From his expression, I can tell that he has complete trust in me.

Chattering away with my clan members, we continued to walk along. At this time, she should be talking with the city guards and meeting the authorities. After a while, I decided to inject a bit of mana into the Covenant Ring out of curiosity, and began to hear Ahyeon’s voice.

[ I am . . . the survivor of the Ancient Warrior’s Dungeon. I would like to create a logbook regarding the dungeon clear and distribute the items I have obtained. Um . . . to whoever. ” ]

[Ah . . . Ah, thank you very much. Tea would be . . . anything is okay . . . Thank you. ]

[ Yes. I am the only survivor. The Clan Master and the Wind Magician Mina had . . . rescued my life, so it is only I that have returned alive. Sniff . . . . . . ]

Just from her voice, I could tell how the situation was flowing. It seems she was doing well as expected. While selling away the Clan Master and the Wind Magician, she was acting quite nicely. If I did not know of the situation, I might have believed in her words as well. Since she was in those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds’ laps as she endured her pitiable life, I had a.s.sumed that she would excel at hiding her emotions, but it was much more than I had antic.i.p.ated.

[ As for the . . . item distribution . . . please do as you like. I don’t have the ability to protect it . . . and it is very burdensome . . . ]

[ Ah . . . Yes? Cla.s.s . . . My cla.s.s is affiliated with the priest group . . . Originally I was a magician, but coincidentally, I had changed in this run . . . ]

It was an impressive decision to distribute the items considering she couldn’t protect it. Hearing that she was being asked about her cla.s.s, it seems she has reached the recruitment office. Whether it was a magician or a priest, her cla.s.s was quite an ambiguous one, but informing them that it is of the priests was a fine choice.

Definitely, Ahyeon as a magician might be useless, but a priest was always valuable and notable. I wasn’t sure just how much efficiency her cla.s.s as a [ Pagan ] will bring, but it wouldn’t be bad having her be directly affiliated with the guilds in Legius.

[ Yes? ]

[ What you mean is . . . that you will announce that the dungeon was cleared by the Sky Dragon Guild . . . Yes. Of course I don’t mind . . . No. I don’t mind. ]

It seems that they were intent on stealing away the achievement despite having received the items for basically free of charge. As a result, in return, there was a very high possibility of them helping her by allowing her to use items, gold, or even experience and grinding of points.

Although I wasn’t sure who the current Guild Master that was administrating the city was, but he was quite intelligent. If it was the previous Ahyeon, I wasn’t so sure, but the Ahyeon now has a path to grow and develop.

After this transaction was over, the guild will be benefitting quite a lot. Items, dungeon clear achievement, publicity of the city, and even a priest that has paved her own future. And even honor.

It is good for her to accept their offer. Even if Ahyeon might not be willing to join a group, in order to figure out how the guild is running and how it functions, it would be ideal for me and so I began to speak to her.

[ Accept the offer if they present you one. ]

[ Ahhk! Yes! . . . Ah . . . I mean no. Of course, if you were to help that is . . . ]

[ Thank you. ]

[ As an official guild member . . . Thank you very much ! ]

After hearing my voice, she gave a strange answer, but after settling herself down, it seems that she had accepted the offer.

Though I was a bit anxious, in comparison to the Porter life she had endured in her previous clan, I was certain that her future was unfolding nicely.

A valuable priest-affiliated cla.s.s. Just from that, if she was an official guild member, she was already an Elite. To express it as an a.n.a.logy, she has succeeded in being employed. Especially for priests, every time they went out to hunt, priests will be guaranteed priority in items and points, and will enjoy a variety of amenities that are not seen in the public eye. Just from having a clan or guild flag, they can look down upon the presence of other Summoned that are without a guild.

The moment she accepted their offer, Ahyeon had received absolute rights and privileges in Legius.

[ Yes. Then, I hope that we can get along well. ]

After hearing her last reply, I disconnected the line. As if I was laughing excessively, Mev who had a large bow on her back spoke to me.

” It seems you’re in a good mood. ”

” Yeah. Things unfolded better than I had thought. ”

” I see . . . ”

” Kereeeeuk. ”

Soon, we reached the village as we began unpacking. The Green Skins were highly spirited with energetic faces after having the stress that piled up for several days finally be released all at once. Hayeon who had seen blood after a long time was in a satisfactory state, and everyone was rustling around happily with their newly obtained weapons, showing them off to the clansmen of the Black Spear Clan high in the sky.

” Black Spear is very strong. Ggirik. He pierced the magician with one throw. ”

“Ahhh. Our chief was originally strong. He deserves the right to lead us. ”

” The Blood Dagger Chief is also strong. He’s definitely stronger from when he had first came. ”

” Our Captain gets stronger quickly! Ggirik! ”

The voices continued to resonate around me. Though I had finished my goal, since I had to wait and watch for the city to increase, I had decided to remain in the Black Spear’s village for a bit longer, and Black Spear nodded comfortably.

As such, darkness quickly came and covered the village. Just in case Ahyeon wasn’t doing something unnecessary, I slightly listened in to the communication channel, and confirmed that nothing problematic was transpiring. Rather, if there was one, it was that she was looking for me.

[ Mr. Savior . . . ]

[ Mr. Savior . . . . . . . Savior . . . ]

Hearing her call for me, I was about to open my mouth in reply. But I couldn’t help but pause for the moment. It was because I could sense that she wasn’t calling for me really. I felt that she was doing something else. As if my a.s.sumption was right, I started to hear rough breathing coming through the line.

[ Haaaa . . . . haaa . . . . Savior . . . . Please . . . Haaaaa . . . Haaaa . . . . ]

It seems that she was having a pleasant time. Considering how much she had been victimized, I thought that she would have a strong sense of rejection, but that wasn’t the case. Like a baby cat calling for her mother, I was to be the cause that made her different like this. Since she had smelled the fragrance of Hayeon’s, in another perspective, it was an obvious response.

[ Oh Savior . . . Haaa . . . I’m so sorry. Sorr . . . Haaaa . . . . . . For me to have such dirty thoughts as a dirty follower . . . I’m truly sorry. ]

She was even having guilt it seems. To be honest, I did not care what kind of thoughts she had for me, but it seemed that she was slowly climaxing.

[ Ahhhhhhhhk . . . . . . . AHHHHHHH . . .]

I became silent and embarra.s.sed as I heard that unidentifiable crazy climax from Ahyeon’s voice, causing me to quietly close the line. I felt the theory that there was no normal women around here, might not actually be a lie. Seeing the tent open and Hayeon approaching me, I reaffirmed my thought, and after that night, a few more days went by.

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