Green Skin - Chapter 59 - Revenge (4)

Chapter 59 - Revenge (4)

Chapter 59: Revenge (4)

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“ f.u.c.k ! ! ”

With a monster suddenly appearing from the shadows, one of them screamed. The Ancient Warrior had his arm cut off, but it was still a very delicate situation. The undead can’t feel any pain. Especially, with a Named Monster of that kind, until its whole body was crushed, it would continue to attack.

Seeing the guy breathing heavily from the seared pain of fire, a heavy wound the Ancient Warrior caused by stabbing him through just prior. I slashed off his head as I pa.s.sed by.

“ Ggreuk. ”

With a strange sound, a blood fountain began sprouting from his neck area, but I had no time to enjoy the view.

While the remaining guy was busy fighting off the Ancient Warrior, the Clan Master, despite knowing that I was here, was stupidly reaching out to the ‘ Ancient Flame. ’

‘ r.e.t.a.r.ded b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Thanks. ’

I quickly reacted and threw a dagger towards him to buy me time. He deflected my dagger away, but thanks to that, my distance to the ‘ Ancient Flame ’ was shortened.

But, he was still closer to it than I was. Reaching out as quick as he could, he extended his arm for the sword. Simultaneously, I activated Weapon Switch.

All the muscles in my body began moving in an instant. Before I could realize it, my ‘Weapon-breaking Longsword’ and the ‘Ancient Flame’ had traded places.

“ I have it ! ”

Although his voice rang out, what he was holding was the longsword I originally possessed, with the Ancient Flame now in my hands.

That intense heat that I could feel had dispersed in an instant, as I could feel the heat becoming extremely comfortable around me. The Ancient Flame was withholding itself from spreading the heat in all directions.

The guy was holding the sword dumbfoundedly. It was a situation where laughter was inevitable.

“ Kereeeeeeeuk ! ”

“ This f.u.c.king b.a.s.t.a.r.d ! ! ”

At that moment, Mev’s arrows began raining down on him. It seems, that she had come to check on the situation, since it had somewhat settled down on her end. The Clan Master was blocking the arrows with his original sword. If he were to be pierced by the arrows, then he wouldn’t be in the optimal state to face me.

‘ He had exerted too much. ’

Currently, the guy was in a state of complete exhaustion. That last attack on the Ancient Warrior had also caused a great deal of strain upon himself, as he began retreating quickly.

And then the voice I was happily longing for started to talk in me.

[ Quest Complete. ]

[ Quest – Collect Weapons: Named Monster, one called Weapon Merchant by the humans. Now, you can really become a ‘ Weapon Collector! ’ Find a weapon that will accompany you on your first step. ( 1/1 ) ]

[ Impressive. With your despicable method, you have obtained a weapon that met the condition. I praise your despicableness. You, have successfully completed the Quest. The Quest Reward is a Rank Up. Please select from the following for evolution. ]

[ 1. Ancient Intermediate Orc Gladiator. ]

[ Reward – The Hidden Weapons in the Item Shop are released. Available only once. Please use it carefully. ]

There was only one I could evolve to. It seems I was lacking the experience to evolve or change races to another cla.s.s or species. I quickly selected the Intermediate Gladiator. Other than the armor on my shoulders, it seems that nothing else was changed. However, the strength that was circulating my body was proof that I had grown a bit more.


[ Ancient Flame. ]

[ An ancient weapon equipped with a blade of flames, the sword that the great desert warrior ‘ Dodrak ’ has used his whole lifetime. Although, the flames were initially weak due to a small mana capacity, as it slowly progressed over time, it has evolved so that one can exude heat and flames with one’s mana. In addition, the user’s fire resistance will increase. ]

[ Vitality + 1, Strength + 1 ]

I couldn’t but be in elation from the features. With just the +1 in vitality and strength, I could feel a new source of power flow into my body.

‘ I want to test it out. ’

Although there is a gap between us in levels, he was definitely in an exhausted state. On the other hand, I had just evolved and had obtained a new sword. With a flabbergasted expression, he was deflecting the arrows away as he rushed towards me as I approach him.

“ You thieving b.a.s.t.a.r.d ! ”

Injecting mana into the sword, heat and flames began rising up as his face began to darken. Especially with the lack of moisture, having to contend against that weapon again must be giving him chills.

At that time, a scream could be heard from behind.

“ Ahhhhhhhhhk ! Youngsoo ! Youngsoo ! “

I could see the remaining warrior’s body ripped to shreds by the one arm Ancient Warrior.

“ Kereeeeeuk ”

With his arm and leg ripped off, the other guy was struggling to the back. If he doesn’t receive the holy power of the priests, it was definitely a lethal wound. Seeing that, I noticed that the Clan Master began to sweat. Behind him was the Ancient Warrior. In front was I. It was obvious which direction to choose. Screaming, he began charging towards my side. It seems that he wasn’t disturbed with his comrade being in that state. Apparently, it was wiser to push through my side.

“ Ahhhhhh ! ”

Those eyes full of fear, not knowing when he’ll die. An expression of extreme anxiety. I could sense his heavy breathing from here. Having become more sensitive to my surrounding, my eyes were able to capture his perspiration dripping down from his chin.

“ Kwaaaaaaaa ! ”

The fear of death, expressions of anxiety, and those wild emotions.

‘ I will win. ’

Half-a.s.sured of victory, I swung down Ancient Flame.

Instantly, flames and heat burst from the sword as I could feel a searing noise accompany the blade. I could also feel the hot heat around me.

“ Bang. ”

I pushed off the ground into a great leap. Thanks to that, there was a bowl shaped dent in the ground. Rubbles of stone began striking at my lower body, but I did not care. The guy that was swinging his sword up towards me. I recalled the Unique Ability of his from before.

The sword that could track its target.

As expected, his sword interestingly began to move again. It seems that it wasn’t bothered by the heat and flames as it was being sucked towards me.

It was an ability that lived up to its t.i.tle of ‘ Unique Ability. ’

But that was obvious. With that frenzied expression, he was directly aiming for my neck. No, there’s no way that’s possible. That’s definitely strange. It would be right to say that I can see the root of the attack. If he was in his original condition, it might have been an attack I may have not been able to defend. Likewise, if I wasn’t in my optimal state. However, I was wielding the Ancient Flame in my hands.


I blocked it.

“ Clang! ”

Although my hands trembled from the impact, I could not let go of my sword.

“ Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ”

After deflecting his sword away.

Cut him.

“ Sseeeeeeeeeeu ”

Before the tearing sounds of the air, I could hear the searing noises of those excited flames raining down onto him. Since it had a small mana capacity, its range may be small, but it was enough to cover the Clan Master up.

My target was his shoulder. With the thought of slicing him in half, I swung my sword down.

“ Ahhhhhhhhhhhk ! ”

“ Chhhhhiiik! ”

I could hear his flesh cooked rare inside the fire as his upper body fell off.

“ Kwaaaaaaaaa! ”

Subconsciously, a roar escaped from me.

‘ I have become stronger ’

I had forced him psychologically into a corner, with his health and mana being almost fully exhausted. Even though he was not in his normal state, I had won regardless.

“ Woahhhhhhhhhhh! ”

A deafening cry erupted from within my chest. However, there was no time to spare in celebrating my victory. Since, the Ancient Warrior was staring down at me with a not-so-pleased expression. Losing all of his opponents, he began rus.h.i.+ng at me. Raising my sword once again, I met him.

With his torn right arm gone, there was a normal looking sword on his left. Despite losing his weapon, that guy was really strong. I could feel the killing intent devour the air around me.

It was no wonder dry saliva continued to be swallowed by me. Whether I can win or not, I’m not sure, but first, I must have faith in myself. Rus.h.i.+ng ahead, I was able to see Mev’s arrows beginning to rain onto it as well. It seemed like deja vu, just how the other guy allowed for the Clan Master to try and grab that sword, Mev did the same for my battle. Thanks to her, I was able to revive a bit of my confidence. A Named Monster that even three guys couldn’t contain.

It’d be strange, if I wasn’t curious of his strength. I struck down with the Ancient Flame. Once again, the flames and heat flared against the guy.

Nevertheless, the flames were near useless against him. Not only that, his sword was being swung towards my side as an enormous roar was accompanying it. By raising Ancient Flame, no my large greatsword, I will block it somehow.

“ Clang! ”

A deafening impact that nearly caused my blood to erupt from my mouth.

‘ Strong. ’

No, to be honest, words weren’t enough to describe how strong it was. I could finally understand why the humans were rolling along the ground now. Experiencing the blow of the opposition was much more different from watching it from the sidelines. But, I will endure.

I may not win, but I will learn. I will do my best to learn how to use this sword, and attempt to steal his techniques to the best of my ability. The Ancient Warrior once again, swung his sword down. Although it may be just a single swing from one hand, its posture was perfect. I was able to notice that he wasn’t able to abandon his old habits.

I was of the same. After receiving his blow with my large greatsword, I switched to Ancient Flame and scratched him. This unique ability not only allows you to switch weapons, but gives you increased strength when you take out your sword.

Once when I wield it, and another when I withdraw my sword, I continued to use up my mana. The first attack was able to make him kneel down and bind him from further actions. Not allowing him to counterattack with this two-handed swordsmans.h.i.+p, was exactly the correct usage of this sword

‘ Thank you. ’

I can still be stronger. Much, much stronger.

“ Clang ! ”

“ Clang ! ! ”

Our swords continued to collide. Although, I was hopelessly sent flying onto the ground, I continued to stand. Before I was struck, Mev was able to buy time with her arrows, which allowed me to endure through this battle. When I felt that I was getting near my limits, it was then that its sword was rus.h.i.+ng to my neck instantaneously.

Just then.

A black spear pierced his shoulder that was thrown from somewhere.

“ Shhhhhhhiiiiii! ”

With an ominous sound, the spear had penetrated through the Ancient Warrior’s shoulder. The second spear punched through its core.

‘ Black Spear. ’

The third spear had precisely burst through its skull.

“ Gereeeeeeeeeuk. ”

Despite that, it was still moving. After that, the next spears penetrated its legs, and then its arms, as the Ancient Warrior slowly stepped back from each impact, step by step.

However, it could still move. Displaying that it would still fight, it raised its sword against me. Shameful as it may be, I also raised my sword.

And then.

It may have been temporary, but I swung Ancient Flame one last time; against the last warrior of this dungeon that had taught me so much.

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Holy, Black Spear is pretty overpowered. He singlehandedly took down that Ancient Warrior.

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