Green Skin - Chapter 56 - Revenge (1)

Chapter 56 - Revenge (1)

Chapter 56: Revenge (1)

A battle arose once again as she quickly hid behind the group. The battles occurred continuously as they worked themselves deeper into the dungeon. Although her friend and comrade had died, she must live through this. In the past, her obsession for survival wasn’t this strong.

Rather, she almost wanted to just die than live a life like this. But, she couldn’t die. She had no courage to do it herself. If she had the courage to die, she would definitely have run towards the monsters.

But, her thoughts now were completely reverse. She had to live. That was something that she knew she had to do.

“ We’re penetrating. Block them! Block! ”

“ Mina, prepare the spell! The spell! ”

She was listening to them talk aloud as she ran. There wasn’t much of a problem initially since she was already near the back, but if a battle were to transpire during supper or when they were working on setting camp, then it would be difficult to avoid the battle completely. But, she had to drag her tired body away from the AOE range. Her leg continued to swell, as it was becoming harder for her to endure the pain and move.

Thankfully, she was able to part away from the area of range and hide herself as much as possible behind the walls. These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds wouldn’t protect her at all.

What she had on was a mere dagger. As such, she monitored the battle from her hiding place.

As the undead were attacking her party members . . . funny enough, she was praying.

‘ Die. ’

‘ Please die . . . ’

“ Kwajik! ”

A pleasant sound rang as she tightened her grip on her dagger. One of the members was injured, causing the formation to break. Of course, the person that she most wanted to die was the Wind Magician Mina. It was extremely difficult to contain her rage whenever she saw her face. Regrettably, the person that was hurt was someone else.

“ f.u.c.k . . . Youngcheol! ”

An unbearable person – that wouldn’t even be slightly satisfying to her even if he was ripped apart to death. She could still remember of how he had beaten her senseless in the past. She could see him being treated by the priests, as he was taken inside the formation with his shoulder broken. A shame. How joyful it would have been if it was his head that was broken, accompanied by blood, intestines and having his brain scattered . . . it would be truly a sight to behold.

She subconsciously continued to scratch the ground with her dagger, most likely due to restlessness.

It was then

“ Wind Blade! ”

Mina was able to pierce the undead with her wind magic.

‘ That b.i.t.c.h . . . that b.i.t.c.h . . . ‘

She clenched her teeth as she began to glare towards Mina. Strength continued to enter her grip.

‘ Can I kill her? If it was now . . . would I be able to kill her? If I were to run and stab her with this dagger? ’

It was probably impossible. Although, Youngcheol had his shoulder broken, he was still together with the priests inside the safety of the formation. If she were to try and attack Mina with this weak body of hers, she’d probably be flung back, contained, and possibly killed afterwards. Even without Youngcheol there, she would probably be shot down by the archers before she could reach her. She was weak.

As such, she only had one opportunity. Now was not the time. She closed her eyes and suppressed her killing intent. From closing her eyes, she could see Unni’s last moment again in her mind.

‘ Unni . . . ’

‘ Hurry and get up. You want to die here? ’

‘ Ahyeon! ’

‘ Run!!! ’

‘ Ahyeon, You have to survive. You must survive. ’

That last moment of Unni pus.h.i.+ng her out of range continued to haunt her. For her, to not be able to close her eyes when she died . . . how unfair it must have been for her to die just like that. Even her corpse was left abandoned on that floor.

She should have died. She had foolishly killed her. If she had not tripped . . . no if she had not screamed ‘ Unni ’ after tripping, staring at her with pitiful eyes to save her, Hana would have definitely survived. It should have been her that had died and Hana living on. Unlike her, Unni was a completely different person. She was not someone that became a Porter out of debt, nor was she hopeless like her. Compared to her who continued to make mistakes and break stuff, she would complete her tasks perfectly. Even when she alone, there were many instances where she saw Hana training alone. If she had endured a bit longer, she would’ve had used the points she gathered to part from this h.e.l.l-like place and obtain freedom.

She knew, that it was herself that was the most loathsome one. She will pay the price of her sins. But until then, she must not die. The one and only Unni that was with her in this h.e.l.l, the one that she loved, she will exact vengeance against those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds that killed her . . .

That was the greatest reason why she needed to live.

‘ I will kill them . . . Unni. I’ll avenge you. No matter what I have to do, I will kill them all . . . So that Unni can close her eyes in peace, I will avenge you. ’

She realized that she was angrily scratching the ground with her dagger.

It was then that she suddenly felt a strange aura around her . . .

Slowly . . . slowly . . . her dagger moved awkwardly towards one direction. Shocked, she quickly looked around, but there was nothing there. Confused, she began to release her dagger. She began to wonder what was going on. As if a ‘ Devil ’ had appeared and was about to help her, she was imagining supernatural things.

The dagger that was slowly hanging in the air soon pointed her towards a direction opposite of the battle.

‘ It was answered . . . I’m sure he had answered. ’

She slowly began to move her feet. She wasn’t exactly sure what was going on, but she followed the dagger. She desired the power for revenge. She wanted to kill those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. She had prayed for punishment to be laid upon them for killing her Unni, and it seems her prayer was finally answered.

For some odd reason, as she continued to walk, her consciousness became more dim and faint. Was she caught in a trap? She pondered for a second before shaking her head. The dagger in the air was clearly pointing to a specific direction. As if it was waiting for her to come. The dagger continued to move.

‘ Unni . . . . Unni . . . . ’

It was as if the dead Hana was leading her. Calling for Unni internally, she walked for some time. Then, a figure slowly began to form before her. It was dark so she couldn’t see well, but if she were to go closer, she could confirm. Soon, Ahyeon was able to see from that dark place those s.h.i.+ning red eyes.

‘ Devil . . . . . ’

‘ No . . . Not the Devil. The Messiah. My Savior . . . Savior.’

The Devil that came to rescue her. The Messiah that will give her power to avenge.

“ Ahhhhhhh . . . . . . ”

Subconsciously, she found herself kneeling as tears flowed down her face. It felt as if she met her resting place with no place to lean to. It was extremely comfortable and pleasant. A nice aroma began seeping out from the place, and embracing that peaceful fragrance, she raised her head towards her Savior.

“ Your name . . . ”

“ Baek . . . Ah yeon. It is Ahyeon. Savior . . . ”

“ I am not a Savior. I am just someone sent to help you. Do you want revenge . . . ”

“ Against those . . . Those that killed your comrade . . . Do you want revenge? ”

That deep thick voice caused Ahyeon’s heart to pound incessantly. Why wouldn’t she want revenge? Against those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds that treated them like pigs, she wanted to rip them apart to death. She willed to pull out their eyes, make them bleed, burst their intestines, and squeeze their brains to death.

Ahyeon nodded her head crazily as if she was insane, and lowered her head to the ground.

“ Even if it costs me my life . . . Everything I have . . . ”

The Devil nodded his head from Ahyeon’s words. As if he understood, as if he empathized, and as if he was willing to help.

Ahyeon brightly smiled back towards the Savior. The Savior once again looked back at Ahyeon with his red eyes. Gradually, he spoke.

“ When you reach the end, you will obtain what you desire.”

“ Quietly . . . wait quietly until then. ”

“ Yes . . . . Yes! ”

It’s words had fully grabbed ahold of her consciousness, as she continued to put her forehead down before Him. Not hearing anything, she looked up, only to see the Messiah that led her here disappear before her very eyes.

‘ Ahhh . . . . . . ’

Ahyeon continued to mutter the words of the Messiah.

“ When you reach the end, you will obtain what you desire. Wait quietly until then. ”

How could she not know what that meant. Her Savior was definitely going to help her. Revenge . . . the b.l.o.o.d.y revenge she wanted . . . at the end of the dungeon. If she were to continue moving, the Savior will definitely come. He will come and brutally kill them, and definitely free Unni from her harbored grudge.

In a very long time, Ahyeon honestly laughed.

Ahyeon walked and began returning to the group. Running quickly, she saw that the battle had ended and the b.a.s.t.a.r.ds were resting. Of course, she could hear Mina’s loud voice penetrating her. She was worried if she had been absent for too long, but it seemed that it hasn’t been long since the battle had ended.

“ Where have you come back from? Stupid b.i.t.c.h. I thought you had died! Do you also want to end up dead like your Unni as well? ”

“ Ah . . No. Hehe . . . ”

“ Useless b.i.t.c.h. It should have been you instead of Hana that had died, but she ended up rescuing you . . . Sigh. ”

From Mina’s words, she laughed and apologized as usual. Taking out the clean cloths from her backpack, she began to diligently wipe the blood and sweat off the warrior’s armors and faces. Wiping away the blood on Mina’s boots and bringing water to the warriors, they began preparing for dinner. In order for them not to scold her, she continued to find work.

Unni was like this. Although she lowered her head, she had completed all her tasks perfectly, no matter how dirty it was.

“ I’m sorry . . . Hehe . . ”

“ b.i.t.c.h . . . Look at you moving so quickly. If you were like this previously, how nice would it have been? You’re saying it’s a relief that you’re alive, right? Quite pitiful for Hana. At least she was a useful b.i.t.c.h . . . ”

“ Yes . . . Yes. ”

Although she could sense contempt flowing out of the men around her, she didn’t respond to them at all. Rather, she was even willing to quickly release their s.e.xual tensions for them. She received all of their heated eyes onto her. She was waiting for everything to end quickly, as she awaited for the dungeon clear.

Ahyeon laughed like a fool once again.