Green Skin - Chapter 49

Chapter 49

Chapter 49: To the Dungeon (2)

I smiled towards Green Goblin. Normally, I wanted to rely on myself, but as much as there is room to grow, I thought it was fine to rely on my Unique Ability as well.

It was then.

[ You have a new quest. ]

[ Quest – Collect Weapons: Named Monster, one called Weapon Merchant by the humans. Now, you can really become a ‘ Weapon Collector! ’ Find a weapon that will accompany you on your first step. ( 0/1 ) ]

[ Reward – ??? ]

‘ Hidden Quest ’

It seems these are how these quests are given. For the system to directly open a road for us to become stronger, was quite alarming. Come to think of it, the reason why this hidden quest was given was definitely to embrace my own ident.i.ty.

It was then that I was able to realize how this world revolved. Though it wasn’t an answer that resolved all of my goals, even during the Tutorial, the system definitely responded back to me regarding conquering the North at that time. It happened again. I couldn’t help but think that maybe Choi Seulgi had heard of this voice as well. It seems that there was a high chance that the system helps us to be resolute of which goals or objectives to pursue through quests.

But it is not without problems. The problem was that there were too little hints. To be honest, the weapons that I possessed were decent. Quite frankly, they are much better than the weapon that I had previously used.

Of course, compared to Green Goblin’s Rusty Dagger or Saint Sword’s weapon, it’s extremely lacking, but even so; I never thought that I could attain a weapon that could be evaluated around Intermediate. Precisely, it’s impossible.

I pondered for a minute. I could feel Green Goblin staring at me curiously.

“ It seems that you’re in deep thought. Are you not going to train with me today? ”

“ No. I request of you for today as well. ”

As such, though the training started, I could not properly focus. I thought I had reached the level of Green Goblin in terms of dagger techniques, but despite that, the result was a complete defeat. Even today, I couldn’t block a single attack of his. But, I wasn’t feeling too disappointed.

“ Tch, it seems that your mind is somewhere else. That’s it for today. ”

“ Kereeeeeeeuk . . . ”

Even after the training, I was in constant thought.

If even Lee Youngdon’s ‘ Mana Wide-bladed Longsword ’ didn’t meet the condition, then it means that I had to acquire a weapon at least of Advanced quality, if not the best I had thought.

There were two answers. But it definitely wasn’t easy.

The first option was the dungeon.

The other choice was purchasing from the item shop.

Of course, you have to enter an Advanced dungeon to get Advanced items. It was the same for points. It hasn’t been long since I purchased the Weapon-breaking Longsword. An advanced item usually goes over 10,000 points, which I could not afford at the moment.

But what I could act on immediately, was to go to an Advanced dungeon as expected.


It was impossible to clear.

With our current forces, there was no mistake that it was impossible to clear. The biggest reason was that we had no Priest.

‘ f.u.c.k . . ’

I knew roughly by the rumours. In which dungeon at which location parties and clans had struck the lottery. Although I didn’t exactly know the exact period of time, I knew roughly. But, the problem was if I can even go there.

If I were to ask Green Goblin for aid, things would become easier, but he definitely wouldn’t bother with such a personal matter.

I began to slowly organize my thoughts. It has been roughly half a year since I had entered the continent. There was a case where a Intermediate-Advanced party had discovered an Advanced Dungeon near the vicinity of the Western City and had struck the jackpot. They were so fortunate that the rumors had reached to even those of ‘ Aia. ’ But, it was because of that they were capable and able to enter the dungeon. There was a clear difference between them and us that couldn’t enter despite knowing.

“ Grunt . . . ”

After entering the camp, I continued to grab onto my head. Mev began to approach me with a worried expression.

“ Captain. Do you have any worries? ”

“ Well . . . it’s because I wanted to obtain some decent equipment . . . ”

“ You’re saying that you still greed for more despite possessing three good swords? ”

As if she was amused. No, rather she was nodding her head arduously full of hope. It seems that she was having some strange imaginations, but the current problem at hand was too large to cope with by myself.

“ Why don’t you look around there? Who knows? What Captain is looking for might be surprisingly close . . . ”

I began to turn my head towards the place Mev pointed to. What came into my sight was a pile of weapons. They were all the weapons that were obtained from the ones gathered by Choi Seulgi and the recent battle against the Red Cross Clan.

With a sorrowful expression towards Mev I had to admit that I had already checked all of them. Just in case there might be a particular weapon, but there were none that was of the quality of Lee Youngdon’s.

“ This hammer is better than my hammer ! Ggirik ! ”

“ From now on, this is my s.h.i.+eld ! Ggirik. But, it’s too heavy ! ”

“ The sword our handsome Captain has – looks the best. Ggirik ! I want to have it too ! ”

The sight of the Three Goblin Siblings replacing their weapons in enthusiasm couldn’t help but bring a smile to my face. Especially the goblin warrior that used swords. If I were to obtain a good weapon, I had thought that I should hand one over to her.

Suddenly, seeing them search around the weapon storage.

It was just a moment, but an idea began to emerge in my mind.

‘ PK ’ (TL Note: Player-Killing)

The weapon I currently possessed was indeed the sword that I took from Lee Youngdon. All the weapons that the clan were playing around with were stolen weapons. Of course there was no way to steal away a Dungeon Clear or Achievement. The greatest problem lay weather if we could handle the Advanced Adventurers, but a Dungeon Clear wasn’t so easy.

Of course if Advanced Summoned were to enter the dungeons meant for beginners, clearing would be easy. But an Advanced party trying to clear an Advanced Dungeon meant that they were prepared to throw their lives down.

Even if you found a dungeon, it was a problem. You couldn’t enter it immediately. After preliminary research, some Summoned, without even letting the governing guild know, would enter the dungeon. They were worried that this achievement might be taken by a large guild.

In other words, the source of the dungeon are only known to those that discovered the dungeon including me.

So the best condition would be to PK them.

The most ideal scenario is to slaughter them all when they are fighting the boss of the dungeon. Is it possible? Was the inevitable conclusion I came to.

Why that is so, is simply because.

The dungeon that I am thinking of now; ‘ Ancient Warrior’s Grave ’ is one where 20 adventurers that lived in a small city to the West entered, but only five had returned back alive.

Of course, the five survivors had explosive growth due to the items that they had obtained from the dungeon, but I could remember that even the corpses couldn’t be found for the other dead 15 people.

It was that dangerous, but the more dangerous a dungeon is, the more likely that you will be in glee afterwards.

My thoughts end here. I immediately began to search through those dim memories.

In a small city named ‘ Regius ’ not far from the Western City ‘ Aia, ’ although there weren’t Strong as powerful as those of the Holy Order, there were retired soldiers and people that didn’t like large crowds.

I’m not sure if there was a Green Skin tribe over there, but I thought that there could be one.

Since Green Skins that love to fight would settle near the humans.

Anyhow, if you continue down from the small town of Regius is where Ancient Warrior’s Grave lies, bordered between the desert and the forest. I remember that when the wind sweeps away the sand, a small altar appears, which is the entrance to the dungeon.

Usually, there’s no news or mention of hidden dungeons like these until they’re cleared, and once done, there were cases where the survivors would brag and boast. Fortunately, they were of that kind.

‘ A group that wants to be famous and strong. ‘

Thanks to them, I was able to read their logbooks, but it would have been quite dangerous for them if they were not of the Advanced level.

Anyways, as I was seriously organizing the thoughts within my head with a stern expression, soon, the Blood Clan subordinates began to stare at me.

As if they were looking forward to what their Captain would command them to do.

Because it was natural of me to meet their expectations, I raised my molar and opened my mouth.

“ We go hunt. ”

“ Woaaaaaaaaahhhhh! ” The ones that were most enthusiastic were those that had just evolved into an Orc Warrior. But, sadly, I could not bring along a few. Since we had to move as stealthily as possible. Thus, I could not take those that were poor at hiding their tracks.

“ Ggirik! Ggirik! For Blood Dagger! ”

“ It’s an Honorable Battle! ”

The situation had become already uncontrollable. It would be extremely difficult to announce that I could not take along a few, but considering that they would be more elated with me opening my mouth, I confidently spoke.

“ But, a few will standby here. This is a hunt that requires stealth. Do not a.s.sume that strong warriors are useless, so do not be disappointed.

“ Woooooooaaaa . . . . . . . . . . . .ugh . . . ”

These guys were noticeably depressed. I decided that I must take them on the next expedition, and so I started to light my eyes slowly. Since they were one with my voice, and one with my eyes, I too felt disheartened.

“ First . . . . Mev. ”

“ Nice ! Nice ! ”

I definitely needed Mev. Our top archer in the clan. She can trace footsteps very well, and with her particular ‘ Quiet Step ’ skill that could float if she infused a lot of mana, she was essential. Not only that, just in the clan, she was within the top five in terms of strength, so I would definitely take her.

The problem was the First, as well as the Second of the Loyal Five Siblings and Jung Hayeon.

In the case of Jung Hayeon, it was right to bring her along for battle. But, other than her magic, she was clumsy with everything else.

But, the bigger problem lay with the First and Second. It was definitely an advantage to take them both. Their power was certain, and for them that once aimed to be, they clearly had talent in stealth. However, one of them needed to stay behind to maintain order among the rest left behind.

I quietly began to look on at the First and Second.

Their eyes began to grow in tension.

“ Woahhhhhhhhhh. I want to go! I want to fight with Blood Dagger! ”

The first to make a sudden movement was the Second. As if saying that he will go. He suddenly began to display his ‘ Stealthy Step ’ skill in front of me. Even the orcs around him began to display the same technique as well as they followed behind him.

It looked a bit cute.

For orcs with frames as large as them to move like that was definitely funny, but from their serious expressions, this wasn’t the time to laugh.

As if he wasn’t amused with his younger sibling at all, the First rose from his spot and displayed the same behavior.

“ Woahhhhhhhhhhhh ! ! ! I want to go too ! I will protect Blood Dagger by his side! Kereeeeuk ”

He shouted.


He completely disappeared from my sight.

The others began to go into an uproar witnessing this.

“ Ggirik! Ggirik ! He disappeared. He disappeared! ”

Although others were curious as to what had happened, I recognized what was going on.

‘ Unique Ability. ’

I’m not exactly sure what ability it was, but it looked so nice that I could not help but swallow back my envy as I stared on where the First had disappeared from.

TL Afterword: Aha, it seems that your cla.s.s indeed really doesn’t determine your Unique Ability. Sounds like a nice Unique Ability from a glance.

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