Green Skin - Chapter 38

Chapter 38

The memories of the past slowly began to materialize. Usually, she thought of it often, but when she closed her eyes, she could clearly see his face.

” Seulgi. ”

” Huh? Why Kim Taesung? Perhaps, you want to do it again?

” No, girl I got no money. ”

” Aie, of course this time I’ll do it for free . . . how about it? ”

” No that’s not it. Let’s talk. Talk. Ah, stop touching. Let’s talk shall we . . . ”

” Whats wrong with you today? f.u.c.k . . . you don’t want to do it? I haven’t seen you for a few days, were you visiting Hyeyoung next door? Are you tired of me? ”

” No that’s not it . . . do you think I have the money for that? It’s already difficult enough coming here . . . ”

” Last time you met Hyeyoung, you asked me who I was. Isn’t that right? Even if you do f.u.c.k other b.i.t.c.hes, I told you not to forget this side. ”

” No that’s not it at all. I just wanted to talk . . . let’s talk . . . since we always just f.u.c.k, our relations.h.i.+p hasn’t been making any progress. ”

” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”

I was a bit moved. No, to be honest, I was very moved by it. If you think about it now, I didn’t understand why he didn’t get angry at me at the time. It’s not certain, but perhaps he had wanted to monopolize me for herself. Still, there was only you to honestly consider me seriously. That absent-minded appearance when he first entered this place was still memorable. A third-rate swordsman that carried a sc.r.a.p steel sword, posing as an adventurer. He pretended that he was strong, but I knew he was not. That was the kind of man I loved.

Of course there were no words such as ‘ I like you ‘ or ‘ Let’s date ‘ spoken. It would be ridiculous and somewhat amusing to confess to him as one who was selling my body at this kind of place during this time, but meeting him occasionally like this was a joy in my life. I had hoped this happiness won’t crumble.

Funny enough, the guy had similar thoughts to me. It was because he was a third-rate swordsman without talent. Sometimes he would glance at me and mumble something, but then he would shut up. Though it would have been a bit distressful if I misunderstood, but I was about half certain that he had feelings for me.

A very kind guy to like a cheap, used girl like me. Someone that easily trusted people, and a simplistic personality moved by useless things.

” Hmm . . . hmm . . . well alright, we can talk I guess. You’re really something. I haven’t seen a b.a.s.t.a.r.d like you that would come here just to talk. The rest are desperate trying to finish . . . come to think of it, that’s f.u.c.ked up. Alright, let’s talk. What do you want to say? ”

” Well really . . . I have nothing to say. It’s just something I’m curious about. ”

” What is it? ”

” I wanted to ask why . . . . why you ended up in such a place . . . ”

” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”

I was very embarra.s.sed by the question. I pretended to be honest, but I wanted to speak it truthfully. If I wasn’t concerned that he would go and cause a raucus by finding those guys and either getting injured or dying, then it was certain that I would say it.

” Didn’t I specifically tell you not to ask such questions before? ”

” No that’s not it . . . but you said it was quite fine at first . . . it’s natural for a b.a.s.t.a.r.d like me to live this kind of life, but you’re pretty . . . and your personality doesn’t really match this kind of work I think . . . ”

” I told you before. How hard it is to live in the city with debt. I can’t even go out to hunt. Losing money here and there, I had no choice but to enter here to survive. Although I do have plans to slowly prepare and resign here. ”

” Really? ”

I could still recollect the guy’s idiotic expression. As if he was extremely happy that I was preparing to quit, he was smiling agape. You couldn’t even take me in this instant, so I wondered why he was smiling like that. Could it be that he was imagining the future like me? I thought that it was probably so.

” Yup. If I try . . . I could probably get out I think. Well, if nothing else, I’ll flee. Anyways, hey. Embrace me. ”

” Alright, come over here child. ”

” Want to die? Who are you calling a child? ”

” Hehe . . . it’s warm. ”

” Yeah. It is warm. ”

” Hey . . . ”

” Yeah? ”

” No, it’s nothing . . . ”

” How boring . . . ”

He was going to say something. It definitely seemed that he was about to tell me that he loved me. He definitely would have said that he loved me.

Choi Seulgi, as such . . . recollecting that not-long happy memory, slowly opened her eyes.

” It’s cold. ”

A cave filled with darkness in all sides. Since I couldn’t enter the city, she had been living in a cave in the vicinity of the Western Forest by herself for over three months. Though it was a bit cold and uncomfortable, it was much more comfortable than the city. The reason for not entering the city was simple.

She was worried that she would get captured for the crimes she made. She wasn’t worried about dying or receiving pain. Rather, she was worried that she couldn’t complete her task after returning to this place.

Firstly, luring those b.i.t.c.hes was extremely simple. The murdering b.i.t.c.hes that aimed for the Summoned were weak, and with her current appearance, their vigilance was extremely dim.

Though it was different from the future she knew, due to the fame of the Named Monsters, Weapon Merchant and Green Flower, testifying was extremely simple.

‘ I met the Weapon Merchant. I barely escaped. ‘

If she said something like this to the guards, they would nod their heads. It was probably there were an inflation of cases where the orcs would take the humans here and kill them. Since the goblins that followed Weapon Merchant mainly utilized daggers, it was very simple to leave similar traces.

The problem was the second one, Park Youngwhan, Kim Pansuk, and those other b.i.t.c.hes. Thanks to the Weapon Merchant, there wasn’t too much suspicion killing the first b.a.s.t.a.r.ds that killed the man she loved, but this time, it was rather a bit more complicated.

Her original targets were Park Youngwhan and Kim Pansuk, the two of them. The reality that they would bring two more people for their safety, a magician and archer, was a bit different from the past. In fact, I could have delayed the schedule a bit later, but like Park Youngwhan mentioned, there might never be another time to have this kind of opportunity. They were trash-like b.a.s.t.a.r.ds anyways. The objective of the archer and magician accompanying Park Youngwhan and Kim Pansuk was obvious.

Recollecting the past, it was extremely hard to contain her rage, but in order to reach her objective, acting stupidly was a simple task. She currently possessed strength that she did not have in the past, and by using those guys that thought of her as a bonehead, achieving this goal was easier than eating cold porridge.

Above all, the one she loved wasn’t in the city currently. She had to quickly finish her tasks here in the Western City and check to confirm whether he was in a different city, so she couldn’t afford to delay her plans. This was before she had met that peculiar orc that is.

Thanks to this, she was thankful and also resented the magician who had that strange unique ability on foreboding danger.

The thankful part was allowing her to meet ‘ Weapon Merchant. ‘

If they had originally went to the destination before instead of going to the Land of the Undead, they wouldn’t have died so simply. Like those ‘ first ‘ guys currently locked up inside. . . she couldn’t help but think that the unique ability the magician possessed was quite useful. Wherever they went, he knew that it would become much more perilous. Though the Weapon Merchant had cruelly dealt with those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, it was not enough. If it were her, she wouldn’t have let them die on the spot.

Choi Seulgi slowly began to lift her body.

Thinking of those guys again, the rage had filled her.

” Eub Eub ! Eub ! Eub ! ! ! ”

Hearing Choi Seulgi moving, the guys inside began to scream. Their voices couldn’t be heard properly since they were biting on something, but it was as if they were trying to say how frightened they were of the current situation.

Choi Seulgi began releasing the gag of the guy closest to her.

It was because she realized just how pleasing it was hearing these screams after finis.h.i.+ng the few tasks she had.

” Please . . . let me live . . . no please please kill me. Please . . . ”

Choi Seulgi smiled seeing the fear-stricken guy’s face. Soon, Choi Seulgi opened her mouth casuing the guy to nod.

” s.h.i.+n Duk-ho. ”

” Yes Yes ! Yes ! ”

” Do you know why you are locked up here right now? ”

” Of course. Of course. I had done bad things in the past. Very . . . bad things. ”

” Speak. ”

” I . . . . so I . . . betrayed a man named Kim Taesung. Yes, betrayed. Betrayed. And . . . I plunged a sword into Choi Seulgi. ”

” That’s right. It was extremely painful . . . but what was more distressing was watching Kim Taesung running with a blade pierced through his chest. ”

With a sad face, she began to slowly look around the surroundings. Since she wasn’t quite used to this kind of work, she saw the corpse of a guy dead in her sight. Choi Seulgi began to stare at s.h.i.+n Duk-ho once again. He had no thoughts of repenting. Rather, what English is this? It was an expression of what kind of nonsense I was saying.

Of course Choi Seulgi knew that s.h.i.+n Duk-ho couldn’t possibly remember the things he committed in his previous life. But, there was no other way of settling her anger other than this.

” You. Do you really know? ”

” Yes . . . Yes of course. Of course. ”

” Lies. Your eyes don’t say it’s true. ”

Choi Seulgi picked up the dagger. s.h.i.+n Duk-ho’s body was already in tatters. But since she took care of him so well, he can live healthily for at least another month. The effect of the potions that were purchased from the item store were quite nice. Once she held the dagger, s.h.i.+n Duk-ho began to twist his body as he began to scream.

” Fu . . . f.u.c.k . . . f.u.c.k I don’t know Kim Taesung or whoever f.u.c.k . . . Sniff . . . sniff . . . why are you doing this to me f.u.c.k . . . ”

” See, see. You were lying. ”

Choi Seulgi brought her dagger and extended it towards him. The other two guys behind were also beginning to scream as they watched. Puk, puk, those unpleasant sounds caused the others to tremble as well.



” I’m so . . . AHHHHHK ! ”

This wasn’t necessarily torture. It was just a random behavior of extending the dagger to relieve one’s anger. But she knew the truth of what was the most fearful, what was the most painful.

They all knew that they won’t die simply due to the potions that she had bought with her acc.u.mulated points. She didn’t prefer blood splas.h.i.+ng, so had to very carefully . . . ”

A few hours later of bothering him, the guy was lying on the floor. Her stress was somewhat relieved and the guys behind him had peed in fear, so she decided to stop for the day. After feeding him a potion, she gagged him once more.

The other guys hanging in the air couldn’t resist. Choi Seulgi cheerfully spoke to the gagged guys.

” Guys. ”

” Eub . . . Eub . . ”

” About Kim Taesung . . . he definitely returned right? Just things are a bit complicated so he’s in another place? ”

From Choi Seulgi’s question, s.h.i.+n Duk-ho and the other two guys nodded readily. Seeing those responses, she couldn’t help but laugh.

” I look forward to it. ”

TL Afterword: Is it me or is this a Rated R version of what girls do to men in Dressarosa of One Piece. Whew, that’s some brutal torture (s.h.i.+vers*). Kids, this is why you need to be good. Treat others as you want to be treated~

PR Afterword:

Fr34kz: Scary women in his arc.

TL Afterword

Is it me or is this a Rated R version of what girls do to men in Dressarosa of One Piece. Whew, that’s some brutal torture (s.h.i.+vers*). Kids, this is why you need to be good. Treat others as you want to be treated~


Is it just me or is Seulgi the closest definition to a Yandere here. Holy, now that’s real torture haha.


To clarify, s.h.i.+n Duk-ho was the leader along with a group or player murderers that stabbed MC and Seulgi in chapter 1.

PR Afterword

Fr34kz: Scary women in his arc.

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