Green Skin - Chapter 27

Chapter 27

[ A human fights in the shadows. As for us Green Goblins . . . . well . . . – Green Goblin Clan’s Chief. ]

” It seems that he was very close to you . . . Ggirik . . . a brother? Ggirik. ”

The one who spoke to me was Green Goblin. Right now we were leaving the Land of Glory with some of the tribesmen of the Green Goblin Clan. I did not say my farewells to the Chief Patriarch, but when I saw that the Green Goblins did not mind, it seemed that there was no need to say goodbye when leaving.

” He was one that came here with me. ”

” If so, that must have been very special Ggirik Ggirik. I was of the same as well. ”

I was slowly moving on top of a Giant Wolf, who I named ‘ Ibar ‘. At first, I thought it was appropriate to walk with the clan members, but after Mev approached me and spoke how I needed to show dignity of the Chief Patriarch, I consented and rode on top of her.

Riding her wasn’t as difficult as I thought. When she starts running, I thought I would fall off her unsightly, but she was caring for me more than anything else. And the soft, fluffy fur was extremely comfortable. As if I was sitting on a superior sofa. I could somewhat understand why some people would go crazy over expensive cars.

The interesting part was that among the 10 or so Green Goblin clan members, the chief was walking with them. It seems that he didn’t get selected.

With an envious look, he kept taking glances towards me on top of Ibar, so much so that I could feel his eyes continually staring.

” Would you like to ride her behind me? ”

“Ah . . . no. Ggirik. It’s okay. Ggirik . . . ”

He was definitely stuttering. It seems he was shaken. Strangely, as if she understood my words, Ibar let out a ” Kereeeung “, expressing her refusal. The Green Goblin who saw this was greatly depressed. I do not know why, but the other clan members also had sad faces. In the end, I had to bend down and ask ” It’s okay, right? ” before she began to stoop down.

There was no reason why he wouldn’t understand for him to come on. In the end, Green Goblin

” It’s . . . okay . Ok . . . It’s fine . . . Ggirik. ”

Green Goblin mumbled as he slowly climbed on top of Ibar’s back.

Once he climbed up, he was extremely elated. These Green Skins are simple as expected. Seeing this, the rest of the Green Goblin Clan Members began screaming.

” Our . .. chief has been selected by the Giant Wolf ! ”

” The first goblin in the Green Goblin Clan to overcome this limit is our chief ! ”

” Our Chief is great ! ”

Even the other Green Goblins have not been on top of a wolf once. It was to the point where I wondered if Giant Wolves disliked those that are simple. In an instant, all of them were excited. Our clan members were getting excited in a different way.

” It’s a great unity amongst chiefs ! ”

” The Green Goblin Clan and the Blood Dagger Clan ! It’s a great unity amongst chiefs ! ”

I was extremely curious as to how this situation of riding on the wolf could be interpreted like that, but it was really interesting. The Green Goblin, who saw this, was slightly excited and climbed on the wolf with two feet.

” I am that Green Goblin ! ”

‘ Tch. ‘

Seeing him like that, I began to worry whether I could entrust my future to someone like him. At this time, we had left the Land of Glory, but in the direction of the way back seemed to be a bit different.

” It seems that the path back is different from when we searched for the Land of Glory. ”

” That land is holy and only the Green Skins of the Warrior Exam could enter. Ggirik. Our clan had also traversed to the Land of Glory with the aid of a guide. It’s already been 8 years. ”

” I see . . . ”

” This way back is much more quick and comfortable. Now and then, we will also encounter humans. You don’t have to restrain your desire for battle unlike last time. Ggirik Ggirik. ”

In the Warrior Exam, the monsters that appeared every time we changed direction led us on the right path. As Green Goblin mentioned, we were able to find a much more comfortable way back then we did searching for the Land of Glory.

A path surrounded by huge trees. To be precise, it was not well organized to say the least, but certainly these huge trees covered the hot desert, so it was much easier to travel.

It seems that the probability of a ‘ road ‘ connecting the middle of this forest and the desert is high. Thanks to it, the humans use this road quite often it seems. A ‘ disputed area ‘ where green skins and humans will likely fight for, this place was likely one that you would not want to lose. It is the only comfortable way to reach the continent, so it’s not unreasonable in wanting to control this path.

Since I wasn’t good with memorizing roads, I looked at Mev, who understood my point. She was memorizing the way as an archer.

” Come to think of it, what do you want to learn from our clan? ”

” Everything. Especially on how to wield the dagger. Of course, it’s not just me, but all of our clan members. ”

I had to try as many weapons as possible, so I decided to learn the dagger first. There was no particular reason, but since I was heading to the west, and I was familiar with the proficiency of the dagger used by the Green Goblins from my human days, I thought why not.

For example, thieves and who weren’t skilled.

‘ Tch. It would be nice if I could wield the dagger as skilled as Green Goblin. ‘ This joke alone portrayed just how highly skilled they were.

Anyways, the Green Goblin, hearing my words, briefly pondered before smiling and replied.

” You are an unusual Green Skin. Blood Dagger, warrior without honor. Others a.s.sert that there is nothing to learn from us. This is the first I’ve been directly asked for my teachings. Ggirik. ”

” You do not evolve, but you still protect your honor in the body of goblins with your flag set high. You have the right to receive applause. ”

” Ggirik ! Ggirik ! Originally, our Green Goblin Clan ask for sparkling objects as payment when tasked by our brothers for a request. ”

It seems it wasn’t free. I even gave him a ride on a wolf, but seeing him like that, I couldn’t help but feel that he was a bit shameful. Even when I was in the city, I have heard how goblins lose one’s mind from sparkling objects. So much so that it was advised not to carry any sparkling possessions as much as possible before leaving on an adventure. I thought it was just a joke, but seeing this now, they really are greedy.

” I don’t have anything at the moment, but I can retrieve what you want. Green Goblin. ”

” Ggirik ! Ggirik ! Very good ! Good ! Ggirik ! ”

He was able to ride on top of a wolf. He was also promised sparkling items. The Green Goblin who was extremely elated started laughing, causing the other clan members to laugh as well.

Sparkling gold coins and jewels. When I was a human, those were very precious, but for monsters, they were nothing but useless objects. I’m not sure why they’re so obsessed with those, but it wasn’t even difficult for us to give away the by-products of the hunt.

As such, we travelled like this for a while. Slowly, the Green Goblin began to climb down the wolf. Staring at the Green Goblin with a questionable expression, the Green Goblin with a playful look opened his mouth.

” It seems that I can get rid of Blood Dagger’s curiosity faster than I thought. Ggirik Ggirik. ”

The other Green Goblins in the surrounding began to look around with happy expressions.

” Humans. There are humans. ”

” There are humans up front. If we walk a bit further, you’ll see. ”

I didn’t notice. Of course our tribe members also had dazed faces.

” We’re not ignoring the bravery of the Blood Dagger Clan, but leave this fight to us this time. We want to show you all something. Ggireuk. Ggireuk ”

I decided to answer with a nod. I had expected that the humans acting in this path would be strong to a certain extent, but I could not imagine how they did not notice us yet. Especially in this welcoming setting. If we were to be rushed first, probably over half of us will die.

But to be able to notice that, the Green Goblin Clan started to look even more impressive.

To be honest, among the Green Skins, other than ones that just entered, the chiefs that have been in the continent for a long time could be rightly considered to be the strongest in the continent. When you evaluate the strengths of these guys roughly from personal insights and rumors. a.s.suming that both the Saint Sword and the Queen of the North both equal in status are S RANK 10 years later, the many chiefs of the Green Skin would be between S RANK and A RANK. Of course, in the case of Chief Patriarch Agar who is considered to be out of specification, SS RANK.

During my human days, as someone that thought of myself as E RANK, it was a height that was truly too high to reach. Perhaps the Green Goblin in front of me may be playful and greedy, but he is one of the strongest. I gestured to the tribal members of the Blood Dagger Clan for a moment with my hand.

They probably heard Green Goblin’s voice as well. To not intervene in this battle. Everyone nodded in comprehension. But, it seems that they wanted to fight.

It was the first time to be able to view a fight by ‘the strong’ since I watched the Saint Sword. Well, I’ve only seen the Saint Sword in an unofficial fight at a compet.i.tion without voting, but I’ve never seen her properly clash in a battle of life and death.

” Let’s go. My Green brothers. ”

The Green Goblin Clan began to move quickly. Of course, it seems that they were taking care of us as they continued to smile looking back as they ran. If it were just the Green Goblins, then the human’s might not have noticed, but the Blood Dagger Clan was charging as well. To advertise like this while running, I thought that it wouldn’t be long before they notice us.

As expected, I started to hear the human voices.

” Monsters ! Prepare for battle ! ”

” Our luck is good. They’re goblins. Just roughly face them . . . ”

‘ Stupid b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. ‘

Certainly the goblins of the south are weaker than the west. Nonetheless, it is inexcusable to be careless to such an extent. That kind of reaction should only appear if you’re truly confident. Or if your opponents are weaker than you.

Among them, a level-headed person began to shout with a loud voice.

” Don’t be careless and prepare for battle. ”

With one sentence from that person that looked to be the leader, the mood of the party changed. I could hear sounds of chanting here and there. They were planning on responding with magic. The warriors also began to raise their s.h.i.+elds to clash against the goblins.

When I was curious of how these small goblins would be able to penetrate those s.h.i.+elds and attain victory, it was then.

The Chief suddenly began to throw gold coins from his pocket.

” Ggirik ! Ggirik ! Sparkling, sparkling, sparkling ! ”

Curious of what nonsense they were acting, the moment I looked at the Green Goblin, the goblins began to accelerate into a flash. We realized that they weren’t running slowly in wait of us. But they were trying to induce as much carelessness as possible from their opponents with their loose appearances. The speed of the goblins that began to change hardened the expressions of the humans. Of course, their facial expressions couldn’t help but change. The speed of the goblins rus.h.i.+ng towards them were extremely fast.

And then.

The moment a human magician was about to complete his spell, the light gleamed from the gold coins that were thrown.

‘ f.u.c.k . . . ‘

I didn’t hear an explosion. Rather.

Bbeeeeeeeeeeeeee – – – – the sounds kept ringing in my ear, completely blinding me. The light was so bright that it was painful to keep them open.

‘ Flash-bang. ‘

I thought that it was probably a unique ability. A unique ability that changes sparkling objects to flash-bangs. It was a unique ability completely different from that cheap HP Increase. I can finally understand why human adventurers found goblins of the Green Goblin Clan to be nightmarish. I realized why I had never seen the Green Goblin Clan’s Chief in the western city ‘ Aia. ‘

They fight in the light. Nearly all of these clan members that have changed into fought in the flashbang thrown by the ‘ Green Goblin. ‘

Bbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee – – – Once the sound stopped, I could hear the screams of the humans.

” AHHHHHHK ! ! ”


” Wh . . . where ! Save me ! ! ! ”

” Priest ! ! ”

Soon, when my vision began to slowly recover, I opened my eyes. The battle was already over.

‘ f.u.c.k . . . these f.u.c.king b.a.s.t.a.r.ds . . . ‘

It was a given that I began to swear at the person that summoned us here in this very unfair place. How strong. Even the chief did not move after the first flash flare. Green Goblin wasn’t even interested in the battle that already ended as he began to search the humans’ pockets.

” Chief ! I found it ! A Gold Coin ! ”

” Sparkling, Sparkling. It’s sparkling ! ”

It wasn’t just me. The rest of the Blood Dagger Clan members gazed upon this dumbfounded scene in a daze. In the centre, the Green Goblin Chief looked at me and showed his teeth. There were still gold coins that were dancing in his hands.

” So how was it Blood Dagger? Has your curiosity been resolved yet? Ggirik . . . Ggirik . . . ”

” A bit . . . ”

This was exactly what a Named Monster was.

To be honest, I was lost for words for a moment. Not exaggerating, but I was truly embarra.s.sed. I couldn’t even see the fight, so my pride was a bit hurt. I didn’t even properly see how the humans had died.

” Blood Dagger, you must have heard as well. The G.o.d of Battlefields voice. ”

” I did. ”

” It seems that the G.o.d of Battlefield calls this special ability [ Unique Ability ]. Ggirik Ggirik ! ”

I definitely knew. Since I had one as well. Though it was a ridiculously useless ability.

” I see . . . I think I saw it from the item shop if I recall. ”

” Then, this conversation won’t be long. Blood Dagger, I learnt this ability exactly three years after coming over into this continent. It will be the same for you. Let’s concentrate on awakening your unique ability together for these next three years. Ggirik Ggirik ! It doesn’t matter what kind of ability it is. ”

” I look forward to it . . . ”

Of course, unique abilities are important, but it wasn’t just that. What I just realized when I saw the Green Goblin Clan in the battle just before, they seemed to be a perfect ‘clan’. Of course, my own upbringing is also important. However, the direction of how our clan will grow in the future was definitely important.

In the case of White Silver Fang, all of them have fast maneuverability, so they will be very specialized for guerilla tactics. The Minotaurs of the prairies will fight and charge recklessly with their immense strength. As for the Ogres in the jungle, they will awaken their wild nature as much as possible and slaughter their opponents.

If you think about it, Goff’s Clan was the same. The majority of their warriors have large frames. They enjoy fighting in the front. Even the shamans that are in Darkmoon Clan have their own characteristics. Our clan compared to them have a high ratio of, so I can’t say that we don’t have any distinctive features, but despite that, we were sorely lacking.

‘ I have a lot of homework. ‘

I literally meant it. I really had a lot of homework. In the end, as we marched towards the west, I didn’t say much, and the Green Goblin Clan’s chief Green Goblin watched me as if he understood. Of course I did not know how long he had lived here, but he too had experienced the growth process. Around the time that we arrived at the tribe of the Green Goblin Clan, I had determined that it was a good choice that I had selected their clan.

2-3 years, no matter what method I use, I will become stronger with power.

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