Green Skin - Chapter 23

Chapter 23

[ Captain . . . I’m curious Ggirik. When the Goff Clan fight, they always cry ” Victory or Death ” The Blood Dagger Clan also cries ” Victory ! Only for Victory. For Blood Dagger. ” I can somewhat understand what they’re trying to say. But, the subordinates of the Chief Patriarch Agar would always cry a war chant I couldn’t understand. Ggirik. It’s been a while . . . so I can’t . . . really remember . . . but it was probably . . . . ” Strength, Wisdom and Honor . . .” What is this ? . . . . . – Darkmoon Clan’s young goblin ]

Pa.s.sing the end of the desert, we entered a forest that looked devoid of life. After walking for some time, we realized how very dense the forest was. Due to the large trees, the clans had to walk around, and afterwards, we could see large plains ahead.

Behind that, we could see countless number of Green Skins. Orc, Ogre, Goblin, and even Werewolves and Minotaurus like races lined up the entrance of the forest. Right now, though there were some that did not possess green skin, I included them since they were the same Green Skins in the past. Soon, we moved one step forward. A large roar from thousands of voices burst out.

” For our brothers that have conquered the honorable exam ! ”

” For our brothers that have stepped into the Land of Glory ! ”

Everyone had one hand laying on their chest while shouting towards us. The sight was a spectacle to behold. In this large plain, countless Green Skins were making way for us who had just entered the Land of Glory.

At the end of the rows upon rows of lined up Green Skins was a large castle built of trees.

” The Land of Glory . . . . ”

Goff mumbled as he walked quietly with me inwards. With Goff like this, the reaction of the goblins and hobgoblins was obvious. They were already jumping here and there while celebrating that they had stepped on the Land of Glory.

” Ggirik ! Ggirik ! ”

” The Goff Clan has stepped into the Land of Glory ! ”

” Blood Dagger Clan stepped in the Land of Glory first ! ”

” It’s the Land of Glory ! ”

It was a difficult journey, but Mev and Jung Hayeon were joyfully walking along behind me. The satisfaction that I could never feel as a human swarmed around my body. It was hard, but we did it.

Despite continually walking, the lined up rows of Green Skins had no end. In a human perspective, it wasn’t an exaggeration to call this a ‘ city. ‘ With this many troops, I thought that it wasn’t unreasonable for these troops to conquer the desert city five years later.

And that each one were of the strongest kind. Of course not all were strong, but if they were to immediately go to any city, they would be ones that would receive the treatment of a 3rd Grade Summoned or higher.

As such, once we walked towards the end of the lined Green Skins, the castle gate of the tree castle very slowly opened.

” We welcome our new brothers that have arrived to the Land of Glory. ”

What we saw was an orc. A very normal-looking orc. As if he had some age, there were wrinkles on his green skin, but his fangs was larger than any other orc. Soon, he extended his hand and greeted us, causing me to understand who he was.

‘ Chief Patriarch. ‘

My instincts already knew. I was able to see why the other Green Skins were so enthusiastic about the ‘ Chief Patriarch. ‘ Funny enough, there was admiration of respect filling my chest. Ridiculous to even mention, but I began to feel the traces of honorable battles that the Orc had lived.

This proved that not anyone could be a Chief Patriarch even if you gather and a.s.semble a lot of clans. As such, the old orc gazed at us.

And not long after the orc had placed his hand, a thunderous roar from all directions erupted.

” Strength ! Wisdom ! Honor ! ”

Goff and I, including all the subordinates began to naturally raise our hands. Soon, when we pounded our hands on our chests, the Chief Patriarch opened his mouth once more.

” I am called Chief Patriarch Agar of this Land of Glory. My brothers. ”

As if his eyes were peering into my soul, I was forced to lower my head in the eyes of the Chief Patriarch. Like that, we entered the Land of Glory.

Entering, I looked around my surroundings. There were tents already installed for each clan to use. What I was pleased with was that all the basic necessities were already dispatched to each individual. Although in a monster’s perspective, the basic necessities were just blankets and leather pouches, but for them to still provide us. It seems they had already known the number of clans and the number of each group as a whole.

” Kereeeeuk. The supervisor that tested us from earlier had already known about everything. ”

” Yes. It definitely seems so. It’s . . . so interesting. That the monsters are . . . rather. ”

” Rather more humane than the humans I a.s.sume you want to say? ”

” Yes . . . Yes. Just from the Tutorial . . . Funny to admit, I feel more secure and safe after evolving then when I was with the humans together before. ”

She wasn’t discussing about the probability of being attacked by monsters. But rather the sentence itself. Jung Hayeon’s figure is definitely beautiful. Probably, with the excuse of ‘ Protection, ‘ there would have been a lot of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds barking around her in my expectation.

Jung Hayeon who entered this continent as a ‘ human ‘ wouldn’t know. Just how much the humans living in the city are rotten . . . it seems she’s quite satisfied with choosing to become an Alraune now, but if she were to hear of the stories inside the city, she would definitely not regret evolving into an Alraune. The reason is that if you were to compare it against the human cities, then it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call the Land of Glory a haven.

When you enter a human city for the ‘ first ‘ time, you definitely receive some treatment. The problem is the aftermath. After the instructors and guilds come and sort out the decent cattle, the rest are blatantly abandoned.

The abandoned Summoned fates are obvious. For women, they are subjected to become prost.i.tutes, and if their luck is good, they are sold to high-ranking pig b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, and as for men, they become poor beggars who depart for adventures only to die.

Thinking about it now, it’s funny, but in Choi Seulgi’s case, she refused all the proposals of living as a pig’s concubine and decided to rather live on her own will by selling her body. Of course, at first she decided to live as a ‘ thief ‘ on the continent, but things never progressed smoothly as planned.

As for me, I was a somewhat lucky case. Though I died ridiculously at the end, but surviving for 10 years was a case where one lived for quite a long time.

While I was thinking of useless thoughts, the sudden silence caused me to start staring at Jung Hayeon. Jung Hayeon, too, was staring at me as her face reddened. She knew what I wanted roughly. Opening her petals, she began to approach me. For her to aggressively come out like this, it seems that she too wants more.

It was then.

” Blood Dagger. ”

Goff suddenly opened the tent and entered. Entering and seeing our bodies intertwine, what he said afterwards was even more of a highlight.

” So you were in the midst of mating . . . moderately finish and let’s go together. The Chief Patriarch calls. ”

In Goff’s eyes, there was no expression of embarra.s.sment or shock whatsoever. If you were to a.n.a.lyze that, it was just an expression of ‘ So Blood Dagger was mating. ‘ It seems that amongst the Green Skins, these kinds of events were nothing embarra.s.sing, so I just nodded and rose up.

Jung Hayeon was mumbling ” Mom . . . what should I do . . ” as she hurriedly entered into the blankets, but Goff already left the tent.

” Tch. I’ll be back. ”

” Yes. Take your time. ”

In fact, it is not a couple of times that he got into such an accident. The reason is that he and I were sharing tents. It’s sharing by word, but in truth, it was nothing impressive. After being naturally much closer during the journey, from then on, Goff and I were able to enter each other’s tents without permission. The Blood Dagger Clan and the Goff Clan also has the atmosphere of not making trouble in each other’s camps despite being in same territory.

I’m not sure myself, but the fact that the green skins share tents is something that happens quite often. It is only possible to live in the same tents in the society of the Green skins with your family and blood-related brothers, but the fact that they share the same tents could only be possible if they can think of each other as ‘ true brothers. ‘

I was grateful and happy that Goff thinks of me as a true brother, but it was also quite embarra.s.sing to have these kind of situations happen as a human.

But, still, seeing how he doesn’t find me at night, it’s a relief that he has some sort of respect for my privacy, but the problem was that I do the same likewise. In the end, I thought that I was at fault for having s.e.xual desires as I began to leave.

” Ggirik . . . So you’ve come Blood Dagger . . . ”

” Well. Yes, Darkmoon. It seems I’m the slowest. ”

Seeing the Clan Chiefs heading somewhere together, the goblins began to noisily scream.

” Ggirik ! The Chiefs are going somewhere ! Ggirik ! ”

” They’re going to meet the Chief Patriarch. The Chief Patriarch ! ”

Those guys are energetic as always. I’m not sure why the Chief Patriarch called us, but it seems that perhaps he plans on eating a meal together with the new clans that have entered the Land of Glory. Or it might be that he’s planning on explaining how this place runs . . .

Anyways, while walking, I began to see places of the Land of Glory enter my sight. To be honest, I couldn’t look around since we were so busily moving towards our distributed tents at the time.

The Green Skins live a basic lifestyle, but they do have civilization. They build houses, go out to hunt, gather together under one conviction to live a tribal life.

But, in this place, these green skins were more than I imagined. Their civilization was a lot more developed than I had thought. They had their own rules and way of living. For instance, there are places under flags intended for fighting.

‘ Battles are to be done under the Chief Patriarch’s flag. It doesn’t matter if you are injured, but you cannot kill the opponent. ‘

‘ All trades are to be done fairly. Green Skins that afflict weaker brothers will receive severe punishment. ‘

They keep order here. They know what honor is. To an extent where I was proud to be a Green Skin.

Looking here and there, we garnered the attention and gazes of the many chiefs once we entered the large Chief Patriarch’s tent made of wood

There was a flag standard behind each chief. There was one drawn of a black snake, and another with a large axe. But, what stood out above all was their power.

I wasn’t able to know exactly, but I could feel it within my skin. The power here. There were none that were weaker than me.

” Welcome. Brothers. ”

” For Strength, Wisdom, and Honor. For Chief Patriarch Agar. ”

We were able to enter the tent once Goff greeted on behalf of all of us.

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