Green Skin - Chapter 209

Chapter 209

Chapter 209

209 Brainwash (2)

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I was watching the situation quietly, but the cold silence in the inquisitors room made me break a sweat. From the cold atmosphere, even the guy who was cursing became quiet, and the eyes of Baek Ahyeon seemed ready to hunt its prey.

If I werent at the scene, he would have had a painful punishment, but Baek Ahyeon was forcing a smile with shaking lips.

There still is a demon inside him. Park Ji Hye inquisitor, please take him to the punishment room .



I had no idea what the punishment room was, but looking at his reaction, I could tell that he was scared to death. I honestly didnt want to see what was going on, but my curiosity made me look. Park Jihye brought the brittle guy into a deeper corner, and when he kept refusing, she broke his ankles.

I didnt feel the need to follow him down, so I asked a question looking at Baek Ahyeon.

What kind of a place is the punishment room?

Yes. So it is a place to separate humans who seem impossible to transform. It is probably because they are already too polluted by the demons. Park Ji Hye inquisitor will use the torture equipment used in the Middle Ages. A common example is the bra.s.s bull, iron lady, or boxes with rats in them. There are some cases in which the people experience the Savior in the room, but it would be very unlikely for him.


Those were some things that anyone has heard of at least once. Personally, I think that the box with rats is the worst out of all of them. The human is fixed in a position and connected to a gla.s.s chamber with rats inside.

Heat is added into the gla.s.s chamber, and the rats try to escape, but in order to do so, they must carve their way out of the human.

On this land, there are no animals that are exactly like rats, but there are some similar creatures. Although they are not threatening, it would be scary to see them carve through human flesh.

Do you not like what I have said?

When I briefly had a stern face, Baek Ahyeon asked as if she were nervous, but I did not mind.

From where were the people in the room captured

Yes, they are all survivors of the fallen city Somora or the clan members of the hunting dogs. There are also fallen people whom the Queen of the East has sent.

Wellits an okay place.

Anyway, most humans are pieces of garbage, and karma got to them. They probably had no idea that there were crazier people than themselves before committing their crime.

I felt certain why religion would be so dangerous. The second level inquisitors seemed crazier than the clan members of the hunting dogs.

I, too, once visited a place where all clan members of the hunting dogs gathered. I did not have to confirm what they did to the humans they kidnapped from hunting and the city of the East.

Where are the humans you captured together from that time?

Yes, the ones we got last time with the hunting dog clan became your servants. There are even ones serving you as second level inquisitors.

The situation was getting pretty amusing. The ones getting punished had punished their inquisitors before. I still didnt know exactly how this place ran, but thinking about the pain that Baek Ahyeon went through, I wondered if she really had the eyes to be able to see demons.


Elisha, who was walking next to us, kept barfing up and she was looking with a much more nervous expression than the one she had coming out of the wors.h.i.+p room. Looking at me with scared eyes, her expression showed that she hadnt realized what kind of a crazy person I was.

Baek Ahyeon was watching Elishas expression very closely.

I told a joke to Baek Ahyeon.

Do you see the devil in her?

The elf jumped from this comment. But, Baek Ahyeon shook her head.

Unfortunately, I dont see one.

There seemed to be her own way of measurement. Elisha started to move, holding onto my arms from fear, and whether it was from the soft nature of elves or because she was raised like a princess, she seemed to be having a tough time adapting.

How is the second process?

Yes. The ones who pa.s.s the first step go through the second process, and this is a bit easier than the first one.

When we moved to the place Baek Ahyeon led us, there were no screams. Not even traces of blood, and the atmosphere was much brighter as well.

There were many rooms, and the size was just big enough for one person to sit. I could hear some singing voices.

I shall jump, saith the savior, shouting, my dear devotee

He has said that you can achieve what you want.

The savior abandoned the body of the orc and escaped into the body of a demon

There were voices constantly memorizing the New Testament.

When I looked at Baek Ahyeon once again, with a curious face, she nodded with satisfaction this time.

The ones who pa.s.sed the first step take all their time memorizing the New Testament, except some time for food and sleep. They all have been through a certain amount of purification, so there is no one who dares to sleep or get distracted during prayers, but if there are those cases, they must go through the purification process again.

This meant that if you made a mistake here, you would be dragged into the h.e.l.l seen earlier. When I slightly opened the door, there were some familiar faces reciting the song continuously.


Tracing back into my memory, there was a woman who was the cadre of the hunting dog clan.

But, the problem seemed to be the fact that they were singing even after I entered the room. Baek Ahyeon started to fire at them ruthlessly.

How dare you not say your greeting even after the Savior has given you attention!

From this, the cadre lady made eye contact and looked over with a pale, frightened face.

D..dear savior. Please forgive my unfaithfulness

You must go through the purification process once more.

The inquisitor who appeared out of nowhere started to drag the cadre lady outside.

Saviorplease forgive my sins.

This woman called my name with a desperation that must have reflected the amount of time she spent in the purification process. I didnt think that it would be bad to give her another chance, so I stated.

I shall forgive you.

From my voice the second level inquisitor and Baek Ahyeon became quieter and suddenly, the woman of the hunting dog clan started to cry, and talked holding onto her chest as if she were having a breakdown.

Thank you. Thank you, Savior.

And then, the clothes of the surprised woman of the hunting dog clan started to change. She had succeeded in becoming official without going through the third process.

Oh.. Sa..Savior.

The second level inquisitors were looking at the woman with surprised expressions, and Baek Ahyeon was observing the woman not with anger, but a forgiving look.

Great job, follower Jung Mi Ri.

Th..Thank you. Thank you!

The woman seemed to have won the right to escape the dungeon fully. I honestly did not remember well, but that woman used to be close to a crazy dog in the way she acted. I had observed how someone could change so much in a short period of time.

I will live as a servant who only serves the Savior

I replaced my reply with a nod of the head and a pat on her shoulders.

I was taken back by how much the woman was touched from this and fell on the ground with weak legs. Baek Ahyeon ordered the inquisitors once again.

Make sure to feed the follower Jung Mi Ri good food and wash her properly. She is a newly born sister.

Yes, will do.

The focus of the rest, not getting distracted even with all of this going on in the background, was plausible.

How is the third process?

Yes. In the third process, the different candidates have a debate and conversation. In the first step, we erase the polluted parts and purify, in the second fill them up with the knowledge of the Savior, and in the third step they learn about their own accomplishment.

I see.

When I kept walking, there were members gathered in groups in a large room. They were candidates, so to speak. I quietly ordered so that they wouldnt greet me, and they all sat back down in their seats to continue their discussion.

The statement You will achieve what you want in the end seems to have two-sided meanings. It has both the meaning that the headmaster will be saved and that the world will be saved from pain.

The words of candidate Kim Cheol Soo are correct.

That is correct.

The expression on candidate Tae San Hw.a.n.g doesnt seem so bright. Do you have a different opinion?

Me? No, no, I agree with this as well.

It was expected, but the debate was not so much of a debate. The sudden silence surprised me, and a voice started in the corner.

Hes a fake!

Hes a fake! He does not agree with the Savior!

Baek Ahyeon started to explain the moment I slightly looked over to her side.

In this process, we also work on finding the followers who are still polluted. This prolonged debate process shows the inner side of the other candidates, and ones who are not prepared are discovered.

I see. And for the ones who fail?

They go through the purification process again.

This meant that an opposing opinion must never be said. Baek Ahyeon seemed to be very happy that I visited the temple, but I had no idea that such a system existed.

I wondered if it would be okay to put humans with strong mental powers into this system, but I thought that maybe even with a decent amount of mental power, even I would become a faithful believer after going through this process.

And those who have pa.s.sed the third stage will then be on the same starting line as the other prospective believers who do not have demons. Since they have committed an ugly sin, it is right to kill them immediately, but I thought that giving them a chance to repent once in a while was not bad.

Thats great. Do you still have places to show?

Yeah. I do.

The place above where Baek Ahyeon brought us back to with a blush on her face was a room with a large bed. Baek Ah Yeon opened her mouth very shyly.

Cough.. Cough.. This is the room where we serve the Savior.