Green Skin - Chapter 198

Chapter 198

Chapter 198 Laveua (4)

I felt it had been long since I held Laveua, especially when I saw her teary eyes. Her rubbing her head on chest reminded me of Mev, and she seemed to be thinking the same thing.

I patted my daughters hair as she raised her head to talk to me.

I won against Nicole in a card game using your card, Daddy!

She seemed to be saying that she had used the card that held my name, as the card game was growing popular again with the new expansion pack named after the Great Tribe Leader. Mev was avoiding my eyes as she wanted to hide the fact that she played the game in front of Laveua.

Mother, play a round! Its fun.


Mev was not lying, but she was hiding her expression with everything she had.

I think you would like it, Mother.

I played before.

She also played it now.



I had never seen her lose in the village except for Kim Yoora. I smiled as I watched Mev and Laveua talk about the card game in earnest, as this seemed like what a family would do.

Laveua also talked about what had happened in the village in my absence, but she did not speak much about the accidents she caused. However, her stories about playing, Nicole, learning magic, or spending time with other Goblins were endless because we had been apart for so long. To be honest, her stories amused me rather than making me weary.

She had been too quick in walking and speaking to move me much because Green Skins grew up so fast. Now, Laveua reached out her hand to Mev and me.

Mother, Father! Watch! I learned this!

I was a bit surprised but thought it was my duty to watch what she would do first. However, what she did actually astonished me.

She had changed Mev and my places with a hand. We were both staring at Laveua with wide eyes, and she seemed startled at our response.

It was her unique ability. I did not think she would get something this powerful from me. To think she can change peoples positions. I thought that she was still one as I opened my mouth.

Since when could you do this?

I think its been two days

The ways this ability could be used were endless, as she could switch positions between enemies and allies. I was elated, and Mev seemed surprised.

Laveua, will you show your mother that once more?

Laveua seemed excited at the attention we were paying her, and she again changed Mev and my positions with a hand. It seemed she did not have enough magic to use it in a wide range yet.

Once more!

This time, Mev and I covered ourselves with magic. While Laveuas hand shook, she could not change our positions. This meant that her ability could be resisted, unlike my weapon-changing skill.

Lets use a bit less magic this time, Mev.


Laveua was still reaching out at us with her hand, and it seemed that even a young high fairy had quite a lot of magic. She now could change our positions, and if she managed to increase her magic level, she would be able to break through magical resistance.

Can you tell me what ability that is?


Laveua now repeated to me what she had heard about her ability from the G.o.d of War.

[Position Change.]

[The user can change the positions between two subjects. If the users magic is stronger than the subjects, this skill will not be resisted. The user can increase or decrease the subjects defensive stats or magic resistance stats.]

The skill even had a side effect, and Mev also seemed astonished. It was a near-perfect unique ability, and if she grew up to be a great mage by living up to her potential, Laveua would be an amazing fighter.

If she cast magic and then changed the subjects position, she would get a hit. I thought I did not want to meet her as my enemy. How was a child like this born? Come to think of it, I had not heard what Mevs unique ability was and thought maybe she had something to do with this.



What is your unique ability?


She seemed almost too surprised as her eyes shook like she did not know what to do.


Mev whispered to my ear as I pressured her. Her face looked flushed, and I had to wonder what her ability was to do her act like this.

[A Certain Result.]

[The users pregnancy rate increases and blood will run deep in the child.]


I had never heard of such an ability before. While many clan members had told me what their unique ability was, I had not expected Mev to have an ability like this.

Since when?

I think aboutthree years

It had been a long time. I now knew why she had smiled then.


I patted Laveuas hair again and lifted her up. No matter what the reason was, Laveua had inherited much of Mev and my blood. While I felt mixed about Mevs ability, Laveuas smile melted my heart. Mev seemed relieved after telling me her secret, but I thought I should be even more careful. While she sent me a sign in secret, I shook my head. I needed to think of more plans before I had another child with her. Laveua was enough. If there was one more

However, I now knew that Mev could achieve her dream whenever she wanted. Laveua spoke upon seeing that we were paying less attention to her now.

Daddy, was I good?

Yes, you were amazing.

I held her again, but her face turned serious this time.

Then, can I go out with you?

I knew then how sad she had been about being apart.

Lets go when you grow up more. Do you want to go on a picnic tomorrow?

No, I want to go outside like Yoora.

It seemed that Laveua knew she would not be allowed to do so, but she could not help herself. However, I was not going to let Laveua come with me at such a young age.

Lets go together when you grow older.

I knew that my words would not work as her eyes filled again.

You always take Yoora when I want to go with you

While she made me sad, I could not allow this one. I thought it was the first time I had seen Laveua act like this, and Mev started to take Laveua off me like she felt the same. Laveua, of course, resisted, and that was when I opened my mouth.