Green Skin - Chapter 20

Chapter 20

[ Welcome to all that survived the Tutorial. This is the Item Shop. Please purchase the necessary items before entering the continent. ]

[ Orc Gladiator, the points of the Blood Dagger will be confirmed. ]

[ Impressive. 10,000 points have been settled to Blood Dagger who has accomplished remarkable achievements. ]

” Not bad. ”

With this much, I should be able to purchase a few essential items though I can’t get one extremely remarkable. I began to look around my surroundings. It’s called item store by name, but in truth, it was only a small store from my eyes. When I was a human, a beautiful young girl was managing the store, but in this case, it wasn’t so. A very despicable looking goblin was flipping a coin around as he stared at me.

” Hurry and choose quickly. I’m a very busy person friend. ”

I decided to answer with just a nod. Even if I were to speak, that goblin wouldn’t answer. It’s probably a rule as a ‘manager’ I think. As such, I began to peer in the small store. There were so many items in the store that I wouldn’t have been even surprised if it were to collapse. I began to look at the merchandise one by one in my mind.

[ Weapon Store ]

[ Cheap Greatsword – 10 Points ]



[ Flame Bat – 3000 Points ]



[ Large Greatsword too large to be called a sword – 9000 Points ]




[ An honorable orc’s Blood Axe – 15000 Points ]

I’m not sure myself, but the Greatsword too large to be called a sword was very enticing. As much as 9000 Points. As I furtively brought the description up, the goblin manager began to bring the item towards me.

A fearsome appearance. Truly this item was too large to be called a sword. Opening the info page, the description soon appeared.

[ Large Greatsword too large to be called a sword. ]

[ A weapon used by the legendary Orc Mercenary ‘ Chruka. ‘ Other than the fact that durability doesn’t decrease, there are no other features. ]

It seems there weren’t any features. I swung the greatsword once around. I couldn’t help but wonder if my weapon’s reach was a bit longer, then maybe I could’ve attained victory against the Queen of the North. I probably could’ve landed a strike as well. It may be because of evolving into a gladiator, but the feeling of the sword wasn’t bad at all. I thought that even if I didn’t use a sword, I could block the Queen of the North’s spear. Automatically, I began nodding my head. If I was a human, I probably couldn’t have wielded this. But, let’s skip over it for now. Although it’s very enticing, there were still a lot of items to check. Pa.s.sing the item section, I began to look towards the scrolls.

[ Unique Ability ]

[ HP Increase – 5000 Points ]



[ Pursuit – 7000 Points ]


[ Flame Spear – 12000 Points ]

From the past, the one that I had attained ‘ HP Increase ‘ was 5000 points. Although it wasn’t as bad as it looked, I had no intention of buying it. By looking at the section roughly, I could tell there were no special unique abilities. Since I could blossom a unique skill once I enter the continent, I naturally skipped over it. To be honest, the biggest reason was that there were no skills to my liking.

Not sure if it’s just my standards that were very high, but there were none that looked useful. The armor section was likewise. It was okay, but if I had gathered more than 10,000 points, then I could have purchased a very useful one. How unfortunate. So I turned over to the Cla.s.s Change section.

[ Cla.s.s Change ]

[ Orc – 10,000 Points ]

[ Lower Demon – 400,000 Points ]

[ Ogre – 500,000 Points ]

I didn’t have points even relatively close to those numbers so I skipped over. The other goods looked good at first, but there was nothing I could purchase. I thought of buying a potion just in case, but that was all.

In the end, I decided to look at the limited items that you could only attain from the Tutorial.

[ The Item List that you can purchase from the Tutorial Castle’s Store ]

[ Blood-soaked Dagger – 500 Points ]






[ Large Greatsword too large to be called a sword ]

[ Baobab Turtle’s Spice Set – 20,000 Points ] .




[ Cla.s.s Evolution – Black Orc – 50,000 Points ]



[ Unique Ability – Matan’s Desperate Defense – 900,000 Points ]

There were quite a lot of items that stood out than I had expected. The most absurd one was the Baobab’s Spice set. Though I’m not sure what that is, to sell it for a preposterous 20,000 Points, I can’t help but think that the people that would buy that set are nothing but fools.

But the significant surprise was that the Large Greatsword too large to be called a sword could only be purchased here.

Though there are no other benefits other than the durability not decreasing, but if you think about it, it was a huge advantage for your sword to not lose its sharpness. I called for it once more and swung it around, and determined that I could definitely wield this with my orc’s strength. The evolution into a gladiator increased my proficiency with the Greatsword as well. I must take this with me.

As for points, I’ll continue to earn them later on.

Judging that there was no reason not to use my points, I made the decision to use all of my points.

[ You have purchased the Greatsword that is too large to be called a sword for 9,000 Points. ]

[ You have purchased the Bloodsoaked Dagger for 500 Points. ]

[ You have purchased the Tutorial Store’s Potion for 500 Points. ]

” Thank you for using it. Friend. ”

When I was a human, the cheap steel sword that I carried around for 10 years. It was a rusted item without a blade, and if I faced someone with good armor, it was one that couldn’t even penetrate. As someone who didn’t even try, saying this was quite funny, but I had really desired of obtaining useful equipment.

Now seeing the great sword that was completely mine, I couldn’t help but satisfactorily laugh. It felt as if I had attained a rare item in a game, but the fact that I could use this weapon directly brought a joy greater than I had thought. That black moonlight-colored wide blade. Though it wasn’t a sword larger than an orc, but it was one greater than the body of a hobgoblin. A leather belt was included with the item pouch on the right side, making me look as if I was actually a famed Summoned.

During my human period, that figure which I aspired to be. Before I realized, the edges of my lips rose.

Since it was quite heavy, it will take some time to adjust to the weapon, but I had no problem with it.

I can never say that I am talented.

To be honest, it wasn’t as terrible. There was the reason that my proficiency in all weapons had increased as a gladiator. If not a sword, then with a dagger, if not a dagger than an axe, if not an axe, then an iron mace, if not an iron mace, then a greatsword, I can fight with a variety of weapons.

Thus, that’s the standard for the strong to achieve victory. That’s the conclusion I came to after suffering defeat against the Queen of the North.

Tightly gripping the steel sword, I began to hear a voice.

[ The use of the store will end in 10 minutes. You will be transported to the continent after 10 minutes. ]

As such, I took my first step into the continent.

I could feel my body s.h.i.+ft somewhere as the setting around me began to change. What soon came to my sight was a large jungle. The place where we were transported to was a place where someone had arranged quite artificially. When I was a human, we had received education in the middle of a center, so I had thought monsters would have something similar, but it seems that I was wrong.

” Blood Dagger Clan has reunited! Ggirik ! Ggirik ! ”

” Ggirik ! Ggirik ! ”

Seeing everyone’s equipment change a bit, it definitely is reasonable to a.s.sume that everyone had bought something from the store. To see these guys with their not so bright minds purchase items was as if an unknown power had taken the time to teach them on the system of point exchange.

” It’s a new sword ! ”

” I bought a new bow as well. Ggirik Ggirik ! ”

Jung Hayeon was holding a staff I haven’t seen before, and Mev had a new bow strung on her back as well. Though they didn’t have as much points as me, it seems that they have received a decent amount of points. Amongst the clan, the one that stood out the most was definitely me. An extremely huge greatsword was on my back, so it obvious how it would catch the attention of everyone.

The playful goblins were snooping around me, busily appraising the sword.

” Our captain is definitely different. It’s a huge large sword. ”

” It’s the best weapon ! The best weapon ! ”

There wasn’t clamoring only happening on our side. At Goff’s direction, the goblins were jumping and screaming as well.

” Goff Clan Chief Goff’s weapon is way more impressive. Ggirik. Ggirik! ”

I secretly turned my head towards the clamoring and saw two axes on Goff’s back. It was a weapon extremely suitable to him. Seeing no other equipment, it seems that he had invested all of his points on just those axes.

Though I was curious of its features, I turned away for now. Currently, the priority was finding out what situation we’re currently in. Once calming down the clan members, leaving Mev in charge, I approached Goff and the other clan chiefs.

” Good that you’ve come . . . Blood Dagger. Do you happen to know what this place is? ”

If I had known, I wouldn’t have walked over here.

” I don’t know as well. Goff. Unlike before, this place is a wholly different place. ”

To end up in a jungle from a place covered in snow. We did have ‘ Food, ‘ but settling a camp in this place was quite ambiguous.

As such, while we were discussing on our planned actions for the near future, it was suddenly then.

” Warrior ! It’s the Warrior Exam ! To all the surviving Green Skins ! ”

I began to hear a thunderous voice from somewhere.

‘ f.u.c.k . . . ‘

When I was a human, I had definitely received ‘ Education.’ It seems that it was the same for monsters as well. If this exam is education, then this place is indeed an education centre. The problem was that this exam was going to be done in the way of the Green Skins, by fighting without holding back.

” Prepare for battle ! Battle Preparation ! Blood Dagger Clan ! Everyone prepare for battle ! ”

” It’s battle ! The Despicable Blood Dagger Clan’s Chief has declared war ! ”

” Victory ! Only Victory ! For Blood Dagger ! Ggirik ! ”

All the other clan chiefs hurriedly began preparing their clan members as well. The goblins who had always pounded those human-skinned drums began drumming.

” Boom . . . ! Boom . . . ! Boom . . . ! ”

” Kereeeeeeuk ! ”

Once we were almost finished establis.h.i.+ng a warlike atmosphere it was then I had heard the voice once again. It was a voice quite far away. It was definitely looking at us.

” Survive ! You honorable warriors ! Survive ! It’s an honorable Exam. ”

‘ f.u.c.king b.a.s.t.a.r.d . . . honorable my a.s.s ‘

It wasn’t like I had wanted a warm welcome like I did as a human, but as a joke, I felt that this was taken way too far.

The reason was that there were countless beasts surging towards us. In perspective as a human, these were definitely monsters. Long-fanged tigers, Iron jaw leopards, Steel-armed bears, all cla.s.sified as monsters along with the Green Skins.

It seems they were living in this jungle. Though I’m not sure how these creatures were sent here, but it looks like that defeating these monsters was the ‘ Exam. ‘

Raising my sword, I screamed.

” Mev ! ”

” Yes ! ”

Mev, who started pulling back the bowstring simultaneously from my cry. Behind her were countless goblins pulling back their bowstrings.

” Fire ! ! ”

” s.h.i.+k ! ”

The ones that were struck by arrows stumbled for a bit, but their speed hadn’t slowed down. Of course there were some that had fallen, but it was only a handful.

” Charge ! Green Skins ! ”

Holding my greatsword, I rushed at these guys.

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