Green Skin - Chapter 182

Chapter 182

Chapter 182 Preparing the Spider Hunt

‘I can win.’

Our powers were at a similar level, and my physical abilities may be stronger than Park Hyeri’s. I would work alone, as she would choose someone close to me as her target rather than me. Gark, who was the second strongest in my clan, would not be able to fight her. Others would die in a second, and they would be more of a nuisance.

Also, I thought this fight was an individual one, and that was why I did not ask for Goff and Black Spear’s help. I nodded to myself before teleporting into the item shop.

[I will confirm Blood Dagger’s points.]

[Amazing. As a regional ruler, Blood Dagger has received three million points.]

It seemed that the fight in the East and being recognized and Storm Shadow had given me those points.

“Hurry up.”

“I will not stay here long.”

I thought of my weapons. I could control others’ blood with Dainsleif, and the weapon was exceptional in a short fight. My Aegis Ring could block one fatal attack, which may be effective against Park Hyeri’s final blow.

My most used weapon was the Ancient Flame, as I could use it to defend and weaken my opponent. I could block arrows and other attacks with it, and I knew my Rotten Spear of Yggdrasill would also work in certain situations.

I thought of the Great Tribe Leader’s Hammer, which I still did not know how to use yet. However, since it held great force, I thought it would be better to take it with me.

I confirmed these weapons because I could use Special Reinforcement as my last quest’s reward. While I was disappointed that it was only once, it was a good chance.

“I want to receive Special Reinforcement as my quest reward.”

“I will prepare it.”

A smithy appeared after the Goblin nodded. I tried to remember whether I could reinforce weapons that were deemed impossible before. I saw then the messages that answered my questions.

[Weapon refining and reinforcement]

[You can create a new item or reinforce an item in your possession using material from these lands. As your quest reward, you can reinforce any item you have for only once.]

The points needed to reinforce my items sprang up in a list, and I could not help but stare at the Ancient Flame’s required points. It was exactly three million. However, the fact I could not see what the weapon would look like after reinforcing it made me hesitate.

I found myself speaking to the Goblin.

“Can I see how the weapon would look like after reinforcement?”



The Goblin did not answer, and while the item shop did not give me unusable items normally, I found myself thinking things over. I tried to guess whether the reinforcement would supplement penalties or strengthen the function of an item.


“Hurry up and decide.”

I felt irritated at the Goblin nagging me to answer. While I did think the Dainsleif was an option, depending on a single weapon would make me weak. The Dainsleif and the Ancient flame were the only choices in my mind, and the fact that I had just enough points made me feel like it was the right choice.

The problem was that I did not know whether this was the better choice. I gulped once before speaking to the Goblin.

“I will reinforce the Ancient Flame.”

[The Ancient Flame will be reinforced using three million points.]

The Ancient Flame floated into the smithy, and I worried about whether I was throwing away three million points for nothing. I heard hammering noises for a while before a pleasant voice rang.

[The reinforcement has succeeded.]

The sword had more patterns engraved onto its flaming blade, and the handle had become more handsome. The size was bigger, but the important thing was its abilities.

[Levatain – The Ancient Flame of the World recognizes you as its owner.]

It had recognized my owners.h.i.+p, and I smiled at the name. A weapon with such a t.i.tle would not be useless.

[Levatain – The Ancient Flame of the World]

[Through reinforcement, you have unlocked its secret seal. This weapon, which had been sleeping in the ground, had been discovered by the great desert warrior ‘Dodrock.’ The weapon had drunk in Dodrock’s magic had changed slowly to emit heat and fire. However, Dodrock died in battle before being able to bring out this weapon’s full potential. Now, the weapon shows its true powers. Levatain thanks you and recognizes you as its owner.]

[Your fire resistance increases by a lot. By using a little magic, your flames will melt metal. By using a lot of magic, you can rule the flames you have shot out.]

[Stamina+2, Power+3, Magic+2]

It was beautiful, and I had to smile. I was satisfied solely with its increased abilities. The important thing was that there were no penalties, and I could use it with less magic. Being able to rule over its flames meant I could do anything I wanted with it, which would be extremely useful.

“Can I test it?”


The item shop and the smithy would not be affected, and the flames that shot out were much stronger than before. I swung the sword to see the flames shooting in the air. I was satisfied. While it would not burn everything, it was still an exceptionally high-cla.s.s item. I now had two such weapons, and I would be able to use this one better if I grew stronger. I wanted to reinforce the longsword, which could be reinforced in the usual fas.h.i.+on if I could. That was why I was looking over the list again.

I saw that two items could be reinforced now, and the longsword would cost thirty thousand points and the spear a hundred thousand points. I looked over the spear again and asked for details.

[Rotten Spear of Yggdrasill – 1000000 points. You can reinforce it using special materials. Yggdrasill’s petal (1/1), Yggdrasill’s stem (2/2), Yggdrasill’s Leaf (3/3)]

I thought things over, and my mind fixed on the Alaune Jung Hayeon. Her race was based on Yggdrasil, and it seemed that the system recognized her and her loyalty as a part of me. I could afford the points by selling items but wondered whether she may be harmed by my choice. I spoke to the Goblin again.

“Will using the materials harm my clan’s Alaune?”

“No, but you need her permission.”

“How do I get one?”

“I will bring her here. She would need to agree to this.”

I did not know that would be possible, and I nodded. Jung Hayeon would not be doing anything now, and a moment later, she appeared in front of me.


She was looking at me with surprise.