Green Skin - Chapter 180

Chapter 180

Chapter 180

180 Jang Ye Ri’s Visit (4)

I saw how the tent had become a mess as I opened my eyes slowly. We had spent the entire night together, and seeing Jang Ye Ri’s ways had made me hungry for more all night. Not only the bed but the table and the pillars of the tent were all damaged. I did not know whether this was because we were both demons or we were good together, but I felt my lower body tighten at thinking of last night.

I woke up and turned around and saw Jang Ye Ri stare at me with her legs on the wall. She lowered them like everything was normal, and I knew that I had come inside her once because she would not let me go. However, the movement signaled what she wanted, and I thought whether that would really work. I tried to think thing lighter as pregnancy was a difficult affair, as Mev had been one in a thousand.

“You woke up.”

She seemed calm and acted like she did not remember a thing from yesterday, but she came to me when I stretched out my arm.

“You’re warm.”

“You’re warm, too. I do not know whether you were satisfied last night.”

I knew that Jang Ye Ri was well satisfied but wanted to tease her. I stroked her hair once and spoke again.

“Don’t you have to go early?”

“I have some time left. While I do not want to go, I cannot refuse when all the rulers will be there.”


“You do not wish me to go early, right?”

“Of course not.”

I was telling the truth but was also curious about what would happen during that meeting. Jang Ye Ri would go anyway whatever I said since she was independent and responsible. I remembered what she had spoken about yesterday and the fact that four rulers would meet under a meeting probably hosted by the Holy Sword. I could not help but be curious.

I wanted to know how the Queen of the North changed, what the South guy whom I had never seen looked like, and how the Holy Sword was growing. Also, I wanted to know if Choi Seulgi would show herself. I looked at Jang Ye Ri.

“Can you keep the ring on when the meeting starts?”

“I can. You seem curious.”

“I am since the human rulers are all coming to the meeting. I will not bring damage to your city, though.”

Jang Ye Ri nodded, and stood up as it was time to leave. I felt saddened at her continuing to look at me and opened my mouth.

“I wll escort you to near the city.”


We would arrive quickly if we rode Ibar, and there was a secret route only the high-ranked among us knew to Jang Ye Ri’s city, so we would not be discovered.


“Thank you.”

We went out to see that we had woken up early, as other Green Skins seemed to be still sleeping. Only the orcs standing guard were awake, as it was dawn. I thought Jang Ye Ri would have not slept a wink.

“Aren’t you going early?”

“I have much to prepare.”

Jang Ye Ri’s answer was slow, like she did not want to leave, and Ibar came to me as I approached the wolf. She realized that I needed her and looked at me happily as I patted her head.

“She’s a good wolf. I heard that humans captured one but failed to tame it.”

“They are not tamed but choose their owners.”

Ibar growled with pleasure, and Jang Ye Ri tentatively let out her hand. Surprisingly, Ibar did not avoid her, which was rare. Ibar hated others touching her but seeing the wolf accept Jang Ye Ri made me happy, whatever the reason was.

I went up, and Jang Ye Ri followed me. We went out after notifying the guards, and lovely sunlight welcomed us.

We enjoyed the scene before Jang Ye Ri asked me a question.

“Will you hunt the spider?”

“Not all. But I have a debt to pay to Park Hyeri.”

“They are strong as a group, and I can give you a hand if you wish.”

While it was an attractive offer, I had to refuse. Jang Ye Ri nodded. Things would become easier with her help, but this was a clan matter. I was avenging those who had died for me, and not being able to take care of this matter when I had become this strong would be irresponsible on my part.

I did not know whether Jang Ye Ri knew about this during her search, but it seemed that she knew the abstract as she held my hand.

“A bit slower.”

I stroked Ibar’s body at Jang Ye Ri’s words. The wolf started walking slowly, which made it possible for us to talk more. While we only watched the scenery or the beasts, it was romantic due to the morning sunlight showering among the branches. I heard her voice again as she hugged me from behind.

“It’s nice like this.”

“I agree.”

We did not speak more and just enjoyed the time as we walked.


Ragia was usually the first up in the Blood Dagger Clan. She acted as the mistress during Mev’s pregnancy while taking care of other matters. She moved slowly to Blood Dagger’s tent, as she knew that a woman had come to visit him yesterday.

She thought that her position here was a bit ambiguous, as while she worked well, she was still a stranger. She was not friends with the female Green Skins nor had the charisma to rule all.

Ragia knew she was not strong, as there were many strong Green Skins in this clan. Also, there were smart members too, which made her anxious as the sub-leader.

Why had Blood Dagger given her this position? The Blood Dagger Clan had much potential and succeeded where Ragia had failed. She knew that Blood Dagger would go far and was still thinking of this as she saw the mother goblins near Blood Dagger’s tent. She spoke to them.

“I will clean up.”

“We understand.”

She went inside the tent and felt his scent. Ragia had been close to him a few times, and she wondered whether she liked him as a man. She thought it was a bit different. She wanted to sleep with him, but she felt more respect than love. Ragia felt something hot within her as she organized the room but shook her head.

It was then she saw a map. Ragia had been studying the human language with Hakajin and could read the simple words on the map.


It did not take long for Ragia to realize that the human who attacked with sound belonged to that group. She remembered the dead Green Skins, a traumatic experience for both Blood Dagger and his clan. She knew there would be a reason why he had not let her know of this map, but she instinctively thought she should memorize this map without reason. Ragia nodded to herself.