Green Skin - Chapter 174

Chapter 174

Chapter 174 The Eastern Training Field (2)

While most Green Skins grew well like Goff and I, there were troublesome Green Skins who caused mayhem during the three years, as the tribe leaders could not choose.

Since Apachi had caused a major incident, tribe leaders now saw the newcomers as troublemakers. While I had taught Apachi his place, other leaders seemed to want to know how they should treat the newcomers, and they all agreed to my plan.

I planned for the newcomers to go through training like professional military officials, and three would make them true warriors. While other newcomers were consoling Apachi, the orc sorcerer was looking at us with dread.

Other leaders had noticed how powerful I had become, and I could be said one of the strongest now. The newcomers would have to be scared of me, and I antic.i.p.ated tomorrow to come.

I went out of the tent the next morning with some excitement. Jung Hayeon looked happy spending time with me alone recently.

“So, will that Giant Scream come to our clan?”

“Yes, I don’t think he will take back what he said.”

“I hope so, too.”

I thought he would keep his word, and now the time had come. I smiled, as I would not have to go back to my tribe empty-handed. Green Goblin and Big Ogre looked excited, and other tribe leaders all gathered around the tent.

“I heard what you did, Blood Dagger. Nice job.”

Green Goblin said those words to me, and he looked satisfied with my work. Then, Storm Shadow came in, and everyone stared at him as he walked inside. We greeted one another before Storm Shadow spoke.

“What Blood Dagger proposed yesterday seems to be a good idea. Protecting your tribes is important as taking care of new Green Skins and teaching them how to live as a proper Green Skin is a good idea. Systemic training is also needed, so I will leave the rest up to you.”

Storm Shadow approved, and I smiled inwardly as the newcomers came in. Giant Scream was notable, as he was still swollen despite sorcerers having healed him.

“Power, wisdom, and honor.”

“Power, wisdom, and honor.”

They greeted Storm Shadow, and the Great Tribe Leader spoke to them.

“As I had spoken, you can choose the tribes you will stay with for three years and can go your own ways as Green Skins.”

The newcomers nodded like they understood their situation.

“I will skip the introductions as you all have been explained before. Crugar, who will you choose?”

“I will choose Goff. I am a sorcerer, and he a warrior, but I believe I have much to learn.”

Goff seemed sincerely happy, and I envied him as I had been thinking of Crugar since he seemed to be smart and calm. While Orbo’s son would become a great sorcerer, they were still rare, and Crugar would be a good influence for the young. However, I remained calm since Apachi remained. Those who had been chosen looked happy despite having gotten a burden, and since there were many newcomers, the process was tedious. What was strange was that only a few had chosen the East. I was sorry to those of the East, and I grew anxious as the number decreased.

Giant Scream was not a bad Green Skin despite his rashness and was probably the strongest of the newcomers. If Apachi did not choose me, things would go badly, and my tribe members would become disappointed. Green Skin also looked anxious, and as time pa.s.sed, I noticed that the newcomers avoided my clan.

Apachi was the last one remaining, and as things had gone smoothly, Storm Shadow’s voice was pleasant.

“Giant Scream Apachi, you’re the last one remaining. Who will you choose?”


He hesitated, and I stroked my spear to dust it off. Coincidentally, my action seemed to have reminded him of our promise.

“I will choose the Blood Dagger Clan of the East.”

I saw Green Goblin look disappointed, as he had not been chosen again. At least, I got one newcomer.

“Blood Dagger is strong and…wise. I want to go there to learn…his powers…”

He seemed sad but also had accepted his fate. I smiled and tapped his shoulder.

“Welcome, and let us talk about honor.”

“Thank you.”

Apachi’s face relaxed at my suddenly warm voice. I then watched the wolves choose the newcomers, and Crugar and Apachi each got a large wolf. Apachi’s members looked happy at that. I finished up quickly after the schedule was finished, and while Storm Shadow looked disappointed, I had much to do. I got what I wanted, and the tribal culture took a step forward in democracy.

I came back to my tribe with Goff and Black Spear along with others, and Apachi and Crugar came expectantly along.

However, the lesson had not ended there. I thought the two already felt the atmosphere change after they were separated from those who cheered them. I spoke to Apachi and Crugar after the Great Tribal Leader’s castle walls disappeared from our sight, and I had already talked to Goff about the plan and made a schedule. We were going to do joint training since the two chose us.

“Do you two want to become stronger?”

I was serious, and the two nodded. However, I had not expected this response.

“Did you choose the East to become true Green Skins?”



Apachi’s answer was loud like he understood the situation. On the other hand, Crugar’s answer was slow, like he was awkward in this type of setting.

“From this moment on, we will do our best to make you true Green Skins. There may be pain and hard work, but after three years, you will be true Green Skins.”

I tapped my spear, and Apachi replied quickly, and Crugar also nodded while staring at Goff. The infamous Eastern training had now just begun.