Green Skin - Chapter 170

Chapter 170

Chapter 170 Election (2)

[Unlike the humans, Green Skins elect their leader. The one who proposed this idea was Blood Dagger. The concept of voting for a Green Skin who would shoulder their honor was revolutionary, and there were Green Skins who wanted to be tribe leaders so they could vote. Now, all Green Skins can each cast their honorable vote. Not being able to do so was like losing honor, so those ill and injured would move to vote. Blood Dagger had influenced the Green Skin society in such ways, and it is said that the idea of writing this book was suggested by Blood Dagger. On the other hand, the leader Kim Yoora had done for Blood Skin… From an old book.]

“Let us begin.”

Everyone became serious at Dark Moon’s words, and the atmosphere was heavier than I had expected. I had thought of the candidates going up to explain their vision and then giving the Green Skins their ballots, but it seemed unnecessary when we knew each other so well. Also, raising our hands instead of writing a vote suited us as watching each other when we said our opinions seemed more appropriate. While we would need to find another way if there were too many, we were only seventy-one in total. What’s more, the three candidates would not outcast those who had not voted them.

The first one to speak was Earth Wave.

“I will support Storm Shadow. While I believe the others are suitable candidates, the current mood is violent. I believe that Storm Shadow would be a better successor to the Great Tribe Leader.”

It was a simple and appropriate speech, as now was time to calm down and rebuild. While we won the South war, there had been damage done to Green Skins. The next one to speak was one I considered moderate, a lizardman of the East who had a small but stable tribe. He spoke in a good mood.

“I support Sand Glave. While I do not disagree with Earth Wave, I want Sand Glave to shoulder my honor as he would make a good leader.”

While voting for the candidate he wanted was not bad, things were not going according to my estimates. The lizardman had worked for Storm Shadow but voted for Sand Glave anyway. I looked at Sand Glave, and he did have weight. I was becoming curious about how he would lead, and it seemed that those who shared my feelings were voting for him. I gulped.

Others followed, and it became a contest between Storm Shadow and Sand Glave. The werewolf looked disappointed but seemed like he was thinking of his own lack instead of blaming others.

‘Thank you.’

An interesting point was that the Green Skins of the north had casted their votes for him, and I felt a deep camaraderie between those who survived in the harsh lands.

“I, Goff, will vote for Storm Shadow as he is the best of us.”

“I, Black Spear, will also vote for Storm Shadow as he deserves it.”

“I, Stone Turtle, wand to vote for Sand Glave. He is a strong leader and will make all of us prosper.”

Everyone became more immersed, and the candidates looked tense. The election was now halfway, and Storm Shadow had received twenty votes, Sand Glave eighteen, and Silver Fang six. While there were many votes left, the candidates were sensitive to each one but did not blame those who had not voted for them. I also became nervous as time pa.s.sed.

If Storm Shadow was a wise leader, Sand Glave was a strong one. I had thought for a moment whether unification had not worked, but things were not going bad. Green Skins were voicing their opinions, and I smiled as this voting method would help Green Skins in the future. While I had not thought of bringing democracy into a tribe culture, it was not a bad mix. As long as Green Skins kept their honor intact, their democracy would not fall.

It was my turn, and I opened my mouth. The first election of the Green Skins ended that way.


[So, the Great Tribe Leader is dead.]

[Yes, it’s a sensitive subject for us, even though it may not influence you who live among the humans much.]

[No, Blood Dagger. I would not make a good leader if I forgot my roots.]

I spoke with Jang Ye Ri since I needed to explain my situation before we met.

[So, how is the Blood Dagger Clan doing?]

[I only spoke with the saint of the West, but nothing else. Your tribe and children are safe. I heard for the first time that you have a pregnant fairy.]

I had not spoken to her about Mev at all, and Jang Ye Ri seemed downcast.

[I apologize for not mentioning that.]


There was a brief silence, and Jang Ye Ri spoke in a slightly surprised voice.

[It was a shock to hear it from the saint of the West. I thought her naïve at first, but she was feisty when she talked about how much you trusted that fairy, and they all were ready to give birth to your children… I had known about this before, but I again realized how important pregnancy was for your tribe.]


Jang Ye Ri spoke again as I remained silent.

[She worried about me and asked me whether I was yet unable to give birth…That woman. She would not have talked in such a way in front of you.]

Baek Ahyeon had, of course, never acted like that in front of me, and I could not imagine her smiling evilly at Jang Ye Ri. It seemed that her stress level was rising, and despite the fact that she had done nothing wrong, the situation had become embarra.s.sing.

[I thought for a long time, my mate.]

[Is that so…]

I could only respond to Jang Ye Ri, and I had been wondering what she would say when I heard her voice again.

[I will persuade my subordinates even though the timing is awkward. While there would be opposition, and I’m worried whether they would follow a horned child, it cannot be helped. My nanny seemed bored, and it would make her happy to raise a baby.]

Her nanny had spoken to me about birth control, but Jang Ye Ri was immersed in her plan.

[Some do want my successor…]

I thought that her subordinates would not be happy if their Queen became pregnant at such a vital moment.

[While I’m afraid of becoming a mother, I am ready. I heard that it was easy to conceive between demons, and we do make a perfect pair. I would like twins or give birth each year to let the saint know her place and the difference between races.]

[Difference between races?]

[Do not misunderstand me, as I am not saying one is superior to the other. However, it’s obvious who is the better between her and me…So please contact me when you finish up there.]

She was right, and me trying once with her had a higher possibility of conceiving than trying a hundred times with Baek Ahyeon. There might be a dramatic result if we made up our minds. However, I had not planned for Mev’s pregnancy and was careful about birth control nowadays. I was about to say that I did not plan to have a child with Jang Ye Ri yet, but she ended the communication. I sighed and smiled.