Green Skin - Chapter 16

Chapter 16

After finis.h.i.+ng our preparations, we began to advance. The green skins who looked as if they were lit with fire, had strange markings drawn on their faces as if they knew that this was their last battle in this place. That was likewise for our clan as well.

I saw a goblin with good dexterity, one by one, started to draw on the foreheads, arms and even the bodies with a large dagger.

” I ask you, too. ”

” Ggi . . . rik. It’s an honor. ”

Soon afterwards, the dextrous goblin started to draw on my face with a large dagger. Although it wasn’t a first that something was drawn on my face in relevance to our camouflage before, but this meaning of ‘ Shamanism ‘ that was painted was a first. It was quite thrilling just from the thought of it.

” It’s the last battle. ”

” The last battle ! ”

A large group continued to advance north in order to plunder that last fortress. Seeing footsteps of humans along the way, it seems they realized that we were heading towards where they lived.

But, we will never retreat. Even when the enemy knows where we are. Even when the enemy knows we were going to attack. What the h.e.l.l does that even matter.

Plus, if I were to say such a proposition to the group in the midst of advancing, I’d probably get beaten up by the other green skins.

Continuing to march, I could definitely see a few humans on top of the ice wall.

‘ They haven’t fled. ‘

Rather, it was as if they were welcoming us. It was certain that they wouldn’t run I thought. Considering the rumours that circled the personality of the ‘ Queen of the North ‘ that kind of decision wouldn’t make sense.

All the green skins that faced against that wall of ice had certainly realized it.

‘ They want it as well. To fight. ‘

” Kwooooooooooooo ! ! ! ”

In front of the walls, a great war cry echoed through the place.

” Boom ! Boom ! Boom ! ”

The beating drums were swallowed by the winter winds.

” Victory or Death! ”

Someone had screamed aloud in the back. The rest of them similarly started chanting the slogan. Soon, a large war cry surrounded the green skins.

” Victory!! Or Death ! ”

” CHARGE ! ! ”

In a short moment, the white field was a sea of green wave.


” Ggirik . . . GGIRIK ! GGIRIK! ”

I wonder why they were running together. The Green Skins way of fighting really had too many blind spots. If they don’t see the enemy, they search, and if they see the enemy, they charge. The problem was that they would charge without thinking of the aftermath. No matter how much they love wars and battles, it was as if they were jumping into the flames of a large fire. If I was a human, I would definitely not be able to understand this kind of method.


Being a part of this group, I could start to understand these guys’ mind of wanting to jump into this battlefield.

There was no format on both sides whether it was front or back, but the excitement of this green wave was increasing. My heart was pounding faster as I could hear the screams from somewhere. My eyes started to s.h.i.+ne aflame, and I realized soon that I was screaming something that I didn’t know of.

” Kerreeeeeeeeeeeeeuk! ”

” Warriors raise your s.h.i.+elds ! ”

The situation where we were near the walls. From this distance, we were in the range of human archers who had completed their first evolution. As if they antic.i.p.ated for this, the Hobgoblin warriors raised their s.h.i.+elds. Compared to the green skins, it seems that the archer ratio was quite large. It seems that the humans of the ‘ Northern Forest ‘ not wanting to fight against blood-crazy monsters were likewise here.

” s.h.i.+k ”

” Pook . . Pook . . . Pook ! ”

” AHHHHHHHHK ! Ggirik . . . . ”

” AHHHHK ! ”

” Ggirik . . . Ggirik ! ”

Instantaneously, about 20 goblins collapsed. Although there were a few that was calmly swiping the arrows away with their sword or dagger, but they were of the minority. The archers were already preparing for their second barrage. We needed to get closer before the second arrow barrage rained down.

” Kereeeeeuk. We’re raising our speed ! ” ” raising our speed ! ”

Suddenly, I could feel magic starting to flow out from the ground in front of us.

‘ These f.u.c.kers ‘

It was a low trick to freeze the ground so that we won’t reach the castle walls as fast. Though it was simple, in terms of the ratio of archers the enemy possessed, it was very effective. But, this kind of situation was within my range of thought.

And then

” Entangle ! ”

The spell rang out from Jung Hayeon’s lips. From the ground spread out vines as they continued to climb above the walls. It wasn’t a large range, but the walls’ width weren’t that long as well. It seems that the enemy magicians had prearranged this magic beforehand to prevent us from advancing. A few were victims of the magic as they bodies froze on the ground but the pus.h.i.+ng green army didn’t stop.

” Keep running ! ! Don’t wretchedly fall here and die honorably ! ”

” Ggirik . . . Ggirik ! ! Ggirik ! ”

Hobgoblins that were urging the dying goblins started to appear in between. Of course, it was questionable whether it was right to encourage them to move forward, but the goblins endured the pain and continued advancing.

” We’re crawling up ! Ggirik! Climb up ! It’s war ! It’s war ! ”

The members that were in the leading group had soon reached the front of the wall. Although there were awkward spearmen that tried to thrust down their spears of wooden sticks with a blade fixed on top, but their spears were rather caught, causing them to be flung off the wall.


” f.u.c.k . . . these b.a.s.t.a.r.d-like monsters ! ! These f.u.c.king b.a.s.t.a.r.ds ! !

” Stop them from coming up ! Don’t allow them to come up ! ”

It was granted that I had also reached in front of the wall. Although hobgoblins and goblins couldn’t jump over that uncertain height of the wall, but large tall orcs were possible. I immediately rushed at the humans and swung my sword.

The clumsy spearmen had their bodies and heads crushed as they were swept aside, allowing the other goblins to start climbing up the vines one or two at a time. Though there were humans that were waiting below, it seems they haven’t grasped what they were supposed to do. But, the arrows continued to rain down. The goblins continued to climb up the wall that’s not a wall really and eventually, I decided to make the archers my first objective.

I used a human corpse as a s.h.i.+eld as I could hear the unpleasant sounds.

” Pook , Pook , Pook , Pook ”

The arrows flew onto the dead human body. The body started wriggling as if it was stretching out from being stiff. The goblins that saw me block the arrows started to use human corpses to defend likewise. In the while that the archers were quickly reloading, I slowly started to look around my surroundings.

‘ Where is the Queen of the North ‘

There was no mistake that she was displaying a noticeable performance. It was probable that she was in charge of preventing goblins from climbing over the wall.

A sudden thrusting sword. An ignorant-looking goblin caused the man’s sword to fly away, who soon had his head detached.


” Kereeeuk. ”

The ongoing screams and the blood that splashed onto my face caused my eyes to redden again. My breath was becoming rougher. The loyal 5 goblin siblings who had climbed up at some point were protecting me by my side. As expected, they were showing a brilliant performance.

Here and there

” This is the Blood Dagger Clan! ” they screamed, but the humans couldn’t possibly understand those words.

Mev was also steadily helping as the first among the 5 as she continued to shoot arrows into the enemies’ faces.

‘ Good. ‘

There wasn’t as many casualties as I thought when we climbed up. Though the difference in army sizes between the two weren’t high, but at least we had killed off the good-for-nothings. Starting now, the real battle that we wanted. Since their ratio of archers were high, the melee side definitely had the advantage.

Turning towards the only large voice that I could hear, it was Goff. He wasn’t already an orc, but was something that you could call a Half-Ogre. Although I didn’t know since he was always with me, in comparison to the humans, it was a large existence that was overwhelming them. Even his thick flesh were deflecting arrows of the human archers that had completed their first evolution.

In the end, even the blades that couldn’t pierce the skin were like deers trapped within an unreleased lion jumping around as there was no one that could bravely pierce their swords against him.

” How amusing ! How fun ! ”

But Goff was extremely enjoying it. To fight against enemies with the will to battle. It was probably a reward for the lukewarm battles that he had so far in the tutorial.

Like how the humans in the South were afraid, it seems it was the same for these soldiers as well. But, their eyes were definitely different.

Like Jung Hayeon. The will to live, the pride and confidence that they survived till now, and the many battles they experienced in these mere 90 days.

” Stop that large one ! ”

” Thrust your spears ! ”

Those warrior-like eyes that the humans in front of me had.

Though they were afraid, they didn’t retreat. They would have fled like me in the past, but they hadn’t.

‘ Admirable ‘

The fact that these normal modern citizens could survive in this barren setting was itself admirable and the fact that they could emit such looks in their conditions despite being surrounded by blood-crazed monsters were admirable as well. To sense the will of these humans to not give up and do whatever to survive.

It was a first in my life that I had started to enjoy war.

” Kill ! This crazy monster b.a.s.t.a.r.d ! ”

” Kereuuuuuuk ! ”

I quickly approached the guy trying to thrust his pear and slashed his right arm off. They had grown quite a lot from their severe battles in the past, but their levels and experience compared to me were different. Other than me and Goff, the other clan leaders were also displaying great performances. Soon, the war situation slowly swung towards our favor. Our allies were clearly swallowing these guys up. It was certain just from the screams that the humans let out from here and there.

It was then.

A spear that suddenly flew towards me. It wasn’t a sloppily formed crude spear that had a stick with a blade tied on top. It was a real spear, something that wasn’t forcefully crafted up.

I was too slow to block. I used my strength and jumped back. It could be quite a laughable scene if you see a large orc avoid the spear of a girl, but this was something serious.

‘ If I got struck by that, I would’ve died. ‘

The spear soon flew towards my retreating body. I should be able to avoid about this much. Lowering my head down, I avoided the second attack.

I didn’t hurriedly swing my sword or rushed out. First, I was precisely measuring the opponent in front of me. As if there was a kobold in the north, it was a body that was wrapped up in a kobold’s fur leather. The hair was the short hair like I saw from before. Unlike Jung Hayeon who was s.e.xy at every angle, her slim body was imposing. Although a bit small, the look on her eyes was extremely tough.

The opponent that was glaring at me was definitely the ‘ Queen of the North ‘.

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