Green Skin - Chapter 153

Chapter 153

Chapter 153

Greenskin Part 1 Final Review!

First of all, thank you for trusting my ReadNovelFull, Green Skin, and accompanying me on this journey . I’m so sorry for blowing up under the excuse that this is the review of part one . Also, I’m so especially sorry for those who had been with me for 3 consecutive years .

I made this review because this is such a good fantasy that, even if by myself, I wanted to celebrate .

In fact, this was the first plot I thought of . I wanted the main character to run and run without any break, put down his own flag three years later and create a place that he could protect .

Though the end is different from the plan, somehow it ended well .

I wanted to make our MC have a neck-and-neck race/close encounter with Park Hye-Ri, who would die before the end of part 1 . But if I did that the story would have been too long . So, we have decided to put that in part 2 . I have seen various comments saying they were getting bored with the ongoing battles with humans . And as an author, I wanted to say that I felt the same .

I wanted to develop some parts without skipping the three long years, but it’s a pity that I had to rush to make better development .

And now let us go to the next section . We brought some questions that you might be curious about .

[When will Part 2 come out? What is its main content?]

The second part starts right away, just so you can get quality content . It will be released tomorrow . So if you were worried that you’d have to wait, please rest a.s.sured . LOL

Once part 2 begins, I’m not jumping into it right away . Bit by bit, the story will come across, but first I’ll write a story about a village being built!

Please keep an eye on the next part of Green Skins .

[Isn’t the motive for revenge a little vague?]

Actually, I think people are mistaken about this . I’m sure everyone would have sympathized if Sung-gum would have killed the main character a bit more brutally . So, I put myself in the MC’s shoe, sorry for being such a cheesy person . Anyways, then I thought if that happened to me I would have gotten revenge too .

I may not be the right example, but if someone I admired for a long time betrayed me, that situation would be scarier than my fans becoming my detractors .

The only mistake was that Choi Seul-gi directly expressed hatred more than s.h.i.+n Deok-ho . But I think we can correct this later .

[Choi Seul-gi suddenly disappeared in the middle . ]

Actually, the scene where I had to say goodbye to Choi Seul-gi, whom many people have cursed at, is my favourite scene . Another one is the scene where Choi Seul-gi went to the North with the Queen of the North .

Even though… a lot of people threatened to drop the series as soon as this scene was uploaded, and some already have, even now, I don’t regret writing it . ㅜㅜ

Editor’s Note: Who are you people?

People: We’re Starfox .

Editor’s Note: You’ll never defeat Andross!!!

I’ve read a lot of novels, so I can roughly tell what scenes the reader would enjoy . And it is the growth and cool developments . It’s really fun to see the main character get everything . A lot of readers were saying that their breaking up was like a morning romance drama, but personally, I don’t think this is a romance .

And if there is still criticism about it, then it must have been due to my lack of writing skills . They did not part ways with a lot of crying, punching or crying again .

Both the MC and Choi Seul-Gi had a clear purpose and had parted ways for a brief moment . That’s why even though the MC likes her, he didn’t follow her to the north .

Anyway, please keep an eye out for Choi Seul-gi! And stay tuned to know the story with Han So-Hye, the queen of the North!

[ In addition, Ivar’s “Heroine” was not planned . I’m sorry . Instead, I will make sure Su-in appears! ]

If you have any more questions, I would appreciate them . As I told you in advance, Green Skin will evolve again with infinite development from tomorrow onwards .

For now, till next month, I think it’s going to be about the characters building a village .

The reason I was able to bring this novel to this point was all thanks to the readers who enjoyed reading it . It may not be enough in the future, but I will try my best to avoid the development of cancer, so don’t be too angry and I hope you enjoy it .

Thank you so much!

Lastly, Sun Chuko gives great strength to the writer!

Once again, the regular series will be starting tomorrow!