Green Skin - Chapter 146

Chapter 146

There were smart beasts which would run, innately recognizing the danger, but there were also some beasts which could not properly a.s.sess themselves.

The fact that no beasts have come across our way meant that those drum sounds made them fear us. Of course, it probably would not work on those beasts that might have evolved several times, but we were able to march forward quickly as a result.

We ate as we walked. Resting was only for once a day. It was only when we needed to take some sleep. As it wasn’t possible to pitch tents for every member, it was physically uncomfortable, yet the resting times were truly enjoyable.

As we marched towards the East in this fas.h.i.+on, the changing of scenery was being noticed. Although the swamps have not disappeared, it certainly felt like the area was opening up more widely.

Likewise, the land on which we walked on was also being opening up wider. Rather than having small swamps in sporadic fas.h.i.+on, there was ground which could certainly be walked on and tents could be pitched.

It was a very different feeling. Where there were swamps, it was very damp and shady, but where there were open fields, there were growing gra.s.s and gave a feeling of life. I smiled for some reason, thinking that these boundaries have been drawn up, somehow.

‘It’s fitting.’

Although it wasn’t intentional, I felt that the land was quite well fitting for me. As marching a little bit further would place us in the territory of ‘Hydra’, the beast of the east, we established a temporary village at an appropriate location in order to recover from fatigue.

Since I wanted to look upon the land a bit longer, I was quietly surveying the area when Goff and Black Spear approached me. They, too, have allowed their tribes to take rests, and came out of the village for a little bit.

“This is a good land.”

“I’ve heard that better land lies beyond the territory of the beast of the east. There are fruit trees and good soil which is perfect for building a village. I feel fortunate to have decided to grow roots in this region.”

Even Black Spear added to Goff’s comment. I, too, certainly had the same thoughts as they had. It was truly a fantastic land.

I nodded, and they also nodded again. Only after sharing a few more words, I was able to send them back, and even though they did not show it, they appeared to be highly excited.

However, the green skins were unusually quiet in that evening. They were eating, acting, and enjoying the evening like any other evenings, but they were unusually quiet.

They were just looking at the big flag that Gark has carried until now.

I, too, for some reason looked at the flag. As the wind blew, the fluttering flag left a great impression on me.

That was how the evening was pa.s.sed and the true morning arrived.

After cleaning up the temporary village, Gark raised up the flag. I smiled upon looking at that. As if no one was able to contain oneself any longer, everyone got geared up for battle, and with respectable tattoos on them, Orc and the goblins breathed roughly.

No more words were needed any longer.

The Goff Clan, the Blood Dagger Clan, and the Black Spear Clan were beginning to intermix. As they have been training for a while, everyone was ready to place their lives and backs on each other.

“Let there be glory!”

“Let there be honor!”

“Let there be victory!”

The group began to march. Leading the march with Goff, I smiled. It was because as we marched closer and closer to the inner area, the smell of danger came blowing towards us.

Sending spasms through our bodies, it was as if the ambience was telling us that this was my territory. An ordinary human would have definitely run away. However, I smiled.

Goff, too, smiled, and other Green Skins all smiled.

It was a smell of danger that I sensed for the first time in a long time. The beast of the East was certainly aware that someone else has encroached on his territory.


Orc began to continue to pound on the drum made out of human skin. As the b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s smell became stronger and stronger, the sound of the drum grew louder. As his eyes were turning red and breathing was growing rougher, I, for a moment, thought that he might be making sounds that would increase his wildness, but it didn’t seem that way. It might have been purely on my part for getting excited.


The land which we’ve placed our feet is the end of the East.


We’ve come to tear up the beast of the East.


We’ve come to raise the glorious flag.



As if to respond to our sounds, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s shrieking sound began to reach us.




It was the sound of exactly three heads shrieking. The entire end of the East seemed to be echoing that it appeared to be hurting the ears, if I was to exaggerate in describing it. Goff began to dash towards where the b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s sound was coming from as soon as he heard it. The group that was marching also moved quicker.


The sound of Goff, in excitement, came and rang in my ears.


The sound that exploded out of the mouth was the sound of an animal. Determined to be not underplayed, Goff was the fastest one to dash towards the b.a.s.t.a.r.d. What was visible was three headed Drake which had as big a body as the roots that we had faced. The b.a.s.t.a.r.d, turning his head towards us, was expected. Spasms ran down our bodies with just meeting the b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s eyes.

The beast of the East kept looking in our direction. That was, to be exact, it was focused on the lone Orc who was das.h.i.+ng towards him. It was a rush that might have someone to think of it as a useless act. I was looking on the back of such Goff. His back was very wide. It was the back of a warrior who had a lot to protect.

“Give me death if not victory!”

“In the path of our brothers! Let there be glory!”

That’s how the beast of the East and Orc collided.