Green Skin - Chapter 142

Chapter 142

“Do not be too disappointed. If the brave warriors were able to utilize their powers, I am sure that that particular attack would have been dodged.”

“That’s right. As we’ve almost come to the end, as of today, we can certainly be victorious quickly, given the current situation.”

This was how the meeting was being conducted. I looked at Jung Hayeon as I slowly nodded in response to other green skins’ opinions. Finally, having slowly read my mind, Jung Hayeon began to speak.

“If the depletion of my magic power was equivalent to the depletion of stamina of the beast of the east, I think the timing of the swordsmen were a bit early. Although it was not bad overall, I feel that the movements of the main force and the swordsmen were a bit slow…I mean, it was more like that they had more difficulties in maintaining appropriate distances. I felt that something was off.”

“I, too, was feeling that.”

I was also feeling that as Jung Hayeon has mentioned. Although the skill was improving with the number of tries, I couldn’t get over the feeling that something was off as far as the whole united tribe was concerned. Even though I felt that the movements would be smoother by changing to commanding post, it would be a foolish thing to change duties at this time. As I hardened my expression, Goff, who was usually reserved, spoke for the first time in a long while.

“Blood Dagger’s command is not bad. In fact, it is rather good. He understands about hunting the beast of the east more than anyone of us. Even the great chief is not perfect. It is also true for Blood Dagger. What we can do is to trust. I trust Blood Dagger.”

I certainly appreciated his blind trust very much, but in fact, it was also very burdensome. After Goff spoke, Orbo followed this time.

“The leader of the honorable Goff Clan is right. No matter how we look at it, the recent mistake was my fault for sure. I should have moved the swordsmen back and held the b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s head little longer.”

“A fault also lies with Gara. Gara has no sensibility.”

As the three tankers voluntarily came forward and admitted their own mistakes, I felt that the atmosphere has turned rather warm. The small clan’s meeting while I was in the city in the west certainly did not have such an atmosphere, I recalled. There was not any profanity filled rough talks, or arguing over who is in the wrong or right in this meeting.

It was hard to believe that this was the forum to make calibration from the failures of the training on which everyone’s life was depended on. As a result, I felt even greater burden.

‘Failure means death.’

It wasn’t that I would die, but the green skins would die. To be frank, this was the biggest source of my stress.

I nodded once to show my appreciation, and we began to discuss the details in the meeting. Although there were a lot of opinions, it surely wasn’t possible to make a definitive conclusion. There was even a suggestion to position the priests among the swordsmen. The plan was to try things, one at a time, as there were a lot of time, but couldn’t help being rushed.

That was how, without any accomplishments, this meeting was adjourned.

“Leader, be strong!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

“O, savior… I.. I will be on my way then.”

After everyone has left, I spoke with Hakajin and Ragia on topics of not much importance. I was hoping that they, who were being groomed to be a tribe leader and a schemer, would have better understanding of even such a system.

As Hakajin has markedly shown the ability to quickly absorb and learn what I know in the recent days, Hakajin has developed to the level at which he can be most supportive of my command.

It was when we were slowly conversing. Ragia looked over this direction and slowly began to speak. There has been many times when I thought about the exact same thing, and she must have decided to bring out the topic.

“Ah… Tribal leader.”


“May I speak of something that may be uncomfortable?”

I felt like I wanted to hold on to anything. I replied with a nod as if to say it was OK.

“Go ahead.”

Perhaps, Ragia might have thought that I would feel unhappy about it that she began to speak slowly.

“I’m curious as to what it would be like getting help from humans. I’ve heard that weak humans are very good in battles like this.”

It was certainly a sensitive topic for which I could feel uncomfortable with. However, it wasn’t bad. I thought that it was rather a good suggestion. It wasn’t a bad idea, but it was when I thought that even Baek Ahyeon and the followers definitely did not have such ‘experience’. Suddenly, several faces pa.s.sed by in my head.

Certainly, Ragia’s idea was correct. If the raid was found to be difficult due to only having read the materials, such shortcoming could be overcome by bringing in those individuals who have plenty of real life experiences. I was not perfect. In order to supplement the shortcomings, there were talents like Hakajin and Ragia as well as those who were captured for possible utilization.

Raising the ends of my mouth, I spoke towards Ragia.

“Where are the captured ones? The humans that were captured from the small city in the east…That is.”

“All the humans are being kept in the Storm Shadow Clan’s prison. However, in the process of obtaining many intels, a few of the humans have already become maimed or unable to speak. The plants have rather harshly treated the humans…”

In order to relieve stress, perhaps, Jung Hayeon might have often visited where the humans were. An instruction was handed down to squeeze out information, so there must be a lot of information on hand as well as much information that were being a.n.a.lyzed. Yet, I was getting curious as to what she has been doing when I heard that there wasn’t any sane one.

However, what was urgent to me at this point was the livelihood of the humans who have a lot of experience to advise me. I had no choice, but to speak in a hurry.

“Are there anyone sane?”

“Yes. There is one…Who is sane, and spending comfortable time.”

I began to have an idea as to who that might be. The one that I had completely forgotten about after I returned since the things have gotten so hectic. As every piece of available information had been squeezed out, it was most likely that every possible torture had not been carried out. As there wasn’t any other specific instruction, I thought the person would be spending a mundane time.

It was a dog that has become useless after a rabbit hunt, but has managed to prolong its life a little longer, instead of being thrown out.

“Bring Lee Wan Yong.”

The b.a.s.t.a.r.d had such an unlucky name. Although I didn’t want to, it was the time that called for the b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s advice.