Green Skin - Chapter 139

Chapter 139

The Green Skins’ Raid

[The united tribe’s coming of the age (entering adulthood) ceremony, originated by Blood Dagger, Goff, and Black Spear, is quite entertaining. The green skins’ ceremony for those who are entering adulthood as members of the united tribe takes place outside of the clan, rather than inside. Unlike the other tribes’ ceremony in which individual bravery is tested, the united tribe tests collaborative efforts, and rather than testing to determine who is stronger, they test how individuals get along. They are recognized and approved by the tribe based on how they can work together in order to capture beasts that which an individual cannot capture alone, or based on how much bigger the captured beasts are.

Those green skins, which have gone through this training as a group, comprised of young warriors from each tribe, learn to have the mindset that they need to have within the tribe, and how to serve, support and protect the brothers. This test which has been established after having fought the beast of the east, known to be the greatest one when it comes to size, is continuing to be an old tradition for every tribe, and Kim Yoora, the queen of war songs, partic.i.p.ate in this ceremony… omit… – From the great book of antiquity, The footsteps of the great tribal chiefs.]

Although he was not an eloquent speaker, he seemed to have made rather a good point. It felt like the room temperature has risen instantly. Everyone was looking in this direction with burning eyes. From those who were burning with war spirits to those who have placed their hands to their chests. Looking at them, Goff spoke again.

“The quicker the three tribes become one, the quicker we can stake the flag that we are longing for.”

It was the same for Black Spear as well.

“If we can trust the brothers, we can be one.”

As they have set ablaze to the moment, everyone’s spirit was already at the highest point. It was as if they could have rushed out to go and capture the beast right at this minute. Perhaps, I wasn’t the only one who was thinking that way as they all raised their hands into the air and began to shout.

“For brothers!”

“For the new land!”

“For the new land!!”

The spirit rose in no time. I smiled as I watched them, and with that the training for capturing the beast of the east has begun.


Actually, I thought it would be a bit simpler than that. That was, take one or two days to explain the concept and finish the training, and after that, select those who would be well trained demons and conduct the training for the hunt. Thereafter, by leading the one united clan in its invasion to the east, the beasts would be easily overtaken, so it was thought.

However, in applying such a method, it was a mistake to have thought that the green skins, lacking any hunting experience, would follow my instructions quickly. Although they were fittingly called a war race due to their belligerence, their accomplishments were quite low compared to the humans, on earth, who certainly understood the concept of raids through games.

The training method was also an issue. It was confusing for them as the training was being conducted using simulation of fighting against the imaginary opponents. The first step was to create a formation, with Goff, Orbo, and Gara, the twin head ogre at the center. Along with Black Spear, the main force will be placed in the distance and on the sides where the b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s vision cannot reach, the swordsmen of the Blood Dagger clan, along with the ogres would be positioned.

Whether or not it was because there wasn’t any enemy, they did not understand what everyone was supposed to be doing. It would have been much more convenient to try to help them understand the concept by budding heads, as a human, with the midsized beasts, but the ogres were as big as the midsized beasts to begin with.

If it was an ogre as strong as Goff, an ordinary midsized beast would quickly become a bloodied mess. In other words, they would attack with all their fierce might even against a rabbit. Training itself was impossible.

If there were any accomplishments, it would be that they were able to familiarize with their positioning. Although it wasn’t possible to explicitly provide the most accurate positions for all, their formations were roughly drawn out. Of course, they were the positioning scheme which was conceived by me, who lacks raid experience, and Hakajin. Any future adjustments would not be possible.

As planned, the formation training continued today, but the pa.s.sions were only in their wills and eyes. However, watching their stiff movements, it worried me that they would somehow run in to each other.

“Hmm… So, the plan is to throw the spears from this point.”

“That’s right, Black Spear.”

At least, the situation was better for those who, like Black Spear, were to take remote positions.

“Leader, what about me? How come I’m not with the other archers?”

“The sharp archers are to mobilize separately so that they can target strategic areas as needed.”

“Um… I see.”

However, there certainly were challenges in asking a lot from the likes of the tankers, Mev, Ragia, and Goff.

For example, by distracting the b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s attention and having its breath attack to miss the main formation, or opening up an escape route when things would go wrong. Also, since my experience was limited to what I’ve read from the written materials, it was even more difficult to explain more accurately.

What was so easy when read from the written materials has become nebulous now that I was about to put them into action.

Having the units divided into warriors, sorcerers, archers, and priests wasn’t everything. The actual beast hunting was not a game, but a reality. Although a standard pattern existed, there was not a guarantee that that pattern would always play out. The b.a.s.t.a.r.d might suddenly whip his tail in the middle of firing his breath, or by ignoring Goff’s attempt to create a diversion, the beast could directly launch an attack at the main formation.

Of course in situations like this, the warriors would attempt to minimize the beast’s movements while the main formation would retreat, but then the priests and the charmers’ healing magic power would not reach the warriors. Simply standing still and only attacking would not always work. The b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s tail could even possibly be longer than the distance at which the arrows would need to travel before hitting the target.

The one who were executing remote attacks would always have to maintain their distance. Whether they knew or not that my head was breaking apart with such complexities, they were busy, cheerfully moving about.

“We’ve become one!”

“It feels like we can go and hunt down the beast of the east right at this moment!”

“This is the power of the three tribes!”

Gark and Hark were wielding their swords in the air, and even the ogres. They never seemed to be one in my eyes, but it seemed that they must have all been thinking that they have become one.


It was when I was grappling my head in pain. Jung Hayeon walked over towards me and began to speak.