Green Skin - Chapter 134

Chapter 134

[The total number of points is 625,000 after selling 42 items, including the voice of curse.]

[Do you want to sell the items?]

[625,000 Points have been a.s.signed to Blood Dagger.]

[Checking Points for Blood Dagger, the High Level Demon, Mid Level Gladiator.]

[The total number of points for Blood Dagger is 1,330,000 Points.]

That’s perfect. Everything went very smoothly according to the plan. I kind of missed the weapons that I have been collecting, but investing was more important at this time. Since it wasn’t just me, but other clan members would most likely have plenty of accrued points, there shouldn’t be any concerns over weapons.

The ring of Orc Swordsman was 500,000 points, the throwing dagger of Isaac, the great sorcerer was 600,000 points, and 230,000 points remained.

As I subtly stared at the goblin, he was looking like as if he has failed at something. It was possible to hypothesize that the b.a.s.t.a.r.d was not a NPC, but since it didn’t seem like an urgent matter for me to be thinking about that at this juncture, I made no such hypothesis.

Fearing that perhaps others would enter the secret store and purchase them before I did, I hurriedly began buying them.

[You’ve purchased the ring of the Orc Swordsman for 500,000 points.]

[You’ve purchased the throwing dagger of Isaac, the great sorcerer, for 600,000 points.]

It was like putting down a heavy load off of my shoulders. Unconsciously, the ends of my lips were rising. At this point, I needed to decide how to spend the remaining 230,000 points. Although it did not seem to be a bad investment in buying the strengthening sword, I surveyed the store one more time for things that I might be able to buy since I was in the store anyway.

Since 230,000 points weren’t that much, what I could purchase has been already pre-established as far as the items went.

‘Weapons that can be strengthened’

It didn’t matter as to what weapons categories or their features were. If I was to succeed in capturing the beast of the east, pick the weapons that could be strengthened by using the materials. Unlike completed products like the sealing sword, the ones that were made to be potentially strengthened had much weaker capability specifications. One suitable item came into my view in good time.

[Long Rotten Wood Spear of the Life Tree]

[It was a spear that the elfs had made, using the rotten branches that fell off a tree. It has the capability of continually recovering user’s stamina and magic power, little by little. It was very strong and sharp.]

[Agility +1]

[200,000 Points]

Although it didn’t look like it would amount to anything, its power lied in the fact that it could be strengthened. It seemed trivial and small, but the ability to recover the stamina and magic power was also a strong pros. Even though I wasn’t sure how effective it would be after strengthening it with materials that were to be collected, I just thought that it would be very useful.

Of course, using spear was not a familiar skill for me, yet, I thought that I could use it as a throwing spear, and as I have wanted to have a weapon that was a bit longer than a sword, the choice didn’t come to me as a bad one.

[You’ve used 200,000 points to purchase Long Rotten Wood Spear of the Life Tree.]

30,000 points remained. As I had originally thought, I’ve decided to spend the 30,000 points in strengthening the sword.

[Strengthen Item]

[The Sword that is too big to be called a Sword – Possible – 10,000 Points]

[Strengthening The Sword that is too big to be called a Sword for 10,000 Points.]

The basic strengthening didn’t seem to require me to purchase other materials. Finally, my sword entered the blacksmith’s workroom, and having appeared out of nowhere, an Orc blacksmith began to hammer the sword after melting unidentifiable metal. Then in less than a few minutes, the sword strengthening was completed.

[Strengthening Completed.]

[Long Rotten Wood Spear of the Life Tree – Possible – 20,000 Points]

[Strengthening Long Rotten Wood Spear of the Life Tree for 20,000 Points.]

[Strengthening Completed.]

Although I thought that there might be a change in the name of the item or some similarly extreme changes, to my disappointment or perhaps because it was a basic strengthening process, the change in the name or adding of new capabilities did not take place. However, I felt that it became a bit more hardened and bigger than before.

It was a very satisfying shopping trip. I almost felt that it was perfect. By then, after having entered the secret store, I’ve purchased 3 weapons and even strengthened the sword with the remaining points. I felt really good.

One miss was the fact that I couldn’t purchase a potion that could be used in the raid. I was a bit at ease though because I could rely on the recovery option that came with the life tree’s long spear, but in antic.i.p.ation of uncertain situations, I thought it would be good to be earning points while capturing the beast of the east.

“Thank you for your patronage. My friend.”

After spending all my points, the goblin again struck up a conversation, and I was able to face him with a smile of victory for some reason.

When I thought about exiting the store, I felt my body moving and found myself returned to the original tent. I had a new ring around my finger, necklace was hanging around my neck, and lastly, a dagger and a long spear were in my hands.

I gently threw the dagger to a distant spot in the ground and it landed, staking to the ground. What was interesting was the fact that it hit the ground hard even though I threw it gently.

It must have been the effect of the ring. As I injected magic power into the necklace, the dagger soon disappeared and came back to my hand.


Even if it might appear as a simple technique, there would certainly be differences depending on how it was to be used. It was especially true when I was thinking about the unique powers that I had. It was such a joy to have a weapon that will never leave my hands. I quietly laughed silly with euphoria for some reason.

It was then.

Jung Hayeon has surrept.i.tiously entered the tent. As Mev had alluded, she has brought some simple things to eat. Although it has not been long since we saw each other last, she appeared to be very glad to see me as if it has been a very long time.

“I brought breakfast.”