Green Skin - Chapter 123

Chapter 123

[Contains a depiction of s.e.xual act! As you read the chapter, feel free to skip over if not comfortable with the scene!]


“Come in.”

As I gently opened my mouth, Mev walked into the tent in an extremely shy disposition. Image of Mev slowly came into my view. Although I wasn’t sure what it meant, she was almost in nude. Only certain parts of her body were strategically covered up, and I felt that it defied any description.

Furthermore, the appearance was very strange.

If the crown that was on the silver head looked very elegant, green skin’s pattern on her stomach, which was fully exposed, seemed very indigenous.


That must be one of the indigenous, religious insignia that the mother goblins spoke of. I wasn’t certain if there were other talented artists besides Najin, but the drawing was rather good.


Watching her flocking as she walked towards me as if her wings have clipped the tent, I could not help but laugh. As I cried stealthily, Mev was inflating her cheek as she usually does.

She thought that I was observing her like a child.


Maybe it was because of my sarcastic laughter, the view of her folding her wings as much as she could and entering the tent was a spectacle. With unidentifiable nasal sound, she began to flirt with me. There wasn’t any sign of her usual flippant way of walking.

She subtly lifted up her skirt in an attempt to show off her legs by revealing her thighs and pressed her arms inward against her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, which were not sizeable to begin with, in order to make them appear voluminous as she looked on with the most mature way possible.

“ …………….. ”

Since I knew what Mev was thinking about, all this made me look at her and think only how cute she looked. For some reason, I wanted to tease Mev, so I spoke slowly.

“You have ample experience, I take?”

She was visibly embarra.s.sed. But immediately, she recomposed her earlier self and spoke to me in a firm tone.

“Of…Of course. You are alright to antic.i.p.ate, commander! You won’t even be able to stand up tomorrow…Tomo…row! It was I who proposed forming couples…in the first place…that’s right, it was me!”

“ ……………….. ”

Green Skins do not lie. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t capable of lying. Mev’s voice was very shaky. As if it hit her consciousness, she was rubbing her chest. Furthermore, her legs began to shake. She was attempting to lie to the tribal chief, who she respected and loved, so it seemed that she was having a tough time maintaining her composure.

“OK. Then I’m all yours.”

Finding her current image to be more entertaining, I lied on top of the tent sheet and looked at her.


As if she did not know what to do next, she stood there just looking around the surroundings. In order to avoid being shamed, she came in to the tent armed with thorough theoretical education, but she didn’t have any clue as to what to do, now that she was faced with a real life situation.

“What’s the delay? Mev.”

“Just…Just wait one second! Comm…Commander. I’ll show you amazing things.”

There probably weren’t any amazing things.

Some time seemed to have pa.s.sed after that. As I thought, nothing amazing was displayed. Flapping her wings was all. As I kept staring straight at Mev, tears began to gather in Mev’s eyes as expected.


She knew that she has been driven to a corner. As I felt like teasing her more, I turned my eyes away from Mev, and with that, Mev began to cry again.

“Aaanng… Heuuu”

“When are you going to show me the amazing things?”

“ ………… ”

“Lie…It was a lie. No…I…I have no experience at all.”

In the end, she shyly came clean as if to say she was ashamed, and that image of her really hit me as being very cute. Mev was well known for being the most beautiful woman among the goblin tribe to begin with. Green Skins were very free and open minded about s.e.x, but it seemed that no one has ever approached her, maybe knowing Mev’s reputation for beauty would be a high hurdle. Or, I thought that perhaps, there has not been anyone that Mev might have felt attracted to.

Maybe, it was strongly possible that I might have been the first green skin to meet Mev’s standard.

Either way, I couldn’t help, but smile, looking at Mev who continued to speak with hesitation.

I gently pulled Mev towards me. As physical contact was made with Mev who allowed her to be pulled towards me, I felt the strong beating sound of her heart.

It felt like as if someone has brought a subwoofer into the room. I gently looked on Mev, and found that her cheeks have turned very red. Mev must have also felt that something was about to happen.

When I kissed Mev’s forehead, I felt her body had already stiffened up. The next was her cheek, followed by her lips. I applied a little bit of demon magic in order to part her closed lips, and as she casually separated her lips, I thrust my tongue inside her mouth

“Uh…? Ah? Hup…? Ah?”

Her eyes were wide open and spinning uncontrollably. What was funny was that her eyes were moving in the same direction as my tongue was moving.

Yet, Mev, too, began to respond enthusiastically. As I slowly stroked her body and kissed her lips at the same time, her stiffened body began to relax, and in no time, she was deep in my arms and seemed to be enjoying the moment with her eyes closed.


It was some image to see her extend her arms and began to touch various areas of my body, since she had no idea what to do at all, just a moment ago. Rather than it being an act, after some meaningful thought process, it appeared to be more of an act that was instinct driven. She must have been feeling really good as she continued to flutter her wings as we kissed.