Green Skin - Chapter 119

Chapter 119

“As to why I brought up this subject… You certainly know the reason, Blood Dagger…”

I slowly nodded my head. Black Spear, who was listening beside me, gulped down a big bowl of wine as he also intently listened to Ogre’s story.

“I realize that I am not qualified yet. I am neither strong, nor wise. Should I have been the first to set my feet on this continent, instead of the great chief Agar, I am certain that I would have killed everyone. Of course, they would have been honorable deaths… However, the true honor that I seek was not like that.”

I smiled, looking at Goff.

It wasn’t just the b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s physique that showed maturity. Like his body, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s thinking has also deepened with great breadths. I swallowed unconsciously as I antic.i.p.ated what he was going to say next, and Goff spoke, observing me.

“I want to become the great chief of the tribes. My brothers. I mean… I will definitely become the great chief, someday.”

If something was to be categorized as a proclamation then this would certainly qualify as being one. Certainly, he did not mean it in a revolting sense. Perhaps, it would carry more of an abstract and symbolic meaning, by which he was expressing his intention to become a man who would be unashamed, respected by everyone, and most honored in the land. I nodded my head.

“That’s splendid…”

Black Spear spoke towards Goff. Like his words, he was wonderful. I subtly began to rea.s.sess myself. I have never even thought about being the great chief of the tribe. I have never been a big fish to begin with.

The desire to be strong and petty vengeances were the driving forces that got me this far. Of course, as time pa.s.sed and more time was spent with the tribe members, I was finding new meaning in life, yet being the great chief… I have never dared to even imagine it.

I know it because I have directly spoken with the great chief of the tribe, and because what I have just heard. That position is dignified and comes with difficult responsibilities.

The great chief of the tribe is the one who stands above all the honorable chiefs. The one who stands above Goff, Black Spear, the big Ogre, Storm Shadow, and the Green Goblin would be the great chief.

I looked straight into Goff’s eyes. He was sincere. He did not wobble. He will certainly obtain what he wants and he will never compromise his objective. He would rather die than to give that up. I could feel my heart pounding more and more. It was the emotion that I haven’t felt in a long time since I was no longer a human.

And that was inferiority complex.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is in a different league all together.

“What do you think, Blood Dagger?”

I am not sure, but maybe he has read the self doubt in my eyes as Goff asked me while looking directly into my eyes. Although I wanted to say something, I couldn’t speak as my lips did not part. I certainly could not say a word.

To be the great chief of the tribes for someone who was a human in the first place? It has never come to my mind. Ultimately, my mouth remained shut, without saying a word.

However, Goff did not reproach me or further made requests for a response. He just picked up his wine bowl and only murmured.

“I think you are closer, for now… Blood Dagger.”

It was an incomprehensible comment. As I looked at Goff with curious look, Black Spear extended his hand out in to the opposite direction. It was certainly a cue for me to look behind.

My head turned autonomously.


What I saw there were a countless number of Green Skins, with their hands placed on their chests.

They weren’t the original members of our Blood Dagger clan. They have changed quite a bit since I met them initially. Unexpectedly, the one that stood at the front of the group was easily recognized as Minotaur. The ma.s.sive s.h.i.+eld that he was holding and the straight, bright focused eyes gave way.


The b.a.s.t.a.r.d has shed the troll’s body and evolved into a Minotaur. It probably wasn’t an easy choice. Most likely, it was the show of his determination to become stronger. Those that were kneeling along with him were all the Green Skins who had previously been slaves. Even more surprisingly, Yura Kim and the little rascals were there also. That cute little one was granted the permission to join the clan, and now she seems to want to allow the same opportunities to other little ones. There, no longer, was anyone looking lost now. And there, no longer, was anyone looking scared either. There were only burning eyes and muscles that were about to expand and surge in size immediately. Those Green Skins, who were slaves, were no longer showing such demeanor.

“Your grace will be repaid with my life!”

“With my life!”

The Blood Dagger Clan most definitely accepted Orveau. The plan, all along, was to accept them in order to grow the size of the clan.

However, it felt heavy. Whether it was because of the effects of wine or because of Goff’s emotional display, it felt heavy. I began to survey the surroundings.

As I met the burning eyes of Gark and Hark, who were looking in my direction, they placed their hands on their chests. The loyal five siblings, the goblin sisters also had their hands placed on their chests, Laggya and Hayoung Jung were smiling and Hakajin and Mev were in tears. Ayeon Paek, who was to stay in the village for a short time was also doing the same. As if to not want to miss this moment in time, she kept her eyes on me.

Looking at the group that trusted me, I, too, placed my hand on my chest.

“I will accept.”

When loyalty is pledged, it should be responded in kind, by pledging loyalty. At that moment, I finally felt that I understood the mundane action of placing one’s hand on his or her chest.


Everyone began to exclaim at the same time.