Green Skin - Chapter 117 - Small Celebration

Chapter 117 - Small Celebration

Small Celebration


“For Blood Dagger!”

“For Blood Dagger!!”

The first ones to welcome us, as we arrived at the village, were the little rascals. Yura Kim and Nicola were the first ones to welcome us. Looking at Yura Kim and Nicola, who were das.h.i.+ng towards us, even the little human and green skinned rascals, who were being carried by our clansmen, seemed to let out sigh of relief.

For the most part it appeared that they were very concerned about possibly getting eaten.

“It’s the little ones!”

“Little humans!”

Even though they were also little, they had the audacity to call them little ones, yet they seemed quite happy to be met by an unexpected welcome party. Especially, Orveau appeared to be very happy to be making new friends like Yura Kim and Nicola who were tad smaller than him.

“Orveau! Orveau!”

Freeing himself from his father’s grasp, he was das.h.i.+ng towards Nicola already.

Although it was worrisome to see the increased workload on the part of the mother goblins as the number of little ones increased, some relief was provided because there were some females that were rescued from the dungeon. All the while, I was looking upon the Green Skins that were entering the village with Orveau. Although some of them had blank looks on their faces, perhaps due to some residual fog in their minds, there were others who looked well, maybe due to the positive effects of the battle.

As it was for Orveau’s case, they would eventually return to normalcy as time pa.s.sed. Having requested Mev and Laggya to finish up, I, immediately, headed towards the Storm Shadow’s tent. Although it was the norm to not meddle in one another clan’s business, I thought it was best to alert them since we were receiving help from them, and the fact that it could bring a great shock to the tribal society.

As I waited outside the tent, a tall troll stopped me. Then after a few moments of waiting, I was allowed to enter the tent.

As I entered, I saw Storm Shadow, sitting quietly. Subtly raising the ends of his mouth, he was staring at me.

“You’ve got a bigger family now.”

“Yeah. We’ll leave the village as soon as we are ready.”

“No such need. Blood Dagger, we are also appreciative of what you’ve done… you are welcome to stay as long as you need to.”

He seemed to be aware of what had transpired. As he hasn’t been seen for a while after arriving here, it was thought that he may have been preoccupied with other things, but he was certainly paying an attention.

“If it is not too much trouble, I’d like to hear the full story…”


After hearing Storm Shadow, I spoke slowly as I nodded. The stories about capturing the humans after I came here, the battles that were fought against the b.a.s.t.a.r.ds that rode Ivar, how I met Orveau and the truths that were learned, and lastly, the support that Copeland had received during the battle…

The countenance of the one, listening to me, transitioned from expressionless to raising the edges of his lips, to staring up in the empty s.p.a.ce with glaring eyes, to dropping his ears low, which allowed me to see what emotions he was going through.

When I got to the point of Copeland, receiving help, he perked up his ears to hone in on my words, indicating that he was much more immersed in the story that I was telling him.

Seeing that his roller coaster emotions have settled down at the end of my story, it was obvious that he was enraged.

“The humans that live in the big village were obviously involved…”

“That’s right. Storm Shadow…”

“This issue will be officially raised at the great village meeting. The news of this incidence will spread among the Green Skins, and the Green Skins will call out your name high. Perhaps, the clan’s great leader will award you a weapon…”

I was more interested in receiving a weapon that was to be awarded by the clan’s great leader than being a star within the Green Skin’s society. While I nodded with my head, thinking about the weapon that I would be receiving, he spoke again as he looked at me.

“I will vacate the village for a while. You may enjoy as you please.”

He must have been in a hurry as he disappeared into his own shadow. It was definitely a high level skill. I realized, now, the reason why it was impossible for Goff and me to even sense his shadow during the tutorial time. Although I wasn’t sure whether it was a transportation skill or simply hiding, based on the fact that he has disappeared right in front of my eyes, it being the transportation skill seemed to be more probable.


It was a good thing that I’ve evolved into a high level demon, as otherwise I wouldn’t even have been able to sense him disappear. The rumor was that Storm Shadow was even being called the future, great leader of the clan. His battle capability must also be immeasurably high for sure as well. He was even stronger than the Green Goblin, who was believed to be the strongest adversary that Haeri Park and I have met so far, and served as our teacher for a short while. In other words, he was in the equivalent position as that of the ancient holy swordsman or the queen of the north.

I just smiled as I unconsciously thought about wanting to test his power. It was because I thought that I have been fully aligned with the thought process of Green Skin.

Darkness greeted me as I, finally, came out of the tent with a sigh. Seeing that he left at this very late hour in the evening, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d must have thought very serious about it.

As I moved closer towards our camp section, I saw a ruffling light. Immediately, I sensed what has happened.

It was because loud voices of Green Skins and great sound of drum were coming from the tent area.

“Hey! It’s wine! Bring the wine!”

“Let’s celebrate our victory!”

“Celebrate our victory!!”