Green Skin - Chapter 113

Chapter 113

It was Prime Executive Ragia who was quickly running towards me. It seems like she was coming to quickly explain why they had come here. Just from a rough look, it seemed like there wasn’t any significant casualties to our forces, but I thought that it would be senseful to listen to her report. I nodded, and soon Ragia’s calm voice echoed.

“Hakajin has treated the injured thirteen Green Skins, who have fully recovered now, and there is one Green Skin that has lost his life. Other than the Humans who were wearing the clothes that you mentioned, we have cleared all of them…..”

“There are still; too few numbers.”

“Yes. That is so.”

It seems that Ragia was thinking the same thing as I am. It wasn’t like a lot of Humans were caught up in the explosions. In other words, the Humans were gathering at another place apart from here, in which they were probably reorganizing their weapons, equipment and forces.

“It would be advisable that we leave as soon as possible.”

Hakajin’s judgment was right. He had probably arrived to that conclusion after a.n.a.lyzing the states and conditions of the Green Skins and children behind me. With how even Hakajin had said for us to leave, it seems that this is beyond his ability…in the end, I have no choice but to rely on Black Spear.

Black Spear, noticing my thoughts, looked over his shoulder and asked.


“Yes, Chief.”

“Do you think you can cleanse them?”

From his words, Ridiria the Troll Shaman stepped forward and looked at the dumbfounded Green Skins for quite a while before replying.

“With the current magic I have, I feel I am lacking. Please forgive me…”

“I am not blaming you, Ridiria.”

Seeing that it was an impossible task for her as well, our only option was to leave this city. Noticing that the Humans were not here, they had either completely left the city or were preparing for a large counter-attack. With the ‘attachment’ that Yoon Jungsoo, leader of the Black Thorn Guild, has with the city, it didn’t even cross my mind that he would even consider abandoning the city.

Though they had suffered a lot of casualties, it was still too much for the Blood Dagger and the Black Spear Clans to fight them head on. Even if we were to win by chance, the problem was that there was nothing for us to obtain.

‘The new guys…’

I had no confidence that we could continue to fight and protect these young children. Even if we were to win the battle, we would suffer a lot of casualties. I slowly began to move forward.

“It is ideal that we leave the city, for we cannot fight together with the young children.”

“We’re leaving the Human village!”

“Protect the young Green Skins! Protect the Green Skins incapable of battle and retreat!”

From my words, Gark and Hark quickly scattered and announced the order, and Black Spear nodded too before screaming.

“We are returning to the village!”

Then, the group quickly began to transform into an organized formation before we began to head out. We positioned the ones incapable of battle in the innermost of the group, which also included Ahyeon and the Priests, and even Hayeon. Since there was the possibility that we might be ambushed, there was the problem with speed. Not only that, there was also the issue with the drugged Green Skins more so than the children.

Gark, Hark, and the quick Archers quickly spreaded out and looked for the Humans, before soon returning and shouting.


“Raise your s.h.i.+elds!”

Then arrows began to quickly rain down from some location. We could have blocked the arrows with our s.h.i.+elds, but what was troublesome was the large mana that I felt from above.



Immediately, Hayeon began to cast. Limited to a single type of magic, her casting speed was a bit quicker than regular magic. Soon, a large chill began to surround this place. At the same time, roots sprang up from the ground and covered the whole group.


Simultaneously with the sound, a chilling cold surrounded us. With my Ancient Flame, I tried to resist the cold as much as possible, which allowed the cold to not reach certain areas with the area of effect. The range was wide, but we had somehow stopped it. There was only one reason why this attack was starting now. It was to block us from leaving.

They were even trying to ‘capture’ us, which made it extremely surprising. The ice magic that they had just used was surely not an intent to kill.

It was a magic that was intent on binding us down. Even when the city was completely destroyed… no, since the place was completely destroyed; perhaps why they were trying to capture us alive. Since with these number of Green Skins, it was definite that they could recover the casualties shortly. Their purpose caused me to laugh.

I finally know why they were waiting for us to rescue our people from the bas.e.m.e.nt. It was bait, an intent to devour us whole after biting the bait.

“We’re leaving as quickly as possible!”

However what I could feel from the Human presence was that they had no qualms of sending us out. The Warriors of the Black Thorn Guild weren’t approaching us. Rather, they were maintaining their distance and were retaining their ranged attacks in order to slowly reduce our numbers.

Though their arrows were blocked by the s.h.i.+elds of our Warriors, it could be said that there were some casualties. With such attacks, some of our forces were naturally bearing the brunt from the battle, which made me look up.

Then, I saw archers begin to emerge from a building that had not yet collapsed. There was even some that were preparing to aim a large bolt as large as Black Spear’s spear.


A large bolt that of a ballista was being prepared to fire this way. There was no question that they were intending on attacking us with the gap that was created from that rain of arrows. If that bolt were to hit us, someone would surely die.

Gritting my teeth, I flung my body over to the large bolt.


“Sa… savior-nim!”

I could hear the worried voices of Ahyeon and Mev, but I did not turn back. I knew I could clearly block that bolt. Putting all the strength I had into my greatsword, I went straight at it.

‘I’ll cut it.’

I’ll definitely cut through it.

The force of the bolt flying this way was very overwhelming. As if they had filled it with mana to the limits, there was even a faint light glistening from it as it was flying this way. I also injected mana into my greatsword and cut straight through it.

It had lost its force once it was split into two, but the second one was fired in an instant. The reloading time was faster than I thought, making me become suspicious that they had a Unique Ability related to this. Being fired to a completely different direction, Hayeon quickly blocked it with her roots. I did not concern myself behind me and continued to run. Though they were trying to maintain their distance, I could reach there without a doubt.

Slightly looking to the back, I saw that our Archers and Black Spear’s were also engaging in a ranged battle. Then, I gave the guys in the back a look.

‘Gark, Hark, Three Goblin Sisters, and the Orc Swordsmen including Orbo.’

We will open a path.


“For Victory Only!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

“I’ll leave it to you, Black Spear!”

It would be the Blood Dagger Clan that will open a path, and the Black Spear clan would endure the brunt of the battle against their Archers and Magicians while protecting the imprisoned ones. On the other side, the Swordsmen roared out as if they were already been waiting for this moment.

This was not a bad choice. While the Black Thorn Guild’s Warriors began to buy time, the Archers will be re-positioned for another barrage. They were clearing trying to buy time, prolong the fight, and tire us out in the long run.

But what was positive at least was that we had Ahyeon and the Priests on our side. Although it may be detrimental in a long battle, but we still were capable of enduring one.

From my shout, Gark and Hark instantly came beside me, and Orbo and the Warriors also stuck close to me. It was time for us to fulfill our role.


“Do not react! Do not react! Retreat.”

Before the guy was able to shout any more, an arrow penetrated through his skull. Feeling that faint aura of the Spirit, I realized who the arrow had come from. I began to move my body once more, in which a large bolt was fired in our direction again. Looking back, Hayeon was already beginning to cast her roots up. Though she was blocking the bolts, there was a limit to how much she could endure. I couldn’t help but swallow back my saliva dryly.


“For Blood Dagger!”

Our forces were relentlessly cutting down their numbers, and although our Priests were healing the injured ones, but bit by bit, I saw our numbers dwindle slowly.

‘Their numbers are substantial.’

With how they were employing guerilla tactics, it was obvious that I was starting to become frustrated. Though our Orc Swordsmen were able to find and kill them, but if one were to view the battlefield as a whole, it wouldn’t be a fatal factor.

‘We have to crawl in.’

I jumped towards them once more, and using my Unique Ability to the limit, I continued to cut them down. By throwing my greatsword at the ones with s.h.i.+elds and cutting through the ones that approached me with my sword, we continued to advance.

“For Blood Dagger!”

In the meantime, the ballista had already reloaded and fired once more. This time, I heard a scream ring out from behind.


Though we were getting closer to them, but the baggage we had was too much. If we were to abandon them, we could penetrate through. But, I did not want to abandon them.

Orbo stood in front with his s.h.i.+eld up high and tried to endure the oncoming arrows as much as he can. Gark and Hark continued to fight alongside the Orc Swordsmen as they tried to advance through, while the Three Goblin Sisters were now surrounded by the enemies due to the fact that they had advanced too swiftly ahead.

If we were to restore the drugged imprisoned Green Skins, then we could turn this situation around. In this urgent situation, even I subconsciously looked back. They were still dumbfoundedly being protected by the Black Spear Clan… it was then that Orbo screamed on top of his lungs.

“We are Green Skins! Not slaves! Warriors!”

Though his large voice made their hearts tremble, they did not show a reaction. Even if Orbo was screaming until his veins popped out, no reaction was seen. It was stupid to ask for a miracle.

When I was about to turn my head away, it was then.

Slowly. I began to witness life slowly return to one of them. Of course I might have been mistaken, but that drum making my heart tremble was real.

It wasn’t due to Orbo’s cry.

There was definitely a drumming sound that was making my heart tremble from somewhere.

It was that large drumming that I heard back in the Tutorial. I began to think of the small Goblin that I had made a drum for with Human Leather.




The drumming sounds began to ring throughout my heart, and awakened the sleeping wild nature of my heart. It wasn’t just me that had received this effect, as all of the group began to subconsciously scream out from the effect.


“Victory! For Victory Only!”

“For Blood Dagger!!”


In the meantime, I heard the shout of a very familiar voice. It was a voice so loud that it echoed throughout the city. I couldn’t help but smile.

“Victory or Death!!!!!”

Our long awaited brother had finally arrived at the battlefield.

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