Green Skin - Chapter 10

Chapter 10

I started to stare at Jung Hayeon who had evolved into an Alraune. The time when she started evolving was after she had entered my tent. Suddenly, Jung Hayeon’s body started changing, as if she was a monster evolving. For a brief moment, I, who was holding a sword in caution, started to dumbfoundedly stare at the leaves that bloomed out of her lower body.

The rare cla.s.s of monsters, even in the continent, ‘ Alraune ‘.

Although it’s physical prowess wasn’t too strong, it had intelligence and magical abilities, so it was quite a difficult monster to face against. Especially, adventurers who were a bit less talented would find it difficult to deal with this type because they distribute weak pheromones that affect them regardless of s.e.x.

‘ This is . . . ‘

For a human to change into a monster . . . I never heard of such a thing in my previous life. Of course, in my situation, I had started off as a goblin, but this compared to that, they were clearly different.

In my situation, I had changed into a monster after I had died. However, Jung Hayeon who had changed into an Alraune had originally been a human who had changed into a monster.

‘ So things like this are possible. ‘

I was truly flabbergasted. From Jung Hayeon’s pale skin, a green light started to appear.

” Ahhhhhk ”

The appearance of her holding her body with both her arms and wriggling as if she was suffering was quite lewd. Soon afterwards, Jung Hayeon finished and slowly opened her eyes as she began to stare at me.

” Now . . . are . . . we on . . . the same side? ”

It seems she had decided to abandon living as a human entirely to survive. To be honest, for the rumors of a monster that could understand human language to spread would be critical for me once I leave for the continent, I already had decided to ‘take care of her’ once the 100 days were up.

As if she had recognized this, it was certain that she had chosen this path herself. Seeing the trembling eyes of Jung Hayeon stare at me, I quietly opened my mouth.

” Alright. ”

In that instant, Jung Hayeon’s face started to brighten.

I really wanted to confirm if Jung Hayeon had really evolved into an Alraune. I was forced to check a few things.

Opening my arms, I hugged Jung Hayeon into my embrace.

” Wh . . . What . . . ”

Although she was shocked, she didn’t reject my touch. If you think about it, it was natural for her to change into a monster if you consider her obsession to survive. So it wasn’t strange for her not to reject me. However, my objective wasn’t that.

Rather than Jung Hayeon’s upper body, the leaves of Jung Hayeon’s lower body started to touch with mine. To touch Jung Hayeon’s lips with mine was too much due to my molars.

I immediately started to rub Jung Hayeon’s thigh with my hand. Due to the influence of her evolving, her clothes had fully ripped off, so Jung Hayeon’s large b.r.e.a.s.t.s soon entered my sight.

With my other hand, I grabbed Jung Hayeon’s breast and slowly moved it.

” Ha . . . . Ah . . . . . . Ah . .. . You . . . . really have . . . a fetish. . . ”

It seems she was quite suspicious at how I didn’t disturb her in her human state, but had started to touch her once she had changed into a monster.

I didn’t really pay attention to it despite her misunderstanding that a guy like me would be erect only when I met a monster.

Alraune’s body was a bit more sensitive than a human normally. You couldn’t say it was a revolutionary change, but her body was already excited as both legs slowly spread apart as she opened her petal first.

It was probably instinct. If I had been caught by a higher level Alraune, I probably would not be in this world, but unfortunately, the Alraune of Jung Hayeon couldn’t do so now. That was because the petal had not completely bloomed and there was a bud sitting there.

Although I didn’t have to necessarily go to this extent, but seeing the body of a woman in a long time, I was slightly stimulated as I bit into Jung Hayeon’s chest.

” Oof. ”

It seems that she had blocked her scream forcefully with her hand. I began to suck strongly on her chest as she started to squirm, as I felt her waist bending backwards.

” Ah . . . ”

It seems she was expecting something as her legs started to lock onto my waist while looking at me. I could tell that I was losing my breath which had gradually became rougher. I could feel the Alraune’s unique pheromones gathering inside my body.

If I continue like this, it’s probable that I’ll lose my rationality. I nudged her away and stroked her groin one more time.

” Ughh . . . ”

The squirming, trembling body of Jung Hayeon. As expected, that sticky liquid started to flow onto my hand. Secretly bringing that unknown liquid towards my mouth, I licked that sweet taste. It was a strong aromatic scent that could nearly make me lose my mind. Even though I had just allowed it to touch my tongue, it felt as if I was being overwhelmed.

‘ It’s certain. ‘

The honey that an Alraune exerts once it was excited. Like a rare species. Even after going to the continent, it was a type of food only the upper cla.s.s could eat. It wasn’t just her outer appearance that had changed, but it was clear that her whole body had evolved into an Alraune.

I slowly left the blus.h.i.+ng Jung Hayeon’s body and began to rise.

” Eh? . . . Eh? ? ”

Jung Hayeon’s face that was lying on the floor had an extremely dubious expression, however I could feel something running towards here so I had no choice but to control myself. I slowly opened my mouth to the dumbstruck Jung Hayeon that was staring at me.

” If you’re hungry, say it. ”

” Yes . . . Yes! ”

As such, I prepared myself to face the visitor that was coming for me. Although there was a perception that orcs were oblivious, but in my case , it’s not always like that. I could clearly hear the oncoming footsteps. Hearing those nimble, quick footsteps, the likelihood of it being Mev was high.

” Captain ! ! ”

Like that, without permission, opening the door wide open was Mev. But, something was different. Despite the voice being Mev’s, that happy face which had entered this camp was a different species. Pure white skin, small pointy ears, and those nymph wings.

‘ Fairy ‘

It was certain that I saw one of the guys from Goff Clan evolving into an orc archer. Though it was obvious, depending on your behavioral patterns, the species that you could evolve to were different depending on the person. I slowly gazed at Mev once again.

The sentiments of a fairy’s body were quite different compared to the exclamations that she was the best beauty among the goblins. In terms of size, she was a bit smaller than a Hobgoblin. That high nose, large eyes, and her lips were disproportionately small.

Mev who had soon entered the door was beginning to stare into the tent as if she couldn’t believe her eyes. It was probably Jung Hayeon that she was staring at. Even Mev was totally shocked to see a Jung Hayeon who had evolved into a monster. But, Mev’s expression didn’t look to be serious.

She was attentively staring at Jung Hayeon’s appearance who had her legs spread apart.

But it felt as if she was more focused on her changed ‘ green ‘ skin than her posture itself.

And then she started to cry. Large droplets of tears began to flow down her face.

” Ah . . . what’s this . . . I’m totally ruined. Completely . . . . . . Return my green skin ! ! My green skin ! ! ”

Was what she exclaimed as she disappeared from the tent like an arrow. With a puzzled expression, I began to stare at Mev’s back.

As expected, I also heard the goblins make a commotion about it.

” Ggireuk . . . Mev has totally become an ugly woman. Ggireuk . . . ”

” The G.o.ddess of goblins doesn’t exist now. Ggireuk. ”

As such, in a Blood Dagger Clan’s tent, you could hear Mev crying for some time, but I tried my best to be indifferent. Other than her having a huge misunderstanding after relating my fetish to the green skin, her selection itself wasn’t bad at all.

Rather, it opens a path for her to evolve into a magic archer. Which could be better. Sometime, I need to tell her that my fetish is actually fair skin color, but for now, I decided to sleep with Jung Hayeon for the night.

The following day, our tribe decided to attain more achievements. Well, to be precise, we wanted to increase our hunting efficiency. Mev who had evolved into a fairy archer and her battle totem along with Jung Hayeon’s abilities were a masterpiece.

But I could feel it. After evolving into an orc warrior, and being above this level before. Killing ordinary guys won’t be helpful. No matter how much we hunt them, our experience will be miniscule at best.

Although it’s still somewhat effective for Jung Hayeon who had just evolved into an Alraune, as for Goff Clan’s leader Goff, Mev, and me, our growths have stopped completely.

Of course we would be anxious.

I wasn’t someone that really had talent. If I did, then I wouldn’t have lived such a wretched life before.

If you consider now, although I’m trying to use my 10 years of experience as cover for this life, considering Goff who was growing extremely fast, it won’t be long before he catches up to me. What was fortunate of changing into a monster was definitely ‘ Species Value .’

In front of really talented people, the meaning of species wouldn’t really matter, but despite that, the strength and speed that were higher than the physical abilities of humans, were something extremely difficult to attain no matter how hard you trained.

The point is, before my limitations arrive, I need to endlessly evolve.

Thanks to it, Goff Clan, the other tribe leaders and I had gathered around holding onto our heads in pain.

” Ouch . . . ”

” Why Captain? ”

” I don’t think there’s much meaning in hunting humans anymore. ”

Hearing my words, Mev who now had silver short hair tied up, she opened her mouth.

” Well . . . our food supply is overwhelming and the thoughts of other captains are understandable . . . and the fact that goblins from other tribes wanting to come to ours have increased . . . are you implying that you want to rest? ”

It seems that recently the Blood Dagger Clan’s affinity has increased substantially as the goblins have started to call it ‘ our ‘ clan. Earlier, I think my confession that I had a fetish was somewhat effective. But, I think Mev didn’t fully understand it. Probably due to her being originally a goblin, I don’t think she had talent in that type of field despite being smart.

I covertly let out a sigh. Eating dinner with me was Goff who opened his mouth.

” It seems that you desire an honorable battle . . . Keureuk. . ”

” Half of what you said is correct. ”

” Kereuk. . . Although a few goblins still say that the Blood Dagger Clan is despicable and does not know honor, I know for sure. ”

I’m not sure what you know, but I surely don’t know what honor is.

” Lately, the battles are not satisfying. It seems that the humans around here are too weak. If it weren’t for that plant lady, of course we wouldn’t be able to enjoy such battles, but lately I have the feeling that my body is rather stiff. ”

” . . . . . . . . . ”

Though our objective was different, what we wanted was the same. A greater battle. I nodded at what Goff had to say.

” There are no worthwhile foes in this forest anymore. Even the goblins here are not worthy of entering our tribes. I request that we officially move our settlement. ”

” I . . . I will receive that request. ”

” Agreed. Ggirik! ”

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