Gourmet Gaming - Chapter 404: Vassal Brod

Chapter 404: Vassal Brod

Brod, who was still lying on Iris’ lap, was gradually getting healed thanks to Iris’ power, ‘King’s Warmth’. By the end of it, he had mostly recovered from his injuries. Brod coughed in embarrassment as he lifted himself off of Iris’ lap. But, despite the embarrassment, the two were smiling brightly at each other.

“I’ll go and help him now.”

Iris nodded before asking, “You’ve seen him, right? What kind of person is he?”

“…He might be a foreigner but he’s a trustworthy man. I saw plenty of things from him.”

Mercenary King Brod, with almost 200 years of experience, was very confident in his eye for people and how he assessed them. He could tell what the person was like as an individual.

“He’s a very strange man.”

The boy, who had eaten the same steak that Iris ate earlier, smiled brightly. His smile was like that of a child’s, pure and bright.

“And? What else?”

Brod wondered why Iris kept on asking about the boy. Was Iris also aware that the boy risked everything to save her life?

“He’s different from me. He looks like he cares deeply for his people.”

That was right. He cared deeply for his people. The boy constantly looked outside of the room, his face filled with concern while he cooked earlier.

Iris smiled, “Sir Brod.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Iris’ voice was different from when she asked him about the...