Gourmet Gaming - Chapter 284: A Strange Date Between Him and Her

Chapter 284: A Strange Date Between Him and Her

Just like the last time, explanations rang as the second video began to play.

[The Three Great Divine Beasts that awakened the Supreme Divine Beast went back with him. They locked the Supreme Divine Beast in a ‘control room’ and observed him. The Supreme Divine Beast’s power was limited and restricted when he was inside the control room.]

The Envoy of Incarnation, Baroque, called Penrus before sitting down together with the other divine beasts masters.

“The Supreme Divine Beast is just a baby piggy…”

“That’s not what crossed my mind. Is he at ‘peace’ right now?”

Moldoron shook his head when he heard the Dragon Monarch’s words, and said, “We should not be complacent. He’s still the Supreme Divine Beast. Perhaps, he’s hiding his true self.”

“Let’s go to the control room first.”

All of them stood up and walked in front of the control room. Everything inside the control room was white. It was a place where no power could be used and they had kept the Supreme Divine Beast, a baby piggy, inside it.

“Where did he go…?!”

Moldoron tried to check on the baby piggy through the slits on the iron door, but was left in a fluster when there was no baby piggy in sight. Baroque also tried to look for the baby piggy through a small gap, but he could not see him at all.


Just as they were exclaiming in surprise…


The creature that they were looking for suddenly appeared behind them. He was smiling widely at them with a face that was covered with whipped cream.

‘I… I did not even feel him…’ 

‘He… he got out of the control room on his own…?!’ 


The baby piggy approached them slowly, as he held out one of the things he was eating towards them.


The baby piggy was smiling at them brightly as if he was greeting his friends. Alas, the three great divine beasts were all afraid. This was a being that could move out of the control room on his own and approach them without even alerting them.

Baroque slapped his hands away and said, “M…Monster…”

“W…what kind of power do you possess?!”

“What are you planning?!”

Even though they were the ones that broke the Supreme Divine Beast out, the three great incarnations remained suspicious of him. It was because of their ‘fear’. Terror gripped their beings when they thought that the Supreme Divine Beast they had awakened could become a ‘disaster’.

The baby piggy tilted his head at their questions. Then…


The baby piggy disappeared in a flash of light and appeared in front of Penrus.




The baby piggy appeared in front of Penrus and carefully reached out to stroke his head. Then, he laughed happily.



“That’s Penrus’ ‘Speed of Light’…!”

The power that the baby piggy had just used was―

It was an ability that only Penrus had, the Speed of Light, a skill that would bring forth a flash of light while allowing the user to narrow the distance all at once.


Penrus felt afraid when he felt the touch of the Supreme Divine Beast on his head. He even tried to slam his body onto him. However, just as they were about to hit, a black barrier appeared in front of the Supreme Divine Beast.




“Isn’t this the Dragon of Destruction’s ‘Dragon Protection’?”

That was the moment that they realized that the Supreme Divine Beast had the ability to use the abilities of other beings. He was a very dangerous being, truly deserving to be an object of terror.


The Supreme Divine Beast tilted his head as he looked at Penrus in confusion. Everyone felt afraid when they saw him.

Then, the explanation began to appear again.

[The three Great Divine Beasts and their owners had learned the power of the Supreme Divine Beast. Instead of feeling relief, they all felt a greater sense of fear. As a result, they became more distanced, repulsive, and disgusted with the Supreme Divine Beast. They even locked the Supreme Divine Beast in the ‘Ten-Thousand-Year Cold Iron Room’. They pushed the Supreme Divine Beast inside the Ten-Thousand-Year Cold Iron Room that had borrowed power from the God of Athenae.]

In the end, they decided not to use the power of the Supreme Divine Beast in their battle against the Black Dragon Vormon. If the Black Dragon Vormon and the Supreme Divine Beast were on the same side, the world would really end.

Eventually, the final war broke out.


“Give up the entire Asgan Continent!!!”

“Only the people of our Irucan Continent will come out alive of this!!!”

Tens of millions of humans fought a fierce battle during the continental war.



Screams and shrieks ran rampant all over the world.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!

Hundreds of thousands of magical spells and arrows rained down, washing the world with blood. Then, three white pillars of light suddenly flashed in the sky.


All the beings that were fighting intensely stopped and focused on the pillars of light. The Incarnation of Light, Penrus, together with the Envoy of Incarnation, Baroque, appeared.

“Stop all these pointless battles!!! Stop taking each other’s lives!!! The war should end here!!!”

Moldoron swung his huge staff.

“Everyone, wake up!!! Break free from Black Dragon Vormon’s brainwashing!!! This is a war that began with an intention to paint the world in blood!!!”

“From this point on, we, the Three Great Divine Beasts, will deal with any of you that continue to fight!!!”

Everyone paused in their movements. Then, a bright light burst from the Incarnation of Light, Penrus’ mouth.

[Light Serenade]

[Any anger and desire to kill subsides.]

“I…I don’t want to fight…”

“I want to live.”

“I’m so sick and tired of all of these pointless battles.”

They all relaxed their grip on their weapons as they stopped fighting. If someone fought, then the Three Great Divine Beasts would mete out punishment upon them.



A terrifying roar rang out, and along it, black tendrils began to engulf the humans once more.

[Vormon’s Roar]

[Black Dragon Vormon’s ‘Destructive Instinct’ had been triggered.]

[Rage, jealousy and envy will dominate.]




“Go die!!!!”

The Three Great Divine Beasts had expected this to happen. They turned to look at a huge mountain peak from far away. From there, a gigantic being that was as large as a mountain started to spread its black wings and fly.

“Three Great Divine Beasts… Spare your efforts. Humans are ultimately greedy, arrogant and conceited beings. Once they all disappear, this world will regain ‘stability’ as powerful beings like us reign over this world.”

“Stop spouting nonsense!”

“Without them, this world will not exist!”

“Then, death is the only thing that waits for you.”

Black Dragon Vormon immediately flew towards them. In his webbed and polymorphed hands was a sword that was glistening with black light.

The Three Great Divine Beasts had already realized that they would not be able to subdue Vormon with force. Hence, they brought a parchment with the power from the ‘Book of Taboos’. It was none other than the ‘Sealing Pledge’. This parchment would allow them to seal him once his HP drops to 50%. However, they had to exchange their lives for it.


“Four Legendary Dragons!!!”

The Dragon Monarch, Baroque and Moldoron started to struggle against Black Dragon Vormon.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!

Unfortunately, Black Dragon Vormon was extremely powerful. Magic would pour out and rain on them with each swing of his sword.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!



They were able to deal damage to Black Dragon Vormon, but try as they did, they could not even bring his HP down to 50%. The Three Great Divine Beasts and their owners all gathered in one place, feeling stunned and overwhelmed by the power of Black Dragon Vormon. Even the humans could not overcome his power as they continued to fight fiercely against each other.



Penrus, the Four Legendary Dragons, and the Predatory Snake were all bleeding and in danger. Then, a huge explosion suddenly bloomed at the ground where they were all gathered.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!

The power of this explosion was enough to drive the war to its end, and push the Three Great Divine Beasts to the brink of death in one fell swoop.


Baroque fell in despair.


The Dragon Monarch smiled faintly at the dragons that fought alongside him.

“This world is going to ‘end’.”

Moldoron felt death encroaching upon them. Then…


The space in the air was torn apart as an unknown hand came out of the space. It was a tiny hand that resembled that of a baby piggy’s hand.

[The Ten-Thousand-Year Cold Iron Room is being destroyed with physical force.]

[The durability of the Ten-Thousand-Year Cold Iron Room has decreased dramatically.]

[The Ten-Thousand-Year Cold Iron Room is being destroyed with physical force.]

Not long after, the baby piggy’s body slowly came out of the torn-apart space.

[The Ten-Thousand-Year Cold Iron Room has been destroyed with physical force.]

The torn space suddenly squeezed as the being emerged out of the opening.



A huge golden pillar of light suddenly appeared in the hands of the baby piggy, before it swung strongly.


Vormon’s power was so huge that every explosion in the ground had the same intensity. Each explosion was accompanied by black mists and currents of energy. The only difference between the baby piggy’s power and Vormon’s power was that the tendrils were golden.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!

The huge force from the golden pillar of light clashed with Vormon’s power and caused a huge explosion. The golden pillar of light flew up as the baby piggy appeared in front of Moldoron using the Speed of Light.


The baby piggy smiled brightly at him. Then, the baby piggy took the ‘Sealing Pledge’ parchment from the Book of Taboos that Moldoron was trying to use in exchange for his life.



The baby piggy smiled at him as he disappeared in a flash of light. Before they knew it, the baby piggy was already rushing towards Vormon. In his hand was the same sword that Vormon was using.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!

The entire world shook whenever their swords clashed and collided. However, the Supreme Divine Beast never lost an inch against the Black Dragon Vormon. Still, that did not mean that he was overwhelming Vormon with strength either.

Looking at him, the masters of the Three Great Divine Beasts realized one thing…

‘He could get out of the Ten-Thousand-Year Cold Iron Room any time he wanted so why didn’t he…?’ 

‘Is it because he knew that we were afraid of him…?’ 

As the fight prolonged, the wounds inflicted on the baby piggy’s body increased, and the same was true for Black Dragon Vormon.

“Keuaaaack! Cocky bastard!”


The baby piggy desperately held on. He did not back down even if the wounds on his body increased. Black Dragon Vormon suddenly changed his target, as he aimed a huge amount of damaging force toward the humans and the Three Great Divine Beasts.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!

The baby piggy used his entire body to block off the huge force that flooded straight toward the humans.


Then, he rushed back to Vormon. He gave it his all and eventually inflicted a serious injury on Black Dragon Vormon’s body.


The bleeding baby piggy looked like he was about to kneel over, but he continued to cling to Vormon’s body.

“No…!” Moldoron shouted without realizing it. However, the baby piggy just looked back at him with a broad smile on his face. It was just like the smile he had shown them when they first met. His smile made him look like he was really happy. At that moment, Moldoron and the other owners of the Three Great Divine Beasts felt disgusted with themselves.




…the parchment that carried the seal was torn apart, and Black Dragon Vormon’s body began to split and separate.


Vormon’s body split into hundreds. Then, the hundreds became thousands, the thousands became tens of thousands, the tens of thousands became millions, until his body became fragmented that all they could do was float in the air. Then, the seal started to suck the tiny pieces into it.

“This will never be the end of this!!!”

Before he could be sealed, Black Dragon Vormon warped his body as far as he could with the last bit of his strength. The being that was supposed to be sealed had disappeared. However, they were certain that the place that he warped into would be sealed.

Then, the baby piggy began to fall from the air.


Penrus hurriedly used Speed of Light. He caught the falling baby piggy with a gentle bite, before carefully putting him on the ground.


No one spoke. Everyone felt bitter and sorry for keeping the baby piggy away and locking him up because of their fear. They thought that it was ironic. It was them that awakened him because they needed him, but they were too afraid of him, so they kept away from him and locked him up.

However, the baby piggy just slowly reached out his tiny hands and stroked Penrus’ chin, just like he did with his head back then.


Then, he smiled broadly with his usual bright smile before closing his eyes. They blamed themselves thoroughly as they watched the baby piggy turn cold.

That was the end of the continental war.

[Three years later.]

Time slowly passed by. The Three Great Divine Beasts together with their masters stood together at the site. They all looked at a huge statue that was built and erected in front of them.

“We will never forget your noble sacrifice. From this point on, we will serve you as our ‘king’.”

“Since you love to eat and your ability is strangely similar to devouring and cloning other’s abilities, I will give you the title ‘Incarnation of Gluttony’.”

“For your sake, I will use the Resurrection Pledge from the Book of Taboos. In the distant future, our descendants will definitely apologize to you.”

“You are our ‘friend’ and our king, and we will call you by the name ‘Vernaroche’.”

Then, Moldoron moved with a golden crown in his hands.

“I order this in the name of the Three Great Divine Beasts. Using the Book of Taboos, we wish to awaken you once again. His power will remain in this golden crown, and he will awaken in the same form that he had before. When he awakens, he won’t have much of his power, and he will only get his power once he collects all of the fragments of this crown. Every time he collects a piece, he will also receive a ‘Dish Made from Heavenly Cooking Ingredients’ as a gift. To his master, when the day comes that Vernaroche’s seal has been lifted, collect the fragments of the golden crown. And…”

Moldoron turned to look around. The owners of the Divine Beasts smiled and spoke together with him. They said, “…please cherish and treasure him.”