God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 1217 - 1217 Forces from Other Cities

Chapter 1217 - 1217 Forces from Other Cities

Chapter 1217 - 1217 Forces from Other Cities

1217 Forces from Other Cities

Lin Xiu thought about it for a while at this time, then added 1000 strength points first, then added another 500 points to physique and speed.

After all the potential points had been increased, Lin Xius entire body felt a comfortable feeling.

Comfortable, really comfortable.

Moreover, Lin Xiu could clearly feel that his power had become much stronger.

After reaching the current level, every increase in strength will have a considerable impact.

Not to mention the direct increase of 1000 points.


Lin Xiu, you seem to have become much stronger.

Baili Haoling was walking in. Seeing Lin Xiu standing up now, her eyes were full of surprise.

Since this time, Lin Xiu has been cultivating in the courtyard here.

Because this place has the most energy in all regions.

Originally, Lin Xiu, who already had a lot of experience, made a breakthrough and upgraded in one fell swoop under the frenzied cultivation of these days.

En, I made a small breakthrough.

Lin Xiu smiled and said.

How about you, how are you feeling lately?

Still the same, no progress.

Baili Haoling shrugged helplessly.

She was currently practicing the new double-sword flow sword technique, but there seems to be no progress.

This is Lingxian City?

At the same time, at the gate of Lingxian City, a large number of warriors have gathered there.

These warriors were not the same batch of warriors, they were forces from several cities.

Changqing City, Haiw.a.n.g City, Shachang City.

The three cities were all big cities and were not too far from Lingxian City.

Isnt this Lingxian City a broken city? Why does it seem to be a bit different from the data?

A middle-aged man from Changqing City touched his beard and looked at this Lingxian City.

This city gate looks very huge and imposing.

It was different from the tattered Lingxian City on the doc.u.ments they had seen before.

Without Tianlan Pavilion, Lingxian City has actually improved. Its really strange.

A young man on the other side sneered at this time.

Dont talk too much, this new city lord now has mastered the inheritance of Bai Lingxians relics, as well as the ore veins, we should also have a good discussion with him and decide how to distribute them.

Another city lord said at this time.

Hearing his words, the expressions of the others obviously changed.

The purpose of their visit this time was to master the ore veins and the things inherited from the ruins.

Lingxian City allowed people from outside the city to enter, but with so many warriors entering the city, these guards still found it a little strange.

A guard has already returned to the City Lord Council to report.

City Lord! City Lord!

At this time, in the courtyard, Lin Xiu heard Mr. Pangs voice.

Whats wrong?

Lin Xiu, who was drinking a sip of tea, was immediately curious when he heard Mr. Pangs tone.

Mr. Pang looked very anxious, so he hurried in at this time.

Manymany warriors have come to Lingxian City

Mr. Pang was out of breath.

Many warriors came here?

Lin Xiu narrowed his eyes slightly.

Where did the warriors come from?

Baili Haoling waved his daggers.

It seems to be Changqing City and there are warriors from other cities

After Mr. Pang calmed down at this time, he took out a tablet computer, clicked it and immediately projected the surveillance video into the air.

Lin Xiu looked at the projection.

Taking a closer look, those warriors have already walked to the streets of Lingxian City.

The number of these warriors is very large and they were clearly heading toward the City lord mansion.

Changqing City?

Lin Xiu raised his brows.

Lin Xiu was really unfamiliar with the surrounding cities.

Its the upper-level city of Lingxian City.

Mr. Pang said.

He is the second son of the city lord of Changqing City, Liu Qinglan.

As he spoke, he pointed to the middle-aged man he saw on the surveillance video.

Who are you!

At this time, the guard at the gate of the City Lords Mansion had a change of expression when he saw the large number of warriors trying to forcefully enter the City Lords Mansion.

Although these people were obviously very strong, they still stood in a row at the gate, blocking the way.

A bunch of trash, why dont you get out of here?

Looking at these guards blocking the door, some warriors said coldly.

In their opinion, Lingxian City was nothing but a small town.

The warriors in this small town actually dared to stop them, theyre simply reckless.

You cant enter at will without the city lords decree.

The guard standing in the middle continued to grit his teeth.

Get lost!

As soon as his words fell, a warrior from Changqing City suddenly shouted.

A powerful force struck instantly and the line of guards standing at the door all flew out at this moment because of this terrifying force.

bang bang bang-

Their bodies fell heavily to the ground, making a dull sound.

Blood spurted out of their mouths and the severe pain caused them not only to be unable to move, but also to let out their wailing.

Tsk tsk, the guards of the mere city lords mansion are not even the Sage warrior level.

At this time, a man had a sneer on his face.

Lets go, lets go in and see what this new city lord is.

As the people of Haiw.a.n.g City were talking at this time, they were the first to step into the gate of the City Lords Mansion.

Who let you in.

Just as his foot was about to step into the gate, a voice came out.

who is that?

The man in Haiw.a.n.g city frowned, looking at the figure walking out of the city lords mansion, he continued to sneer, I just want to come in, so what

This time, he hadnt even finished speaking and it was his turn to endure an extremely huge force.

The whole person flew out in an instant.

Caught offguard.


His body was directly smashed on the building in the distance and even caused a huge hole in the building.

Young Lord!!!

When the people in Haiw.a.n.g City saw this scene, they all hurried over there to save the man.

The people from Changqing city and Shachang city ignored him at this time and all looked at the gate.

Why, do you want to forcibly break into my Lingxian City?

And Lin Xius figure came out at this time, standing at the gate here, glanced at the many warriors outside and said lightly.