God of Fishing - Chapter 2631 - 2631 Circle of Death (2 in 1)

Chapter 2631 - 2631 Circle of Death (2 in 1)

Chapter 2631 - 2631 Circle of Death (2 in 1)

2631 Circle of Death (2 in 1)

With a Monarch guarding him, Han Fei no longer had to worry about his spiritual power being insufficient and needing to exchange control of his body with the Emperor Sparrow.

Half a day later, Han Fei returned to his peak state. He saw that the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow was thinking about life, probably holding a grudge because he had become a servant.

He was probably still wondering why he was defeated.

Han Fei also had mixed feelings. Fortunately, the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow had mastered the law of strength. Although it had to crush the Great Dao of strength and was more than three times stronger than him, he had made up for the gap with his extreme outburst. Otherwise, if it were a demon plant mastering the Great Dao of Wind, he might not have been able to win even if it was in the same realm as the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow.

Seeing that Han Fei had woken up, the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow stood aside silently.

Han Fei sneered. Who are you pretending to be melancholic for? You can only follow me now. Its your honor to follow me. Dont overestimate yourself.

Thousand Silk Monarch Willow:

The Thousand Silk Monarch Willow snorted in his heart, and then he swayed his branches, asking, What should I do now?

Han Fei said, Go to the center of the Storm Quicksand Sea with me.

The Thousand Silk Monarch Willow immediately raised his voice and said, We cant go to that place!

Han Fei asked, Why cant we go there? Are there Monarch-level mine demons there?

The Thousand Silk Monarch Willow said, There really are. I met them in the past. Ive been here for a long time and walked everywhere here, except for the central area that I tried to enter three times but all failed. There must be a great horror there.


Han Fei couldnt help being curious. What kind of great horror can make you, a Dao Prover, not dare to set foot in it?

Han Fei thought that it shouldnt be so exaggerated. After all, the central area of the Storm Ridge didnt reach the G.o.d Burying Ridge, right? Li Luoluo said that this was only the entrance to the G.o.d Burying Ridge. Could an entrance kill a Dao Prover-level powerhouse?

The Thousand Silk Monarch Willow said, Theres a demonic sound there, also known as the Death Knell. The range of the demonic sound is called the Circle of Death. I controlled the mine demons to step in countless times, but every time, the mine demons I controlled died inside just because the demonic sound swept past them.

Demonic Sound?

Han Fei asked, What else? Didnt you say that you had entered it three times? Since you can leave safely, it means that the demonic sound shouldnt be powerful enough to kill a Dao Prover!

The Thousand Silk Monarch Willow said, Of course, there are not only demonic sounds in the Circle of Death, but also many twisted and mutated mine demons. The combat power of those mine demons is so powerful that they exceed the realm that theyre supposed to reach. Some of these Sky Opening realm mine demons even master the power of laws. Of course, its not that Im afraid of those mine demons, but the demonic sounds will ring every half an hour. Anyone covered by the demonic sounds will become ferocious. Its like a mental demon appearing, bewitching the soul, causing you to fall into a crazy and violent state. As time pa.s.ses, your mind will be corrupted and you will even completely forget yourself.


Han Fei couldnt help but frown. How big is this Circle of Death?

Thousand Silk Monarch Willow: Im afraid its nearly billions of kilometers long.

Han Fei asked, Still in the Storm Quicksand Sea?

The Thousand Silk Monarch Willow said, No, thats the center of the storm. The wind there is not strong, but the law of wind is extremely powerful. The mine demons there are not like the ones youve encountered now. Although they are not gregarious, they are extremely fierce. Once you enter that place, you will face endless fighting.

Han Fei pondered for a moment. So, the dangers you mentioned are mainly the demonic sounds and the mine demons, right? Since you have entered it three times, how many Monarch-level mine demons are there? And how strong are they?

Thousand Silk Monarch Willow said, Ive only met one. Its a Wind Bird in the Dao Proving realm. I once fought it, but I was defeated in less than a hundred seconds. Its not because the other party is strong, but because the other partys combat power is much stronger than mine.

Han Fei thought that the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow was actually very strong. If the other party was stronger than the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow, he might not be its match. After all, the Wind Bird should have mastered the law of wind.

Unfortunately, this Wind Circle was wrapped by the power of laws and he couldnt deeply connect to his Origin Star here. Otherwise, with Puppet City and the 200,000 puppet army, no matter how many opponents there were in the Circle of Death, they would be flattened.

Now that he had come here, there was no reason for him to retreat.

In any case, he must go to the G.o.d Burying Ridge, not just for the old turtle, but also to see if there were other deeper mysteries of the Dao of Extreme Balance.

Since he had already embarked on this path, hoping that this path could break the rule that one couldnt become a G.o.d with the Supreme Divine Technique, he had to go on this trip.

The old turtle had probably guessed that once he chose to cultivate the G.o.dfiend Formless Technique, this trip to the G.o.d Burying Ridge would be imperative.

Although the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow wanted to stop Han Fei, he couldnt influence Han Feis opinion at all now. Since Han Fei said he wanted to go, he could only go with him.

Fortunately, the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow felt that Han Fei was very strong, comparable to a Monarch. Once he realized the horror of the Circle of Death, he would probably take the initiative to retreat.

Five days later.

With the help of the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow, Han Fei pa.s.sed through the Storm Quicksand Sea quite easily.

Although there were many gregarious mine demons here, they were only in the Sky Opening Realm, not to the point of being comparable to b.l.o.o.d.y Hand Mine Devils in the Mine Demon Stream. Therefore, although they encountered a few more waves of mine demons on this trip, with the help of the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow, they were safe.

Boom ~

There was no telling if it was a coincidence, but before Han Fei entered the Circle of Death, he heard the sound of bells ringing from the sea of sand. It was very short and weak.

The Thousand Silk Monarch Willow said, Its the demonic sound. Because we are still in the Storm Quicksand Sea, the demonic sound will be swept away as soon as it enters the quicksand sea, so its not obvious. In fact, the sound is very loud and even deafening.

Han Fei looked sideways at the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow. Do you have ears?

The Thousand Silk Monarch Willow said, The demonic sound attacks both the body and the soul. Besides, I can also transform into a human, but I think the demon plant body is more convenient.

Han Fei asked, You can transform into a human? Ive always been curious why your willows are so thin and dont even have leaves?

Thousand Silk Monarch Willow said, In the Storm Quicksand Sea, leaves are redundant. The willows are thin, so its easy to break the law of strength in the Quicksand Sea. Therefore, my evolution direction is to use pure tree trunks and rhizomes to better survive in the Storm Quicksand Sea.

The corners of Han Feis mouth twitched. You look like a stick. Those who dont know would think that you are a weapon left behind in the storm quicksand.

Thousand Silk Monarch Willow:

Han Fei asked, Also, what should I call you? Old Qian?

Liu Qiansi.

The Thousand Silk Monarch Willow immediately responded, This is the name I gave myself. Its a pretty name.

Han Fei said, You havent been to the outside world. How do you know its a pretty name?

Liu Qiansi said, Although I havent been to the outside world, there have been a lot of people who came in from the outside world. In addition to the direction you came from, there are many other directions. People often fall into the Storm Quicksand Sea.

Han Fei asked, Did you take their memories?

Liu Qiansi nodded. Yes. Its precisely because I can see their memories that I know theyre mostly here just for some mineral resources. Im here. The entire Storm Quicksand Sea is my resource. Im luckier than them. They have to dig and fight with the mine demons. I dont need it.

Han Fei asked, Last question. The Storm Quicksand Sea is so big. How did you find me?

Earlier, Huang Ergou mentioned that he smelled the aura of demon plants in the Storm Quicksand Sea, so it must be the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow. Did he really run into it by chance?

Liu Qiansi said, Because the area you came to is my territory. We demon plants have a very keen sense of smell for living creatures, especially in this place that is full of mine demons. Besides, when one reaches the Monarch realm, he will have more premonitions. I just had a premonition that something would happen in my territory, so I discovered you.

Han Fei nodded noncommittally and walked towards the Circle of Death.

Boom ~

After half an hour, the bell rang again. This time, the sound was much louder and even contained majestic power.

Liu Qiansi said, In less than a hundred seconds, we will completely enter the Circle of Death. We can wait at the edge and enter when the next demonic sound sounds. In this way, we can stay in the Circle of Death for at least half an hour.

Great ~

Han Fei didnt refute Liu Qiansis proposal. His understanding of this place was naturally not as good as Liu Qiansis. In fact, half an hour was not short. He could do a lot of things here.

Soon, Han Fei and Liu Qiansi came to the edge of the Circle of Death. Han Fei could even feel that the law of strength here had been greatly reduced.

Finally, after the third bell rang.

Han Fei stepped out and entered the so-called Circle of Death.


When Han Fei really stepped into the Circle of Death, he was surprised to find himself in a static desert.

Yes, there was no rolling quicksand here, no Great Dao of Strength hitting him at any time. There was only an icy breeze blowing across his cheeks, even cutting open a little bit of the Star Sea Mystic Sand on his face.

That was exactly what puzzled Han Fei. When he came in, his first thought was that he was in the middle of the Storm Ridge, where the eye of the storm was. Only the eye of the storm was absolutely calm and the temperature was lowest.

However, just as Liu Qiansi said, the Great Dao of Wind here was stronger than the Great Dao of Wind in the Storm Quicksand Sea. Although the wind here was small, the strength of the law was stronger.

However, with the Star Sea Mystic Sand protecting him, it was naturally impossible for this ownerless law of wind to hurt him.

Han Fei glanced around. This place stretched as far as the eye could see and had no obstruction of vision. The only thing that was a little out of place was a stretch of mineral stones that were gathered together twisted.

Liu Qiansi came in with Han Fei and said, This is the Circle of Death. Dont release your perception. The law of wind here can easily blow away all perception power.

Han Fei tried to connect with his Origin Star, but he found that the connection was still very weak. It was almost impossible to materialize a large number of objects or release people.

Perception couldnt be used, and the Origin Star couldnt be connected. For this reason alone, even if many people had come in, it would be as difficult as ascending to the heavens to find the entrance to the G.o.d Burying Ridge in such a huge eye of the storm. After all, this eye of the storm was unimaginably huge and spanned billions of kilometers. How could it be so easy to find an entrance?

Liu Qiansi said, Look there!

Liu Qiansi pointed at the rocks for Han Fei to see. Han Fei was puzzled. What are you looking at?

Before Liu Qiansi said anything, the hill that was supposed to be a pile of mineral stones began to shake.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

With a thought, Han Fei flashed out, only to see three thick centipede-like mineral tentacles suddenly extend out from where he had been standing. These tentacles were a mixture of mineral and sand. They were big and small and complicated. Although they were tentacles, they were actually piled up randomly.

The hill had already stood up at this moment. It was a deformed irregular stone that looked like a tree tumor on the tree. Compared to its huge body, its six short legs were more like six tires. On each stone arm, five deformed tentacles grew out, making a total of ten.

Is this a d.a.m.n mine demon?

In Han Feis eyes, information emerged:

Demonized Mine Demon Giant

A mine demon whose soul wasnt strong enough in the first place. Its soul and body were corroded by the demonic sound and suffered irreversible mutations. Although its form is strange and its soul is mutated, it has perfectly mastered the Great Dao of Strength and can easily extract the power of minerals and the power of the Heavenly Dao. Therefore, its combat power far exceeds cultivators of the same realm.



Perfected Star Transformation Realm

Whip Mark Explosion, Divine Sealing Mineral Array, Tentacles of Strength, Berserk

Level-7 mineral

Mine demons whose souls have been completely distorted never have complete souls.

When Han Fei saw this thing, he felt terrible. With this appearance, he could perfectly grasp the Great Dao of Strength and easily extract the power of the Heavenly Dao?

Liu Qiansi said, These are the mutated mine demons I mentioned. They have just entered the Circle of Death and there are still very few of them. Go a little further in and reach the middle of the Circle of Death, and you will find that there are more and more of them, and each of them looks different.

Han Fei didnt respond to Liu Qiansis words, but instantly rushed forward and took a step out.

Han Fei naturally wanted to end the battle quickly and see how strong this Demonized Mine Demon Giant was. But the moment he quickly erupted, because he was too fast, he set off a gust of wind. The law of wind immediately activated on Han Fei, making Han Feis Earth Star Sea Mystic Sand full of cracks.

Han Fei was speechless. Is the law of wind here so strong?

Also, the Star Sea Mystic Sand was a Chaotic Spiritual Treasure. How many times had it shattered on this road? Although a large part of it was because he couldnt fully unleash the power of the Star Sea Mystic Sand.

However, it was undeniable that the Star Sea Mystic Sand was not omnipotent. When he was still in the Sky Opening Realm, the power of the Star Sea Mystic Sand he could use was limited. Under the influence of his strength, its defense power was probably between high-quality G.o.dly weapons and ultra-quality G.o.dly weapons.

However, just because it was full of cracks didnt mean it was broken, and the Star Sea Mystic Sand could repair itself very quickly. It was a piece of sand in the first place, and its characteristics were very similar to the Infinity Water, which was that it couldnt be destroyed.

In front of the Demonized Mine Demon Giant, Han Fei showed no mercy and launched a Star Explosion Fist.



Han Feis current strength was not something an ordinary Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator could shake even without activating his Great Dao.

However, this blow only blew up half of the arm of the Demonized Mine Demon Giant. This was not the defense power that a Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator should have at all. Even if he was made of minerals, his defense shouldnt be so strong.

Han Fei stood still. The Demonized Mine Demon Giant was sent flying dozens of kilometers away by the punch and whipped Han Fei with five mineral hand whips.

Han Fei raised one hand and pushed his palm forward. The five stone whips. .h.i.t his palm with a bang.

Han Fei took half a step back and frowned slightly. In terms of strength, he is indeed very strong. He is in the Perfected Star Transformation Realm but has three Dao Locks? Do you mean there are still many such mine demons in the middle of the Circle of Death?

Liu Qiansi: More or less. Anyway, there must be a lot of them, but this one is not weak. You can wait a little longer. If it cant beat you, it will go berserk.


Han Fei responded and clasped his fingers, crus.h.i.+ng half of the five stone whip tentacles of the Demonized Mine Demon Giant.

As for this Demonized Mine Demon Giant, perhaps because it instinctively realized that it was no match for Han Fei, the essence in its body began to converge, gathering a large portion of its strength on the minerals in its chest.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

The five stone whips lashed through the air, and their strength was almost comparable to b.l.o.o.d.y Hand Mine Devils Slaughter Fist.

Han Fei counterattacked with an Invincible Fist Art.

The power collided, and the invincible fist mark and the Dao of Slaughter G.o.d permeated over, crazily impacting the mineral at the core part of the Demonized Mine Demon Giants body.

The other party also sent some power over. However, when this power came over, Han Feis eyes suddenly lit up.

Is this the Dao of Extreme Balance?

No, thats impossible. Its impossible for the mine demons to master the Dao of Extreme Balance. Theres an insurmountable gap between their soul power and their physical strength. With this gap, its impossible for the mine demons to master the Dao of Extreme Balance.

But if it werent for the Dao of Extreme Balance, Han Fei could clearly sense the charm of the G.o.dfiend Formless Technique from the power displayed by this mine demon.

Liu Qiansi said, Do you feel it? Theres clearly something wrong with the strength of these mine demons. They dont seem to be able to burst out this power themselves. Its more like theyve been given such power.

Han Fei asked, How about their souls?

Liu Qiansi said, What kind of soul power can mine demons have? The soul power of these mine demons is quite chaotic. No matter how weak ordinary mine demons are, they still have a basic consciousness. These mine demons have no consciousness at all. They have no fear. Even towards me, they still attack me relentlessly, regardless of life and death.

Han Fei asked, So you havent tested their soul strength?

Liu Qiansi said, I cant tell. I tried to control them, but their soul power would try to counterattack and mess up my soul.

Han Fei said, Then beat their souls out.

Han Feis Yang Soul left his body and he put on the G.o.d Slaying Boxing Gloves. Then the Invincible Fist Mark burst out and he punched more than thirty times in a row, but only a small portion of his soul was blasted out.

This mine demon was almost crushed by Han Fei, but its soul power was still only a little bit.

Han Fei frowned. He didnt believe that the soul of this mine demon was only so little. With a thought, Han Fei activated the G.o.dfiend Formless Technique. If they were of the same origin, he should be able to sense the soul strength of this mine demon with the G.o.dfiend Formless Technique.

Han Fei punched through the huge body of the mine demon. Then, a dark blue wisp of black soul power appeared on Han Feis arm.

Huh ~

Liu Qiansi was surprised. What kind of soul power is this? This is not his soul power.


Han Feis fist burst out and shattered the mine demon. In front of his eyes, the dark blue wisp of soul power suddenly took the chance and entered Han Feis body.

Han Feis face changed slightly. In the next moment, the Origin Spiritual Heritage and the Eternal Darkness Spiritual Heritage quickly absorbed this wisp of soul power. Then, Han Fei felt that the power of his soul suddenly increased a lot.

Almost at the same time, Han Fei felt the core of his Origin Star tremble. Under the influence of the Supreme Divine Technique, Han Feis strength increased slightly.

Hiss ~

Liu Qiansi said in shock, You can absorb this kind of soul? Arent you afraid of being mutated?

Han Fei was also stunned. It was impossible for him to be mutated, because this power seemed to be absorbed very easily and was quickly digested by the Origin Spiritual Heritage and Eternal Darkness Spiritual Heritage.

Ownerless souls.

Han Fei revealed a strange look. This was actually an ownerless soul, an extremely powerful ownerless soul. Just a little bit of it had increased his soul power by nearly 3,000 points.

The key was not the 3,000 points of ownerless souls, but the dark blue ownerless souls that he had absorbed far exceeded the power of his soul.

Han Fei couldnt help but ask, Liu Qiansi, will the soul power change after one becomes a Monarch?

Liu Qiansi said, Of course, the strength of the soul will obviously change. In the Sky Opening Realm, if Im attacked by a soul attack, I might be injured. But when Im in the Monarch Realm, a soul attack of the same strength cant shake my soul at all.

At this moment, Han Fei understood.

This was not the soul of this mine demon, but the ownerless soul he had absorbed. However, the strength of this ownerless soul was too high, so high that after this mine demon absorbed it, its soul immediately became chaotic.

Demon G.o.d?

Han Feis eyes flickered. It seemed that the place was right. This mine demon clearly had this wisp of high-intensity soul power, causing his strength and soul to balance, so he showed the power that the Dao of Extreme Balance could unleash.

Why was there a balance? It was probably because this mine demon could only absorb so much, causing the balance of its soul power and strength. After all, external soul power was also soul power.

This also explained why the mine demons would mutate because they were not qualified to cultivate the Dao of Extreme Balance. The mine demons didnt have dual spiritual heritages, didnt have schizophrenia, and didnt have twin siblings. If they didnt mutate, who would?

However, if what Han Fei guessed was true, wouldnt he be able to frantically absorb this ownerless soul? Then, the Circle of Death might be extremely dangerous to others, but to him, it was a treasure trove, a treasure trove that could quickly increase his strength.

Of course, it was hard to say how much he could improve. This was because he couldnt blindly absorb ownerless souls. When the power the Star Core could feed back to him reached its limit, he probably wouldnt be able to absorb these ownerless souls.

All in all, this trip to the G.o.d Burying Ridge was a pleasant surprise.